Does DoorDash Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

If you love ordering food online, then you may be familiar with the name Doordash because it is one of the leading daises for online food ordering and delivery. Doordash started its journey in 2013. Since then, it has expanded its services in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, and New Zealand. It looks forward to starting its services in some more countries soon. DoorDash’s main competitors are Uber Eats and GrubHub, but DoorDash is trying new things for its customers, as when it opened Ghost Kitchen. It provides discounts and great deals to attract more customers. Let us know ‘Does DoorDash Give Christmas Bonuses?’

Does DoorDash Give Christmas Bonuses?

Does DoorDash Give Christmas Bonuses?

DoorDash does not pay bonuses each Christmas, although the employees received gratuities only on one Christmas from DoorDash. Instead, it offers the dasher an opportunity to earn a bonus if they make a certain number of deliveries within an implicit time frame, and then they can earn some incentive from DoorDash with their monthly wages.

DoorDash offers bonuses to its employees on special occasions like Christmas because it knows that its dashers work hard to make the deliveries possible, whether it is bad weather in the city or they face some other kind of problem, but fulfilling the customers’ delivery is an achievement. By paying a Christmas bonus, DoorDash motivates their confidence and respects their hard work. This bonus was credited to Dashers’ accounts when DoorDash’s IPO in 2020 was listed, on the stock market in the United States.

DoorDash appreciates Dashers who pursue the target of five thousand deliveries in certain months, and they receive a bonus of $500 from DoorDash, while Dashers who deliver ten thousand deliveries in an implicit time will receive a gratuity of $1,200. If you want to earn a bonus from DoorDash every month, you must have to make a minimum of 5,000 deliveries.

Why does DoorDash not pay a Christmas Bonus?

The reasons why DoorDash does not pay Christmas bonuses could be as follows:

  • It offers an opportunity for its drivers to earn gratuity each month if they meet their target number of deliveries.
  • DoorDash pays biweekly, and if any dasher has performed well through the week, he could get an extra handout with his weekly salary.
  • DoorDash paid a bonus to its employees only once, on Christmas in 2020, when IPO was launched on the American Stock Exchange, and until then, employees only expected a Christmas handout, which they have not yet received.
  • DoorDash does not have any particular committee regarding the gratuity for the employees to decide whether employees should get a bonus or not.
  • Sometimes, DoorDash faces trouble in its market revenue and capitalism with its competitors. It could be the reason DoorDash avoids paying Christmas bonuses to its employees.

However, if you work with DoorDash, then you can expect that DoorDash may start paying some gratuity on Christmas because other American companies have this tradition of paying on Christmas to their employees, and soon, DoorDash may also begin as it will be well-established in the market and as its capital and business grow, and it gets older with the time.

Alternatives to the Christmas Bonus at DoorDash:

If you are a dasher at DoorDash, then do not worry if you do not receive a handout on Christmas because DoorDash has some alternatives for dashers to earn some bonus by performing well and achieving their monthly and weekly goals.

The Doordash drivers earn an average of $25 per hour. They can also attain tips from customers.

If you are starting your career as a DoorDash driver and you have a referral code, you can earn up to $1,000 as a DoorDash sign-up bonus. This program at DoorDash is known as Guaranteed Earnings Incentives.

If you make 300 deliveries within 90 days at DoorDash, then you can earn an average bonus of $100, and so on for target deliveries by DoorDash for drivers, and if they make those number of deliveries, then they can earn a bonus from DoorDash with their salary.

Other Benefits DoorDash Provides to its Employees:

Besides, it gives some monthly bonuses to its drivers. DoorDash offers some more benefits to its employees:

  • You can take advantage of health insurance from DoorDash, which includes benefits like premium medical, dental, and vision insurance plans and fertility coverage.
  • DoorDash offers paid time off and holidays to its employees.
  • You can get a competitive salary at DoorDash.
  • DoorDash offers a work-from-home opportunity to employees who face some disability issues, and it also provides a one-time allowance and $40 for Wi-Fi expenses in one month.
  • If you work in a corporate office or as a corporate employee at DoorDash, you can enjoy free lunch and dinner from DoorDash.


DoorDash does not offer Christmas bonuses to its employees. However, in 2020, when DoorDash filed for an IPO, it paid gratuity to all of its employees on Christmas, but it has not paid Christmas bonuses. You can get paid time off, vacation, holiday pay, and other additional benefits as an employee of DoorDash. If you work as a driver at DoorDash, you can earn a bonus if you make a certain number of deliveries within an implicit timeframe. You will receive your handout with your salary. You can also get a tip from the customers if they are happy with your delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does DoorDash deliver gift cards?

DoorDash does not send gift cards physically to the customers; instead, it sends them via email, attaching the gift card and its description.

  • What is Dasher at DoorDash?

DoorDash refers to its employees as “Dasher.” The delivery drivers are known as “Dashers.” If you have a vehicle and want to become a dasher, you can join Dash in your free time and earn additional wages.

Does DoorDash Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

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