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There are many books out there that are written on company culture, but what you should be looking for and reading is not just any company culture books, but the best-written company culture books. Let us know about the ‘Best Books On Company Culture’.

Best Books On Company Culture

Best books on company culture

Reading a book on company culture helps you as an HR manager, organizational leader, or company executive to understand the need for company culture, and how to create and implement it. It gives company leaders or management staff the knowledge of how to handle employees, company operations, company vision and values, and the company environment, along with learning and development. Hence why reading the best books on the topic is necessary. That’s why we will be diving into what books are the best for company culture.

List of the best books on company culture 

This list contains books on a different perspectives of a company, ranging from business, HR, and employee management to organizational behavior. The books below are some of the best-written company culture books you should read.

1. The culture code: The secrets of highly successful groups (Daniel Cole)

This talks about and advises on what a working environment should be like. It digs into ways to create better operations and unity in the work environment while working according to the company’s core values.

2. Fusion: How integrating brand and culture powers the world’s greatest companies (Denise Lee Yohn)

Denise Lee Yohn in this book explains the need for a good brand image, good customer relations, and marketing. 

3. Work rules! (Insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead. (Laszlo Bock)

This book is one of the best company culture books out there. It contains advice on how to build a toxic-free working environment by introducing and encouraging employee creativity. The author Laszlo Bock uses his experience as the former head of people operation at Google to make the reader understand the behavioral aspect that a leader needs to possess to accomplish the company’s mission.

4. Leaders eat last (Simon Sinek)

Simon Sinek highlights the importance of leading by example and being a team leader who puts everyone in the team first before themselves. He stated the importance of teamwork, social skills with employees, and the need to make the employee happy to achieve the company’s goal.

5. Delivering Happiness: A path to profits, passion, and purpose (Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh in this book details his experience of creating a culture at Zappos where he emphasised the importance of good customer service and also that of a fulfilled employee.

6. The best place to work: The art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace (Ron Friedman)

This book takes a different route from the other. It applies science to the company culture. According to the author, Ron Friedman, science can be used as a technique for company culture, especially through managerial psychology, behavioral economics, and neurology.

7. Radical candor (Kim Malone Scott)

Kim Malone Scott explains in this book the need for truth-telling, integrity, accountability, and broad-mindedness in the working environment.

8. The advantage: Why organizational health trumps everything else in business (Patrick M. Lencioni)

This book advises that a happy, fulfilled, and zealous employee makes happy customers, which in turn brings more revenue for the company, leading the way for creativity and innovation.

9. The culture question: How to create a workplace where people like to work (Randy Grieser, Eric Stutzman, et al)

This book advises leaders on how to create a healthy working environment based on employee mental health which can help promote their creativity and passion for the job.

10. The culture blueprint: a guide to building the high-performance workplace (Robert Richman)

This book digs into employee retainment especially if they are very good at their job, and also how to push them to their greatest potential.

11. No Rules Rules: Netflix and the culture of reinvention (Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer)

This book talks about having flexibility and accountability for workers, which promotes their work.

12. Humanocracy: Creating organizations as amazing as the people inside them (Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini)

This book talks about replacing the sluggish and timid bureaucracy in the workplace with the very modern humanocracy that promotes innovation, self-development, and overall good performance of a worker.

13. Powerful: Building a culture of freedom and responsibility ( Patty MacCord)

Powerful digs into work leaders, creating a suitable workplace where creativity and innovation are encouraged. The working environment should be somewhere everybody contributes to its success. 

14. The culture quotient: Ten Dimensions of a high-performance culture (Greg Besner)

The culture quotient explains how different companies work in their workplace by using the story of over 30 organizations that have been successful with their workplace dynamics.

15. The insider’s guide to culture change: creating a workplace that delivers, grows and adapts (Siobhan McHale)

This teaches work leaders how to adapt to existing company culture and how to fix a bad company culture. Instead of scraping out the old company culture, it encourages one to try and rebuild and modify it. That way, work creativity will improve as employees push for their greatest potential.

16. The hero factor: How great leaders transform organizations and create winning cultures (Jeffrey W. Hayzlett and Jim)

This book explains that a leader, brand, or business is answerable to both their employees and customers. It encourages business leaders to hold good moral values for both themselves and their brands. 

17. How to be an inclusive leader: Your role in creating cultures of belonging where everyone can thrive (Jennifer Brown)

Jennifer Brown in this book digs into how to bring about diversity in any business or brand. She advises that there should be inclusiveness in the workplace and says how to do just that.

18. Good to great: Why some companies make the leap and others don’t (Jim Collins)

Jim Collins, using over 1000 companies, explains that companies who strive to improve after every challenge or success have a good company culture, hence why he encourages companies to strive for greatness.

19. An everyone culture: Becoming a deliberately developmental organization (Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey)

This book advises that both the leaders and workers of a company should overcome their challenges to promote both their personal and company growth.

20. HBR’s must reads on building a great culture (Harvard Business Review)

This book goes through 10 articles that help business leaders to be in the know of practices, and changes that need to happen in the workplace.

What is a company culture book?

Company culture books are books that advise on what a workplace should be like to achieve the company’s goals and core values.


It’s important that as you are building your company, you need to create its culture, especially to improve employee relations, create room for creativity and create a healthy relationship between the company and its staff. Acquiring knowledge of leadership through books on company culture is another way of improving your leadership skills and having an overall view of what to expect and how to handle them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where can I get company culture books?

You can get any of them online or at a bookshop 

2. Do I need to read a book on company culture?

Yes, you do, especially if you are human resource personnel or any of the management staff in a company. It will help you understand what your job is all about and how to create a toxic-free work environment too. 

Don’t Post – Best Books On Company Culture

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