Xpo Logistics Office Location & Headquarters

XPO Logistics is a cargo and delivery company. It aims to facilitate delivery and truck dealing. XPO Logistics was established in 1989.XPO Logistics claims to be that they are fulfilling 99 % of the transportation requirements of North America. Know more about Xpo Logistics Office Location & Headquarters

Xpo Logistics Office Location & Headquarters

XPO Logistics headquarter is located in Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.A, and the zip code is 06831. According to the year 2021, XPO Logistics offices locations are 744 is working in more than 32 countries, 50,000 clients benefit from this, and 42,000 workers are working in spiritual and dynamic ways. 

Characteristics of the XPO Logistics

  • Quick Facts about the XPO Logistics Services
  • Different Styles of Shippment of the XPO Logistics
  • Who Uses XPO Logistics
  • How to be useful XPO Logistics for their customers

Quick Facts about the XPO Logistics Services

  • Used approximately one million trucks and caravans.
  • XPO Logistics utilizes the latest technology for shipping the luggage like XPO Connect is an electronic dealing office.
  • Assist the customers and clients in different situations.
  • XPO Logistics makes possible the space in quick shipping.
  • XPO Logistics is also a business partner of the blue-chip company.
  • They all them possible to deliver cargo and luggage at the time and without trouble and hesitation.
  • XPO Logistics workers have to work day and night for the parcel delivery. So the parcel is executed safely without any damage.

Different Styles of Shippment of the XPO Logistics

According to the title, anyone can choose the shipment style with its need.

  • Full Truck-load gives a chance to ship dry vans, refrigerated trucks, flatbeds, drop decks, and kingsized goods.
  • Expedite ships are helpful for cargo vans, sprinters, straight trucks, tractor-trailers, and lift gates. 
  • Flex Fleet is a flexible shipping style, it ships at the customer’s desired place.
  • Less Than Truckload does offer to ship with common cargo mass and size, fast or quick, frosty, and with a warranty.
  • Ground- Air Expedite is appropriate for the air plus home shipping to the customers.
  • Intermodal shipping is best for container flat cars, trailer flat cars, drayage, trans-loading, and piggyback.
  • Heavy Haul ship is the solution of the drop decks, double drops, king-sized, heavyweight, approved, and exclusive items or goods.

Who Uses XPO Logistics

  • XPO Logistics services offer cargo services for these types of transportation users;
  • The customer wants to deliver the parcel or goods from one place to another.
  • Customers are dealing with the business on specific premises.
  • Companies are used XPO Logistics for business transportation purposes.
  • XPO Logistics is barging with the goods delivering, goods dealing, and the end of the XPO service road.
  • XPO Logistics does work as intermodal transportation and offers supply chain logistics.

How to be useful XPO Logistics for their customers

  • XPO Logistics presents a safe, reliable, economical, and informal system for their customers. 
  • XPO Connect is a cloud computing electronic place. 
  • XPO Logistics has used TMS software and also an artificial intelligence system. 
  • These digital sources enhance the quality of shipment of the XPO Logistics. 
  • It allowed ship, bargain, reserve capacity, and execution of the goods and any product.

What is TMS?

  • TMS stands for the transportation management system. 
  • This system performs transportation tasks. 
  • This system does organize, performs the shipment, and improves the quality of cargo.
  • It does use for these performances like charge differentiate, trace capacity for the goods, reserve the order, and record the parcel.

What is LTL Service?

  • LTL stands for Less than truck-load known as the space of the parcel or packet. 
  • LTL services are also a service of dealing, barging, and exchanging between two parties. 
  • So it is also helpful for the business growing purpose.

What is Supply Chain Management?

  • Supply Chain Management is a part of a transportation system that is allowed and circulated from the raw material to the prepared product until it has reached the buyer’s hands. 
  • This management system carries on the whole process of transporting goods or products involving human resources. 
  • This system runs to the products-related management also. XPO Logistics offers Supply Chain Services globally with confidence.

How can anyone track its parcels or goods?

  • First, visit their website.
  • Now the page will open with the form.
  • Write the required information and the message and also submit it.

What are the Different Sections Contact number of the XPO Logistics?

These are important and different contact numbers;

  • For the Truck Brokerage contact at (855) 744 – 7976, and your email is [email protected].
  • For the Expedite Air Charter contact at (888) 277 – 7434 and email [email protected].
  • For the Global Forwarding contact, at (866) 245- 7447 and (630) 795-1300, and email is [email protected].
  • For the Less Than Truckload contact, at the toll-free number (800) 755-2728, and email is [email protected].
  • For the Managed Transportation contact, at(866), 466- 3656 and email is [email protected].


Transportation of goods and luggage is a supreme demand of human beings also. So the various companies started their business with these services, and many of them have the top position of their companion companies as XPO Logistics. The role of new technology, hardworking, good management, and barging charges are also helpful for this position. So XPO Logistics is also known as a global company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)How many workers deliver the goods of XPO Logistics?

Near the figure of like, 106,000 transportation workers have to deliver the goods of XPO Logistics.

2)What is the helpful contact number?

The familiar contact number of pick XPO is; (844) 742 – 5976.

3)How can anyone contact XPO Logistics for home delivery?

Anyone can contact ; (844) 742 – 5976 or (866) 373 – 7874 and email at [email protected].

4)What is XPO Tech?

XPO tech consists of professional staff monitoring the transportation staff like the sender, deliverer, and the driver. 

5)What is Intermodal Transportation?

Intermodal transportation does refer to the transportation road and the tracking area for the logistics system of any company used for its delivery services.

Xpo Logistics Office Location & Headquarters

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