Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit in 2021

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

What is your current state spiritually? Are you seeking spirituality? Do you want to reawaken your spirituality? Notwithstanding what stage your current spirituality level might be, you can read the book that will awaken your spirit. There are a lot of ways to get that done. However, an easier part is to read books that can help you alleviate this challenge. 

For some persons, spiritual awakening takes a long process to achieve. For others, it is just a magical ride to awakening their spirit. What is more important is that spiritual awakening is possible; it can help you detach yourself from compulsive emotions and thoughts. Importantly, spiritual awakening breaks down your old identity formed by your ego as you grow in life.

You don’t have to act from a positive of fear; you can reconnect to your spirit and act from a place of love, respect, and peace. To do that, we have compiled some of the best books that will help you awaken your spirituality. You can choose any of the books that resonate with you in your quest to achieve spiritual awakening. 

List of Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

1 . The Untethered Soul Author: Michael Singer

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

Spiritual awakening is a journey beyond yourself. It is a path towards self-awareness and self-rejuvenation. The book looks at you as the subject by exploring the question of who you are. A New York Times bestseller is a book you don’t want to take for granted as it shows you the difference between your spiritual self and the voice inside your head. Interestingly, the book doesn’t have any religious references for those thinking it is filled with religious references. 

The analogies and explanations contained in the book are so relatable and clear for anyone to understand. It doesn’t matter your spiritual orientation or development; you can follow the book’s insights. If your goal is to develop a free mind through your inner chatter with a better understanding of your personality, the Untethered Soul is a must-have book in your library. 

2. A New Earth Author: Eckhart Tolle

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

Can you identify the voices in your head? Are you conscious of the thoughts you have? Well, most people aren’t aware of the impact of their ideas and how it controls them. Remarkably, you are the product of your thoughts; your mind is what gives you a sense of your personality.

The identification of how important your mind determine if you are conscious or unconscious about yourself. The book is among Oprah’s Book Club selections as it teaches you how to transcend your ego to improve your happiness and impart the world with positivity. The book talks about awakening your spirit to a new state of consciousness while discovering your true inner personality. Being attached to your ego has a negative impact – it contributes to a negative thinking pattern. Reading a book like “A New Earth” makes you more conscious of the subtle things that might cause you to be unhappy. Revamp your spirit today with this book.

3. The Shift Author: Wayner Dyer

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

Most people are scared of losing their goals and ambitions when they become spiritual. In reality, our spirit craves meaning rather than ambition, which the books try to uncover. It takes the reader from a journey from goals and ambition to meaning as it explores the place of ego. The author charges the readers how their ego makes them believe whatever they believe and think about others.

If you are still finding meaning in your life, then you might want to lay your hands on this book. The book is also suitable for those who feel they haven’t fulfilled their life purpose. Going through each page, you will realize that without having meaning, your spirit will always crave fulfillment. 

4. True Refuge Author: Tara Brach

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

Are you looking for peace and freedom? Do you still feel caged to the past? You can awaken your heart when you read True Refuge. Your true refuge is your silent awareness. According to the author, “Beneath the turbulence of our thoughts and emotions exists a profound stillness, a silent awareness capable of limitless love.”

True to that statement, the author expounds on getting peace and freedom by awakening your spirit. When faced with difficulties, most people suffer a lot; they allow the difficulties to overwhelm their emotions and thoughts. Eventually, it begins to run every aspect of their life – business, relationship, spiritual, etc.

You have an escape route as the author helps you find your inner sanctuary, which is always at your disposal. The three routes to your true refuge are truth, love, and awareness of your personality. Furthermore, the last chapter provides guided meditations to enable you to connect with your real personality. If you face any life-threatening sickness, relationship issues, family conflict, or loss, the key to your peace is in the book.

5. The Power of Now Author: Eckhart Tolle

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

We all need spiritual enlightenment as we progress in life. Your mind is a potent tool – it is responsible for all the suffering and pains you go through. Some persons might doubt this statement, but the book takes you through a journey of how your mind gets entrapped in your past and future. Furthermore, you will learn how to connect your spirit to react to things happening presently. If you are a newbie to spirituality, the book is the right starting place as the author uses straightforward examples of our everyday life. Additionally, the book has a Q&A to provide insight on various issues. 

The spiritual terms contained in the book are relatively easy to understand for anyone. The author uses the simplest terms possible to convey his message through the book. If you always have challenges focusing on the now and over-reacting to issues, the book should be your new partner.

6 . Conversation with God (Book 1) Author: Walsch, Neale Donald

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

Challenges and problems are part of life; however, it is quite overwhelming for some to handle them. The author was in one of the worst moments in his life when he angrily wrote God a letter. To his amazement, God spoke to him; it was a conversation that took days and weeks. 

With this new experience, he began asking God more questions. When each answer comes, he wrote them down, for the wisdom was beyond his capacity. The Conversation with God (Book 1) became a bestseller as it contained his three-years conversation with God – the Creator of Heaven and earth.

If you want a book to awaken your spirit after going through various challenges, you can read the complete Conversation with God (CwG) series to reawaken your spiritual consciousness. The author explicitly used the term “GOD” throughout the book while providing refreshing insights to transform your life. You won’t find any book that contains such vital thoughts and solutions to challenges.

7. Siddhartha Author: Herman Hesse

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

The book looks into spiritual enlightenment and attempts to provide wisdom for anyone ready to listen. The book talks about Siddhartha, the son of a wealthy Brahmin family, who feels discontented despite the love showered on him. One day, he decided to embark on a journey to find spiritual enlightenment. His best friend, Govinda, followed him on the trip after they both renounced their wealth. The book addresses the contradictory dyads that most people are seeking spiritual enlightenment face. Why do you want to live a life of human desires or spirituality? Listen to your intuition or search for more knowledge? The book explains things in a simple manner where a man’s search for the essence of life and self-discovery enabled him to reflect on his spiritual journey.

8. Be Here Now Author: Ram Dass

Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit

Where are you? What do you spend your time thinking more about? Do you think about the future or the past? Do you spend your day wishing to do or be somewhere? If these questions are some in your heart, then this book is all you need. In the first part, the author explained how he became a Professor of Yogi at Harvard from Dr. Richard Alpert. 

Unlike other books, “Be Here Now” is a well-researched book but playful and fun when you read it. You would discover that the second section of the book is reproduced on brown papers. The book contains numerous pearls of wisdom, which are presented in graphical form. The third section comprises of quotes from different traditions, which explained how various religions are interconnected.

Reading this book will awaken your spirituality as it inspires you and give you concrete ideas on living a free life.

9. The Book of Awakening Author: Mark Nepo

 The Book of Awakening – Author: Mark Nepo

You need daily insights to awaken your inner spirit, and that is what you get when you read this book. The book was once featured as Oprah’s Favorite book because it is a classic for anyone seeking spiritual awakening. It is among the best book that will awaken your spirit as you learn spiritual purpose and meaning in life.

The book contains 365 articles for each day as you try to revamp your spiritual life. Each article for the day comes with exercise to help you get in touch with your spirit. Furthermore, the book contains different stories as the author also shares his journey of surviving cancer from his spiritual experience. 

Frankly, the book will inspire and enlighten you as you embark on the journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. If you want to advance your spirituality and live a life of peace and freedom, this book from Mark Nepo is necessary.

10. The Seat of the Soul Author: Gary Zukav

The Seat of the Soul – Author: Gary Zukav

If you thought you had read all the books on spiritual awakening, then you haven’t started because this book will transform your life. The book challenges you to see life beyond your body, mind, personality, and five senses. If you need encouragement to connect your soul and take charge of your responsibility, you will read the right book.

The 25th edition of the soul’s seat comes with a study guide that allows you to build an unfathomable understanding of the book’s insights. There are also questions and exercises for each chapter to refresh your memory. The book is a book written with an open mind, even though you might have difficulty grasping or accepting some concepts. 

11. Empty Your Cup Author: Yong Kang Chan

Empty Your Cup – Author: Yong Kang Chan

Do you love yourself? Why don’t you love yourself? If you had an issue loving yourself, then the primary culprit is your mind. The author uses the cup as an analogy to represent the mind; he further expounds on the seven stages the mind goes through. It is an exciting book to reawaken your spirit as it opens your mind.

When you read this book, you will understand why your mind is the main obstacle to your spiritual awakening. Furthermore, you will learn a simple but effective truth to regain your true self. Learn to stay awake as you unravel the secrets contained in the book. Finally, you can reconnect to your spiritual self as you go through each page of the book. 


Spiritual awakening is a fundamental pursuit everyone should endeavor to achieve. Spiritual awakening is a process of transcending your environment and becoming more conscious of yourself and your environment. 

You have everything you need to become conscious of yourself. We have reviewed some of the best books that will awaken your spirit and give you power over your life. Each book contains insights that can transform your life and take you to the spiritual level you have always yawned for as an individual. 

As you reawaken your spirituality through mindfulness, meditation, self-transformational practices, and developing a profound unity with yourself, you become more fulfilled and productive in life. What is more important is that spiritual awakening is possible; it can help you detach yourself from compulsive emotions and thoughts. Importantly, spiritual awakening breaks down your old identity formed by your ego as you grow in life.

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Best Book that will Awaken Your Spirit in 2021

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