AT&T Mission Statement -Vision And Values Analysis


There are only a few companies of the size and reach of which is unimaginable. We limit ourselves to American companies only. Then filter it further to exclude companies into fossil fuels and earth minerals. We are down to a manageable level. Let us know about “AT&T Mission Statement”

AT&T Mission Statement

Among these are companies known the world over. One is Facebook, another is Google, a third is Amazon. These three are global in reach and have staggering bank accounts. People in remote islands in the Pacific know them as well.

A company lurking behind the popular ones but still huge will be a surprise. American Telephone & Telegraph Company, or AT&T, is one of the American companies that are meek. It does not blare about the extent of their influence. An American company worth the time to peruse. It is much older than the first three. It also came into being with the significant invention of one of its founders.

It is rich in resources and its evolution. But there is more to the company than that. We begin with one interesting topic, not the entire world knows. History of the company and the man behind it.

History Of The Man And The Company

Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish by birth. He finished no formal education. This was so in Scotland or in any of the places they had transferred to with his family. From Scotland, the family loved to London then to Canada. Somehow, Alexander went to America and met his wife, ten years his junior, Mabel Hubbard.  

Alexander Bell had a telegraph at his workplace. Yet, his pursuit of having voice travel through the instrument occupied him. The circumstances of his life made a path for him in his desire. His mother was half deaf. He taught in schools for the deaf. His wife also became deaf at the age of five.

On August 3, 1876, this device called the telephone came to fruition. Invented by Alexander Graham Bell in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. That was the day the first human voice coursed through a telegraph wire. There were several other improvement tests after that. 

Alexander Bell was the first to file and claim a patent for the telephone. There were a couple more personalities that had the same working device. Bell beat them at the patent office. His closest rival,  Ms. Elisha Gray, came too late to the patent office by a few hours. Hundreds of legal challenges came along after that.

His father-in-law was his benefactor even before the telephone came. Mr. Gardiner Greene Hubbard supported Bell with no mere money. With the patent in his hands, Bell sold his rights to Mr. Hubbard. Bell wanted to devote his time to come up with other inventions. A few of the devices he made were the metal detector, first hydrofoils, and the Graphophone.

Mr. Hubbard, meanwhile, had already set a few discussions with certain people. In July 1877, the Bell Telephone Company, or BTC, came into being. He named it so in high honor of his son-in-law. It was not, with certainty, without obstacles along the way. 

Over five hundred legal battles ensue right after the birth of the company. This was a consequence of owning the rights to the device of son-in-law invented. Mr. Hubbard may have suffered no physical injuries, but he came through, as well as the company.

With business strategies in mind, Mr. Hubbard formed another company, a subsidiary of BTC; he had his son-in-law with him this time around. Hubbard, Thomas Sanders, and Alexander Graham Bell were the founders of the company. American Telephone and Telegraph Company started in 1885 with official endorsement. 

It must be of the understanding that there was never an AT&T in official papers or public knowledge. AT&T, as we know it today, came into existence only in 1994 as AT&T Company in official standing. The headquarters of the company is in Dallas, Texas. 

The second company (AT&T) had formed out of necessity. It was to address the demand for crossing state boundaries. BTC’s governmental franchise was only to provide telephone services intrastate. That would mean BTC can never and should never cross telephone connectivity. State to state connection from Texas to Arizona, as an example. AT&T was the solution in Mr. Hubbard’s mind.

BTC became the biggest company in the world in due time. It employed more people than anybody could think of. When it folded, its subsidiary, AT&T, acquired all its assets. Specifics into the folding of BTC are not that, in any specific, known. From thereon in, AT&T has attained global influence. This goes along with diversification in the global economy.

The Company And Its Present Structure

AT&T Inc. is the mother company that holds the umbrella that contains all the companies under its wing. The head of which is its previous Chief Operating Officer, now the Chief Executive Officer, CEO. He is the man at the top of this gigantic mountain, Mr. John Stankey.

In no specific order, the first of the companies under the mother umbrella is AT&T Communications. AT&T Communications with its head as its CEO, Mr. Jeff McElfresh. As the name implies, communication is the heart of the operation. In this modern era, they offer 3G and 4G like the competition. 

They are the first in the Americas to provide 5G service with the backbone architecture. They started 5G in 2018. Because of the business, this is data-heavy. The company has data traffic close to 500,000 terabytes or 500 petabytes. This is just in a single day. 

This is the root company of it all. That would mean that this is the entity that Bell, Hubbard, and Sanders founded more than a hundred years ago. It has weathered through two world wars and economic recessions through the years. 

The second company is AT&T Latin America. Its CEO is Ms. Lori Lee. One focus of this company is to provide mobile services all over Mexico. Another focus of Vrio, the company, is to provide digital entertainment. These are for the target market of the countries in South America and the Caribbean. With 9000 employees, they expect to expand further. They have satellite and broadcast centers in their infrastructure all over the region. With that, the expansion will be a reality in the coming future.

The third company is Warner Media, headed by Mr. Jason Kilar as the CEO. This is the mother company of many known companies. Companies under it are HBO, HBO Max, CNN, Warner Media, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers. That is to mention a few of the many companies excluding the subsidiaries underneath.

Warner Media also has other legal representations all over the world. Two TV channels in Japan, one in the UK, one in Chile, one in Korea, again, to name a few. Outside of TV ventures, Warner also has gained an advertising company, Xander. This company is present in four continents. 

Taking everything in, AT&T Inc. is the world’s leading communications company with revenue.

Company Mission, Vision, And Values

Companies registering in the United States of America need to submit certain documents. Much like any country does, anyway. These will be the foundation that will establish the company’s juridical person. Along with that, the public will be aware of the company’s mission, vision, and values.

That is where we concern ourselves: mission, vision, and values. We will see if it has been so and is still so today. Most important of all, are they saying what they say?

Mission Statement

AT&T stands firm on its mission to make the most of innovations in technology. This is a beneficial alignment for AT&T and its customers. Done by implementing next-generation technologies and network advancements. These are at the core of the implementation of  AT&T’s services. 

We will take into context what their mission is about. We will see if the application is in execution to what the company has undertaken through the years. AT&T has indeed taken technical innovations and new technologies. They have incorporated this into their business of connecting people.

They are, of course, the first-ever company to roll out the telephone. Before the turn of the millennia, it was an instrument not everybody understood. It did not take long for the public to grasp the idea that it was a necessity. It was as important as the clothes we wear on ourselves.

The first generation telephones of the Bell System, the mother company of AT&T, were crude. The caller had to shout to have the other end hear what he had to say. This was a stumbling block for Bell System. 

Then a tiny insignificant innovation came along. Bell System knew it was their saving grace and there and then grabbed the chance. They bought the patent of the carbon microphone from Thomas Edison in due course. It was something they needed so much. By doing so, this improved by leaps and bounds the performance of their phones.

The two inventions are testaments for the dedication of the company. In 9 years after, 150,000 telephones were all over the USA. A reflection of the company’s customers’ drive to satisfaction.

Company Vision

The vision is to attain the aspiration in each employee to become the company most admired and of high value in the world. The customers’ personal lives are central to the goal have success in their businesses. By delivering applicable and exciting services to the market in communication, it will reverberate in value building. 

With the customer’s end always in sight, AT&T strives to reach that goal. It is of giving value and enriching the lives of their customers. Whether it be individuals or companies, big and small, the attention to each is the same. 

The manner to achieve this is developing through time. Starting from the rotary telephone of a distant time to the recent push button then to the wireless mobile phone of today. It is the adaption of helpful and exciting communication services.  

It was back then when the internet had a limitation within the walls of the military structure. Today, it is indispensable in the lives of people. Giving help to all, from a child to a student to an employee to a business. The internet has become integral to society.

AT&T has continued to provide connectivity, entertainment, and communication to the world. It is true to its advocacy and true with all certainty, to its words.

AT&T Core Values

The values the company clings to are immersed into the lives of all AT&T personnel fervently and constantly. Not only is it for the betterment of people, but likewise fold and mold their thought processes into a more positive outlook. 

  • Live with truthfulness in your life.
    • Truth is a commitment to it by doing the things right and doing the right things. No matter how difficult decisions will be. Living with truth and compromising nothing. 
    • The truth is the foundation in a life that is sometimes not simple. Truthfulness will define and direct lives while progressing forward. Forward to find individual or community purpose always.
  • Do not think of mediocrity. Ever think big.
  • Thinking big on ideas and big dreams. Seeing the big picture to see the power of innovation. Focusing on the big prize while thinking of bigness has been inherent to AT&T since the beginning. 
  • A legacy that has been with the founding fathers and passed on to inherit for the new generation. Thinking big is not only a battle cry. It is also a call to form, invent, and achieve the future. Most important of all, to be the first to get the years ahead into the present.
  • Excellence in all things each day.
  • Absolute dedication every time and every day is the spine of excellence. It is not for compromise. It must never yield, and it will never stop, not even for a moment.
  • It is the fingermark seen in all the things we have done. It is the signature that they know us by. In whatever performance: excellence must be in the vein. Whether coding, selling, installation, production, film, or news reporting.
  • Upon gaining excellence, a true potential will uncover. We have the potential to promote progress in humanity. 
  • Imagination in the workplace is the object of inspiration.
  • Invigorate the ability to nurture imagination. See what others do not see; another perspective to look at things. Imagines, creates, surprises, reveals, entertains with stories untold. 
  • Imagination is the spark that changes for the better in us. It is an inspiration for people around us and those that will inherit this world. Be the inspiration for the imagination.
  • Having the presence at a time of need is comforting.
  • Man is resilient and a remarkable creature. Time will tell that sometimes hardships happen. Weakness, indecision, confusions, fear, hopelessness abound in the real world.
  • It is times like these that we should be there wherever that may be. Matter most and where a true light shines.
  • Gender, religion, ethnicity in a person is equal in the eyes of man.
  • Inclusivity, equality, and diversity. Words that encourage each one of us to see each other in new ways that we are equal. We are the citizens of this one world. Mutual respect will follow with the knowledge that the differences make us who we are.
  • We do this with our words and our actions every day.
  • Freedom is essential and must be guarded and embraced by all.
    • The press must have the liberty to guarantee the security of freedom. Without freedom, there will be no free people. The same applies to everyone. Wherever they may be. We are who we are because of the free press, speech, and beliefs. Upholding and embracing these freedoms in all that we do.
  • Change from the old habits to strike a difference in lives.

We all have unique talents and skills that incubate the core of the company. Yet, we are all here on something more common in us all. We are here to make a difference. To give our all to everything around us each day. 

  • Make something happen and connect, inform, answer, and make them enjoy. Change to effective and better ways. To affect where it is most important.


AT&T, Inc. is one of the larger employers in the USA. As such, it has a responsibility to the public to be true to its word. It has to have the integrity and the dedication to be the company that it envisioned itself to be. 

AT&T’s Mission Statement, Vision, and Values have been guiding all its employees through the years. Decades after decades have given proof to that. It is not a new company. It is not a company that shoots to the stars in the blink of an eye. 

It is a company our great grandparents knew, built through the years. It has also made “sons” and “daughters” along the way.  This is one of the biggest, if not, the biggest company of families in the United States today. There is no question that it is one of the best companies in the world.

AT&T Mission Statement -Vision And Values Analysis

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