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Davita Inc. is a United States company that provides kidney dialysis service through different dialysis centers scattered around the country. In total, the company operates about 2,816 outpatient dialysis centers that serve around 204,200 patients in the United States and 321 centers in its 10 other locations in other parts of the world, which serve about 3200 patients. The company’s history dates back to 1979, founded as Medical Ambulatory care inc. Since then, DaVita has been growing. Let us know “Does Davita Give Christmas Bonuses?”

Does Davita Give Christmas Bonuses?

The company has around 69000 employees and assets worth 17.2 billion dollars. Employees at the company do enjoy some rewards and perks, whereas the company does not give Christmas bonuses, if you have been wondering, it gives general bonuses of various kinds. The most common bonus given at Davita are performance bonuses with managers being offered max bonus potential based on their performance. The company, however, decides the percentage of bonuses they can give customers every annum. For instance, in 2016 bonuses for managers were as high as 72% of the maximum they could earn, in contrast to other years, the company bonuses do not usually peak that high.

Davita inc Bonus Pay

You may wonder how much a big company like Davita, which generates annual revenue of about 11 billion dollars, might be paying their 0ver 60000 employees in bonuses. Well the company pays on an average $4000 annually to employees, but bonuses, are paid based on staff level and may range from $450 to about $17000 among employees. For example, the regional operations director might earn about $17000 annually in bonuses and a patient care technician might earn about $450.

Different Employee Bonuses based On Job Title

Healthcare Administrator: A healthcare admin is usually in charge of training staff or planning for training to happen, making sure the facility is accredited by approved accrediting agencies, and other things that depend on the organization at Davita, a Healthcare administrator receives an average pay of about $83,907 with an annual bonus of about $6000-$13000.

Regional Operations Director: This role is more or less the managerial role at DaVita, they work with different staff from the HR and accounting departments to the different secretaries at DaVita, they have an annual salary of about $132400 and collect on average bonuses within the range of $10000-$26000.

Facility Administrator: The facility Admin is exactly as the name sounds, the manager of the facility, DaVita has different facilities and it is up to the facility admin to manage and supervise the staff and other admins at those facilities. They have an average salary of about $77,500 and could earn an average bonus within the range of $2000-$15000

Dialysis Registered Nurse: dialysis registered nurse is the professional responsible for actually running the dialysis of patients, their task generally includes the management of dialysis treatments based on different orders, planning and goal setting for patients, documentation, and paperwork, amongst other tasks. they earn on average about $34 per hour and their bonus could fall between $509-$5000.

Registered Nurse: A registered nurse like in almost all hospital settings is responsible maintenance of patients, especially registered patients. At DaVita, an RN might visit a patient’s home and follow processes according to the doctor’s instructions, amongst other personal skills they would need to possess. They are paid an average of $33 per hour and receive bonuses of an average better $509-$2000

Patient Care Technician: Technicians at DaVita typically have the role of assisting physicians, nurses, and other staff in caring for dialysis patients, caring for these patients is under supervision by other senior staff and generally may include monitoring of patients, creating off reports of patient status, conducting test and others. They are paid on average $16 per hour and can receive bonuses within the range of $300 – $600.

Dialysis technician: A dialysis technician assists dialysis RNs in assisting patients who are up for dialysis, dialysis technicians generally assist during the dialysis processes to make sure equipment is working perfectly and the patient is not under any problematic conditions. Dialysis technicians generally receive an average salary of $17 per hour and an average bonus of $200-$2000.


Now we have learnt “Does Davita Give Christmas Bonuses?”, Working in a big company can be challenging majorly because of the work/life imbalances employees may face, however, this is reduced when bonuses for the extra work done are given, while DaVita does not offer Christmas bonuses they do offer generic bonuses to their over 60000 employees they have.


What is the company culture at DaVita Like?

Davita, based on different data online, has a good work culture, although there exists a work-life imbalance, the company still tries to make sure all employees are satisfied.

Does DaVita have competitors?

Some of the companies competing with Davita include Aytu BioPharma, Mednax, and dialysis clinic, with Aytu BioPharma being the closest rival.

Does Davita Give Christmas Bonuses? -Know More

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