Classic Books for 12-year-old (Amazon US)

Classic Books for 12-year-old (Amazon US)

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” – Mason Cooley.

The ongoing covid pandemic has made us all very stagnant, and it gets difficult for us to explore new places. The stagnancy and boredom become even more prolific for the kids. But? The age-old trick of books can teleport you to any place. Close your eyes and imagine the lush valley, petrichor overwhelming your senses and pit-pat droplets of rain trickling… the sweet breeze and crunchy leaves as you step forth; now you are back in your room. This is the backdrop of the 19th Century novel of Emily Bronte, and the power of her writing is so impactful that you can almost taste the wind and return.

Why Classic Books?

The saying, ‘old is gold’ is evergreen, and the same goes for classic books. The books were written years and years ago yet. However, their core ideas remain relevant to this day. Such books are evergreen and can be read centuries later but still cherished. These books can help you broaden your spectrum and divulge into the unknown place. Books are not only a source of entertainment, rather a life lesson and a way of combating any issues that the protagonist faces. 

Here we come up with Classic Books for 12-year-olds. And? It is all available on Amazon. You can buy the kindle version, paperback, or hardcover version.

Gulliver’s Travel

It is one of the best works of Jonathan Swift, which is widely popular. However, the satire and irony hidden in the book are a task for young readers to grasp. Gulliver’s Travel has been written more like a travelogue, and it is a funny story where a man goes to meet giants, lilliput in his journey. The 19th Century novel is a very simple read at first sight, and the hilarious anecdotes ensure fun times for all. But, the hidden meaning of the book is human values and the mishaps of concentration of power.

Animal Farm

The book by George Orwell is an interesting read. At first glance, it all funny with animals talking and trying to make laws, etc. But there are scopes of critical analysis in this book. You can put your thinking caps on for this one! Take anthropomorphism (look up in the dictionary!) and enjoy this one with open hearts. MOO!

Great Expectations

Charles Dickens is well known for portraying the unstable times of world history through his literary pieces. The story interweaves class disparity, didacticism, ostentatious display of wealth, and so forth. The most important message of the novel is, however, kindness, sacrifice, and love. The idea that love transcends time-space is very painfully portrayed in his pessimistic novel Dickens.

Adventure of Sherlock Holmes

The easiest way to enter the mysterious, crime-solving scenes of 19th Century London is through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. The iconic duo Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are witty, critical, and analysts. The readers get transported to this other world and start to investigate the cases all by themselves. If you start reading it once, you can’t put it down that easily. A word of advice: It’s elementary, my dear readers!

Around the World in 84 days

Another vivid, enrapturing, and edge-of-the-seat novel. The way it is written makes the reader want to read one more page and then another. The description of many nations and the growth of our protagonist is a journey in itself. Want a place to go this season? Grab this one and set out to travel the world!

Lord of the Rings

You can try to convince yourself that JRR Tolkien has created a fictional world but, it will be futile. Mordor is your next bucket list place for sure! The book has several parts, and an ardent fan reads and completes it all voluntarily. This fictional story and setting still teach the core value of friendship, sacrifice, and bravery—a must-read.

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens penned down another classic where an old man, full of a pessimistic approach to life, gets to see the world through another perspective. Will he change for better or worse? Set in the Christmas spirit, the vibe of the book is festive and pragmatic. A true reader’s delight and a true holiday spirit divulger.


Dracula is, in all sense, a gothic novel. A clueless traveler, a castle, and a heavy downpour; the masterpiece of gothic literature. Whatever you know from Twilight, the movie, will be uprooted, and a very different Dracula will be presented. The werewolf, full moon, and horrifying Dracula will surely haunt you for good some time. A must-read thriller for all age groups.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island by R.L Stevenson was a revolution in its time. However, it is more inspired by the bandit tales in the quest for gold and money. The pirates, Jim Hawkins, and an imaginary place add a very different flavor to this book. It is not a book that all might like, but the principles of longing for home and survival instincts are very valuable accounts for everyone. It might not be the favorite muffin, but worth tasting.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick is a book by Herman Melville which shows the sea world and its repercussions. The plot full of vengeance and whodunnit is complex, but suspense read. The seas are yet to explore, but the author does exemplary work portraying the dark side of humanity with the rage mode of the sea.

The Grapes of Wrath

The Great Depression was a worldwide impact, and the Joad family’s fictional world makes this tear-eyed novel a must-read. The hardships faced by commoners in their native land and the existential crisis are thought-provoking. The fight for dignity, struggle for livelihood, reader’s and the emergence of a rebellious idea is very beautifully presented. A must-read for all kids to know about the ups and downs of life.

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s classic work is recommended for new lovers especially. The cost of love, misunderstandings, and several hindrances in between make it an interesting read. The perfect paradise of love meets several problems, and do they unite or not? The theme of vanity and chaos, misfortune, and selfishness, are well written. Pick this one, romantic souls!

Julius Caesar

The historical legend, Julius Caesar, who was so brilliant that he should have been bereaved after, instead the mighty King is stabbed at the hand of his very own senators and close friend. The play narrates the shift of moods like a pendulum and sways emotions. Even as readers, we can get swayed. Such is the beauty of his writing. For a beginner, this book is strongly recommended.

Catcher in the Rye

The classic book by JD Salinger unravels the theme of love, courage, and death. It presents themes of alienation, anger which is more important for an adolescent to understand. A book that is full of problems any adolescent faces and feels that no one is understanding.   


Everyone has heard of the Trojan Horse, but the original text is filled with even more intense stories. Homer’s style is to capture attention and compel you to complete the entire book in one go. Every history buff should give this a shot. 


Yes, it is based on some real person! Homer puts forth the adventures and life of Ancient Greeks, and it is a delight! The reflection of characters, tragedy, war, and momentary relief makes this ancient book a gripping read. They want to know more about the life of ancient times and their culture. Lifestyle caters to every age. 

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl

Holocaust was a dark time. But what’s darker is the hope of a little teenage girl to survive and her day-to-day life. Of course, we all know what her ending will be like, but the little moments in her life are every person’s tale. The little jollification in her life, her desperation to break free, and her demise is a heartwarming read. 

Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia is the magical-fantastical world of witches, talking lions, semi-humans, and little kids. The closet of a house turns the life of four siblings topsy-turvy. But, it makes us all jump into the adventure of Narnia and live it all accordingly.

The Book Thief

The Markus Zusak book is very different from the holocaust stories we have normally read. It is from the German’s perspective about Nazi Germany. It shows how the lives of German citizens changed in their own country. A very sorrowful book narrated by Death itself. It is a recommended read for all young teens. 

Adventure of Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn is the series of Tom Sawyer which highlights freedom and civilization. It is a contrast against the slavery system to that of freedom (in a nutshell). It is the story of constraints both physically and mentally in the minds of characters. It shows the life of Blacks in the peak of slavery times and brings moisture in eyes about the atrocities of life.

Wuthering Heights

The only novel written by Emily Bronte shows natural pessimism and cosmic determinism at its best. It is one of the most powerful love stories of all time, with unexpected twists and turns—a very heartbreaking text. Once you start reading, you can’t put it back without completing it. 

Percy Jackson Series

If Iliad, Odyssey, or Greek mythology sound like heavy reading, jump to this present-day version of Greek myth. It is a fantasy world that has both Roman and Greek mythology in it. The protagonist is a young teen boy who rushes to save the world, a tale of valor and selflessness. There are five books in the series, and all of them are very thrilling. Truly recommended for first-time readers.  

The Maze Runner Series

Maze Runner is a five-book series that James Dashner has penned. It is a science fiction dystopian world, and the anecdote lies with few teenagers. However, it is a coming-of-age tale that every young child should read. 10/10 recommended for all ages. A good book to start from!

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man by HG Wells is a science fiction novel, and contrary to the stereotype of good usage of technology, this book shows the evil side. A scientist in the making undergoes massive changes in his appearance, and it shows the conflicting nature of a man. In addition, the book highlights how a power struggle is a voluntary reaction which most men fall into. 


The novel by Jane Austen primarily focuses on the romantic entanglement of women in the Victorian era. A county full of people with varied choices and understanding, the novel tries to unravel human emotions which transcend time-space and action. Emma is a gullible girl who undergoes massive transformation all her life. The plight of commoners in highly glorified England is a must-read. It might come as boring at the start due to its slow pace, but it is a kind book.

Harry Potter Series

Who is not aware of Hogwarts? It is a blockbuster movie, but… the book is even more interesting and worth your time. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are your common next-door neighbors, but their wit, courage, and charms will surely make you fall in love with the writing of JK Rowling. The latest book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will tell your tale to go! It is a PROMISE the book has far more secrets than the movies.

Great Gatsby

One of the best novels of all time written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the story of love- heartbreak and sacrifice. It is a narration from an unbiased narrator and leaves several questions in mind. It is one of those books which you need to read to relish its beauty. The world of riches with a heart yearning for someone shows life is not all glitters and roses.   

Alchemist – Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson is a name many of us are not very well aware of. But he is a master of his tale. Coming right after the age of Shakespeare, Jonson wrote plays of great expressions and humanistic views. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the crux is very simplistic. To change viewpoints from modern and ancient literature can be a refreshing change. 

The Color Purple

Alice Walker’s The Color Purple is an exceptional book. Written in the form of an epistolary novel, it shows the impediment to Black woman’s progress. An accurate description of women of color who live under a man’s thumb, the exposure of missionaries, and the cost of colonies. The book hardly leaves any topic untouched and any sentiments untouched too. A recommended read for all ages to understand the privileges we are living currently comes at such people’s cost. 

Adventure of Tom Sawyer

This book by Mark Twain, typically recommended by older elders, is a compulsive read. However, the chaos in the entire book is overcome by loyalty, struggle,  and bravery—a must-read for any new book lover.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee’s book is one of the most powerful texts written. It is a fearless narration of the day-to-day lives of Blacks and the Whites. Unfortunately, the truth becomes so obsolete, and color-biased those readers feel like ripping their hearts out. Atticus Finch, Scout, and Boo Radley make the entire read very engrossing. The character development and depiction of injustice is so painful and organic that it leaves a bitter scar. However, the book stands for a change!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is considered a classic book?

Classic books are those which serve moral good, and their beliefs hold in any era. They provoke human emotions and compel us to think and try to bring good.

  • Which genre is recommended for a 12-year-old?

No genre is the ‘most appropriate or recommended for anyone. It is purely one’s sheer will to read a particular type. The purpose of reading any novel should be to learn and enjoy it. So be it in the form of romance, sci-fi, thriller, crime- suspense, or historical drama.

  • What if the language gets too difficult for my kid?

The books recommended above hold rich vocabulary, plot, and thought-provoking sentiments. They grip readers, and one can skim the entire book in one go. However, to get a better and solid vocab, it is strongly recommended to read and look at the meanings of those words. The difficulties in grasping a word here might only help build up a strong grip over the lexicon. 

  • Which classic book is the easiest to read?

There are no such things as easy books, but yes, there are very simple adapted versions of the classics that a beginner can refer to. It varies from publication to publication. The historical fictions of Shakespeare, Roman or Greek mythologies are a good head start.

  • How difficult is it to read the classics?

This perception is all in the head; the book may have some unfamiliar setting, but with little imagination and will to read, one can easily. None of the books are difficult to read. It just doesn’t cater to our taste. The easy way is to choose which field appeals the most and try to start with that genre. You may change your discourse after getting a regular habit of reading, especially advisable for kids. 

  • What book I should read first?

Generally, the world of magic, supernaturalism appeals to the kid. The easiest way to go would be Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings. They can help to create a buzz for book-reading. If you are an avid reader, classic writers like Jane Austen, RL Stevenson, Mark Twain, Emily Bronte would be gripping. 

  • Will be able to understand the books or not?

The books may have difficult words, but they are very few in numbers and not incomprehensible. Even if English is your second language, what keeps a reading going on is the interesting plot. The plot should be according to your interest, and you can automatically like a book. 

  • Why should I read books over movies?

Books and movies are two different aspects, while the inspiration of the movie can be a book. It is always better to dig in both of them. Books broaden the imagination of the reader. Movies, on the other hand, are served a meal that has the power of cinematography. It is ideal for young kids to broaden their spectrum through book reading! 


Books are and remain to be man’s best friend. Reading books is recommended to get an idea of what atrocities one can face and the solutions to handle them. Learning from the mistakes of a fictional character and incorporating such things into our own lives is the book’s major purpose. It teaches a humanistic perspective, and the evolution of a person is highlighted. Unfortunately, modern children have been distant from books, the reason being they either don’t have something to start from or the technology seems to take most of their time.

This has been tried to sort out here through the article. You can pick any genre, any book from the list, and try to read. These books might have some difficulty at the first go, but they are lessons for life. You can always come back to them and relish them for a moment or two. These books are life lessons, and every kid should have the golden opportunity of reading them!

Classic Books for 12-year-old (Amazon US)

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