Leadership Examples in Business

Leadership includes the ability of the person to lead the company, to achieve and meet the company’s goals, and to set the management properly. They have to set an example for their co-workers who can achieve the highest level to the highest if they want. Let us know about ‘Leadership Examples in Business’.

Leadership Examples in Business

Leadership Examples in Business:

When we talk about business leadership it has many definitions that come to our mind. In business, we need a good leader to lead in different aspects. A leader contains many qualities such as the ability to delegate, courage, empathy, skills to communicate, and learning different abilities. The most important quality that good leadership must possess is the ability to decide and take decisions. A good leader may give directions to their teammates and purpose to work for the company and tasks. 

A good leader has many responsibilities such as tackling interpersonal conflicts among the workers, delegating responsibilities, handling problems that are unexpected in nature and developing a vision for your company. A leader who can efficiently solve these problems is required to overcome them. There are various examples of leadership such as Elon musk, bill gates, warren Buffett, and many more. Verbal and other communication skills are most important to deal with any situation. Emotionally strong motivation and intelligence are important aspects.

Some tremendous and famous leadership examples:

Becoming a good and inspiring leader is not easy but needs many qualities. Here are some leaders that marked a good impact on leadership is:

How 9/11 was Handled by Southwest:

southwest is called and identified for servicing customers. In 2001, on 11 September as the nation was facing terrorist attacks then the airlines were being stopped for that reason. At that time the Southwest passengers were free, but Southwest decided to take the passengers for a movie or bowling as it is a better option than sitting idly. After 9/11 the airlines started job cutting as these were going into losses. Only Southwest was the company that kept their employees as it is and started giving a profit to them. 

The southwest has said that in times of crisis it will not leave its trust that has been gained in 30 years. It is ready to handle all things. 

During the call, Toyota’s dig Transparency:

For the faulty brakes, Toyota has to recall 2.3 million vehicles. Many complaints were made against them. Then the Toyota company announced having a live conversation instead of having a statement in the press. There were many questions asked and MR. Lentz has answered most of the questions. This live answering has Toyota’s reputation getting spoiled. 

The blog by Redfin saves the company:

Redfin is an estate brokerage firm that is online. it gives 2/3 commission that agents charge. The estate agents that do not like it and hated it started blacklisting the users of the service. The company did not become quiet on problems but started a blog that describes the criticism and struggles that the company is facing. It was a raw blog. 

This helps in making the company transparent and after that blog, the company starts increasing. 

The CEO of Costco is a normal guy:

Jim Senegal has made very impressive returns to the company. The stock of the company has doubled and its income has grown rapidly. The CEO of the company does not have walls and he is answerable to the call himself.  His yearly salary is $ 350,00 but most CEOs of other companies have a salary of millions. His contract is signed within a page and one section of the page describes that he will be terminated if he will not do the work properly.

He has said that he will get a salary that is not more than the 12 people’s salary that is working there. His pay rate is very low as compared to the CEO of Walmart. His workers have huge respect and love for him.

Company’s tragedy was handled by the Starbucks company CEO:

Starbucks is well known for the treatment that it gives to its employees. He gave insurance and other facilities even to his part-time employers. a tragedy struck the Starbucks company and the CEO handled it very wisely. In 1997, a robbery was held at a Washington dc store where three of its workers were killed. They did not give any statements or arguments in the press but the CEO of the company named Howard Schultz went and spent a week with their families. This helped their families to get out of the tragedy.

IBM encourages Blogging:

when the idea of business blogging started and was brand new that time IBM encouraged their 32,000 employers. They started the blogs for the company. They encouraged the employees and started blogging to help them. It respected the co-workers. That’s why they created many views and links to IBM. They did not fear the new technology but instead encouraged the workers and made them feel happy.  

The Tribal Decisions made by the father of Nelson Mandela:

The father of Nelson Mandela named Chief Jong Intaba was a good decision-maker that helped Nelson Mandela to make decisions. He learned the technique from his father as his father was the king of the tribal community. They hold meetings and interact with people, make speeches, and make decisions. This technique of their father and leadership qualities that hearing first and then making decisions helped him a lot in his career. 

By trusting their employees, TD industries avoided Bankruptcy:

The industry that is owned by employees is Td industries. It has also been regarded as the best company by Forbes. In 1980, the company had fewer funds and lacked money for doing construction jobs.  The leader of the company announces to pay a retirement plan for the workers instead of the company being bankrupt. Then he told the employees to invest that money again into the company. 

Due to this, the company workers returned that money to the company 30%more than the expected rate of the company. This helped the company to regain its position and get out of the crisis. 

For the Transparency of the internet the CEO of the sun’s fought:

Schwartz was the CEO and he made the important decision of hosting a public debate on the Internet. They also held internet blogs and open blogs showing their transparency. Having open debates also allows the customers and company to get an answer to have trust in the company and its organization. He got a positive leadership response as a transparent and clear CEO of the company.

Empathy added by toro to the Policy of Lawsuit:

In the late 1980’s toro was facing major financial issues. He cuts the lawsuit by adding empathy to it. It was a manufacturer of golf and lawn course management equipment. There were 100 injuries seen by the company. Then the company started to meet the injured people and their families by sending their representative and knowing about the whole situation. They provide sympathy to them and fulfill the needs of them and their families who were injured. After that step one lawsuit was left to the company. 


as we know that good leadership is very essential for maintaining a company’s reputation. It helps to maintain trust between the customers and the employers in the company’s organization. Here are some efficient leaders mentioned above who by making good decisions made their name as good leaders. These people by making intelligent decisions save the company.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. What are the techniques to show leadership?

There are 5 methods by which you can show your leadership skills:

  • By taking responsibility
  • Inclusion of other peoples
  • Speaking up
  • Asking questions about anything
  • Deliver your ideas and opinions
  1. How can we become good leaders in the workplace?
  • You should always engage yourself in honest communications
  • Making good connections with the members of the team
  • Positivity
  • Professional and personal growth encouragement
  • Do not give orders instead teach them
  • Clear goals for the workers.
Leadership Examples in Business

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