Books for Boys Aged Ten- 18 Brilliant Books

Books for Boys Aged Ten

Searching for an engaging read that’s suitable for a 10-year old boy? Here are the Books for Boys Aged Ten.

Read on to discover 18 brilliant books that will keep him occupied and may even turn him into a bibliophile.

Introducing books to children from a young age can keep them busy and make them knowledgeable at the same time. Reading and comprehending books can aid in a child’s development, both mentally and emotionally.

What follows below is a curated list of books that range from timeless classics to all-time favorites that a 10-year old boy of any generation would cherish and be unable to put the book down. These books are available on Amazon.

Books for Boys Aged Ten

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

This fun book series by American author and cartoonist, Jeff Kinney takes the reader on a ride-along in Greg Heffley’s life, as narrated and illustrated by the pre-teen in his diary, sorry, in his ‘journal’.

The narrative is amusing and lighthearted, accompanied by casual illustrations giving a journal feel. With over 16 books in this series, the little reader is sure to devour them all, full credits to the main character’s soulful depiction of his life events which he feels are not remarkable enough. 

Click here to get the first book in the series that is offered as a Hardcover copy at $9.48 and the Kindle version for $9.01.

You can also purchase the Hardcover box set of books 1-10 for $34.50 here or buy the individual books in this series by visiting this link.


Penned by Cynthia Lord, Rules is a Newbery Honor Book that is sure to open perspectives to the 10-year-old reader on matters of disabilities and understanding why all five fingers are not the same. 

This delightful book introduces the reader to 12-year-old Catherine and her younger autistic brother, David. Catherine takes it upon herself as an unsaid duty to teach her younger brother about everyday things and activities, only to be in vain each time. 

How she understands and realizes that rules are not applicable at all times and conventions do not always need to be followed, puts some thought into the reading boy when he puts down the finished book.

Get Rules by Cynthia Lord priced at $6.03 for the Paperback copy, $3.99 for the Kindle version, or listen as an audiobook free with your Audible trial version, here.

War Horse

The story written by Michael Morpurgo, set in the midst of World War I, over a century ago, shows the tale of a farm horse trained to be a warhorse. 

It is a tale of emotion and longing of the horse to be recovered from the battlefield, back to his master, and a deep desire for the war to end, only to be reunited with his beloved master.

This story gives an insight to the young minds about the horrors of war, and how too many sorrowful tales arise due to it.

Buy the book in Paperback format at $6.99, the Kindle version at $3.99, or listen to it free with your Audible trial, here.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

Imbibing morals and values to young boys just got easier and more fulfilling with this illustrated graphic novel by British author, Charlie Mackesy. 

Giving hope and inspiration in times of trouble, this book is a narrative of conversations between a curious young boy, an alert fox, a greedy mole, and a learned horse with exchanges on their most terrible fears, and understanding of love, friendship, and kindness.

A suitable read for all ages, this story rekindles the feelings of kindness in one’s life. 

Get this #1 New York Times Bestseller, Wall Street Journal Bestseller, and USA Today Bestseller here as a Hardcover book for $13.20, the Kindle version for $11.99, or as a free audiobook with your Audible trial.

The One and Only Ivan

This is a delightful little tale by Katherine Applegate that teaches kindness and empathy towards animals and nature by the virtue of a book. This tale is narrated from Ivan’s perspective, a gorilla who’s been inside a glass enclosure and spent almost his entire life in the mall.

He is so used to humans seeing him, he doesn’t even realize that the jungle is his actual home, not until one day, Ruby, a baby elephant is captured from the jungle and brought captive.

Interacting and conversing with her makes him understand what’s reality, and widens the horizon of young readers as well on animal captivity and their real habitats.

Hear out Ivan through the Newbery Medal-winning and #1 New York Times Bestseller book, for free as an audiobook with your Audible trial, or get the Hardcover for $11.99 or the Kindle version for $6.99, here.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Percy Jackson is a pre-teen kid who has ADHD and dyslexia. Or at least that’s what he was diagnosed with until one day when he reaches Camp Half-Blood, which habituates teens just like him. 

Learning that he’s a half-blood, born to a Greek god and human parents, he discovers that the world of Greek mythology is no longer a myth, but his world that he has to save. 

Having supernatural abilities with water, he finds he’s a son of Poseidon, the Greek god of sea and storms. Together with Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, and other allies, Percy takes on numerous challenges to solve problems between the mystical worlds throughout the series. 

Rick Riordan brilliantly pens this novel series, giving a twist of humor and modern thoughts to Greek mythical characters. You can buy the first book in this series, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief here priced at $5.97 for the Paperback version and $5.99 for the Kindle version.

Find the entire series in Paperback set for $20.98, Hardcover set for $57.99 or the Kindle set for $29.95, here.

Odd and the Frost Giants

A fresh twist in Norse mythology, authors Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell create a magical story with Odd, a Viking boy as the lead. Without any guardian to look after him, he escapes into an icy world and frees a trapped bear, only to discover that life had more plans for him.

Odd finds himself on a mission to free the Norse gods trapped by the frost giants and reclaim the city of Asgard and the reader would find himself trapped in this icy storyline.

Get Odd and the Frost Giants, available as an illustrated Hardcover copy at $19.99, Kindle version at $3.99, and also as a free audiobook with Audible trial, here.


Yet again in this heart-warming tale by Katherine Applegate, the reader finds Jackson, a boy from a poverty-stricken family as the main character. To cope with the family situation that’s too big for his age to handle, he creates an imaginary friend, a giant cat named Crenshaw. 

Crenshaw shows the importance of a friend in one’s life, whether real or imaginary. Will the cat be able to help Jackson and his family out of poverty is the rest of the book.

Teaching children of resilience, family ties, and hope, this book is a warm read for kids aged ten.

Get to meet Crenshaw through a Hardcover copy for $7.70, Kindle version for $2.99, and listen free as an Audible audiobook, here.

Harry Potter series

What could be a better book for a 10-year old boy than the story of The Boy Who Lived, in the Cupboard Under the Staircase, joining Hogwarts, a magic school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and off to kill the greatest villains of all times, the Dark Lord, He Who Must Not Be Named? 

J. K. Rowling’s outstanding and all-time favorite series is a must-read for any child. The story is not just about fantasy and mind-blowing magic but dwells deeper into the meaning of bravery, friendship, wisdom, resilience, and true love.

Buy the entire set of Paperbacks for $32.34, Hardcover set for $148.05, or as the Kindle format for $62.99, here, to let the young reader discover how a mail on a Sunday changed Harry Potter’s entire course of life.

The Legendeer Trilogy

A series of three books by Alan Gibbons, this story twines computer games to Greek mythology. The protagonist, a young boy, uses it to escape from his boring ‘real life’, but ultimately finds himself in the dangers and adventures of the virtual world.

Will he escape triumphantly from the game world is in the reader’s hands to find out. Dare to play along?

Get the Paperback copy of Book 1 priced at $9.99 and the Kindle version priced at $3.99 here.


Originally a French classic comic written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo, Asterix the Gaul is a world-famous comic series. 

In this comic novel, Asterix along with his friend Obelix and other trusted aides, fight off Roman conquerors to save his village and thereby his nation. Starting as a savior of his nation, he then visits various countries around the world and engages in numerous events, which are subsequently shown in the rest of the series.

Asterix uses bravery and tricks to defeat the opponents, which is an enjoyable read for 10-year olds. Available as a 4 book series in the Paperback and Hardcover versions here, starting from $12.89 per book.

Varjak Paw

Varjak Paw is a domesticated cat that lives along with its grandfather. Upon hearing the tale of Elder Paw and traditional martial arts that a cat has to learn to survive, Varjak Paw is on a mission.

Amidst chaos and hindrance from other cats, what Varjak Paw does with determination is for the young reader to find out. Surely, the reader will be transported to the world of cats, authored amazingly by S. F. Said.

Join Varjak Paw available as a paperback copy for $6.28, Hardcover for $1.35, and Kindle version for $8.99, and find the sequel story here in the Paperback version for $12.35 and Kindle version priced at $4.84.

Goodnight, Mr. Tom

Beautifully written by Michelle Magorian, this story is set on the brink of World War II in London. Willie Beech is a small and timid boy, who was a victim of domestic abuse by his only parent, his mother. 

He is later evacuated to the countryside where he stays with Mr. Tom. Initially, he is very scared and hardly interacts due to memories of past trauma. With time, he discovers a fatherly and lovable figure in Mr. Tom, who too sees Willie as his son.

Having been forced to return to his mother, Mr. Tom hears no word from the little boy. He longs to see him again and goes in search of him. 

This warm story of love and redemption, tells a child about the terrors of household abuse and how there is goodness in the world, even after any storm that might have passed in one’s life.

Get this book, a recipient of numerous children’s and teacher’s choice awards, from $0.94 for Paperbacks to $21.48 for Hardcover version, here.

The Chronicles of Narnia series

Yet another renowned classic by C. S Lewis, this fantasy series is set in war-ridden London during the time of World War II. Four siblings of the Pevensie family are evacuated to a countryside home where they are to stay till the war halts.

The youngest sibling, Lucy, stumbles upon a wardrobe one day and discovers a completely different world called Narnia through it. She meets Aslan, a lion there, and later takes her siblings along to Narnia, all set for a series of wonderful adventures.

With each book, the reader grows along with the characters, and a feeling of the sibling bond, unity, and perseverance is felt throughout this classic.

Discover the entire chronicle set in Paperback for $25.72 and Hardcopy set for $121.89 here.

Howl’s Moving Castle

Another enthralling classical fantasy novel written by Diana Wynne Jones has Sophie Hatter, the eldest of three daughters in the lead. A horrid spell turns her into an old lady and to break it she has to defeat the ruthless Wizard Howl and conquer his ever-moving castle.

The first book in the trilogy of the World of Howl, any 10-year old boy would find himself enticed in the puzzling fantasies of this series. Who said a boy can’t read a book with a girl lead? 

Get the book for $17.78 for a Paperback copy or $3.73 for the Kindle version here.


Ever wanted to have a fresh start in life? Forget all the worries and bothersome issues and start like a newborn? Well, in this New York Times Bestseller, Gordon Korman introduces the reader to a youngster named Chase. 

Who is he and what did he do? Chase doesn’t know it himself. After hitting his head, he finds himself awake in a hospital bed wondering who he is and how he ended up there. With absolutely no clue, he tries to resume his school life, only to find mixed reactions shown towards him. 

Some celebrate him while others are in utter disgust, but Chase has no idea what this all is about. Reading boys would find Chase helpless and may even feel sympathetic, but reading further on will unravel the truth in Chase’s life.

Discover Restart from $0.94 for a Paperback version, $ 6.78 for the Kindle version, or listen for free with an Audible trial here.

Trapped in a Video Game series

What happens if one gets absorbed into the video game they love playing? This book by Dustin Brady is sure to narrate the story of Jesse Rigsby who experiences it first-hand.

The right balance of real and virtual leisure time is what makes one peaceful. But what happens if the leisure activity itself traps them within, haunting them always? In this series, the reader discovers the dark side of video games and how too much pleasure can be poison as well.

If your 10-year-old is not able to put down their video games for a read, this book is sure to change it for good. Get trapped into this series starting at $25.51 for the Paperback set, $6.86 for the Kindle copy, or listen to them free with your trial of Audible here.

All Four Stars

Like icing on the cake, this story by Tara Dairman introduces the reader to Gladys, an aspiring gourmet chef in her sixth grade. After a small fire accident in the kitchen, her junk-food-loving parents completely bar her entry to the kitchen.

Yet, true dreams don’t die easily. She writes a winning essay after which she’s invited to write reviews for famous restaurant dishes. For this, she has to reach New York City without her parents’ knowledge and conceal her identity as well, for she’s just a sixth-grader and not a critic by profession.

This story takes the one who’s reading through a plethora of dishes and practical problems, inspiring them to live their dream one day. Buy All Four Stars Hardcover copy at $10.01, Kindle copy at $3.71, and listen to the audiobook at $0.00 with your Audible trial here.

Selecting a Suitable Read for Your 10-year-old Boy

The transitional pre-teen period from that of a child also shows a transition in the books they read and the activities they perform. From reading illustrated books to reading short stories and novels, this phase of life is important in growing their perspective of the world too.

This phase also marks a development in their vocabulary and linguistic ability. Some points to note include:

  1. Their ability to read silently in public and using tones and intonations for different characters that they come across.
  2. Their ability to read and complete short novels and books without illustrations.
  3. Their ability to imagine and visualize what they read, assigning looks and features to persons and places. 
  4. Their ability to comprehend what they read and interpret them in their own words
  5. Their ability to identify parts of a story like the time, place, setting, plot, conflict, climax, and resolution
  6. Introducing them to different formats of books like audiobooks, ebooks, and real prints which they would be quite familiar with by now.
  7. Introducing them to various genres of texts like fantasy, horror, fiction, biographies, sci-fi, thrillers as they grow.

Books are the deepest and most trustworthy of friends one can find. They are inevitably a gateway to multiverses which one may never know if it weren’t for reading.

So get your young lad started on reading books, they have the gift of teaching gems of wisdom that even parents or teachers may not be able to.

Books for Boys Aged Ten- 18 Brilliant Books

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