Why is microeconomics so hard?

Why is microeconomics so hard?

Introduction: Micro and economics refer to a branch of business economics that deals with the individuals in the economy. It studies the needs and requirements of the individuals and allocates the resources based on the decisions made by them. Resources are limited and they have limited uses that require allocation of resources that need to be done. Here is the topic- Why is microeconomics so hard?

Answer: Microeconomics and macroeconomics both are parts of economics but sometimes confusion may occur. Microeconomics deals with individuals and macroeconomics studies the economy as a whole. It studies the variety of things taking place in the economy in an aggregate form such as growth, GDP, employment, employment, etc.

Importance of microeconomics

  • Fundamental part: Microeconomics is the foundation of the main part of the economy. The reason for learning economics is to understand the basic concepts and find out the principle approach to make it clear how the economy works.
  • Small part: Microeconomics is just having a small amount of information that is true and which helps you to reach your goal along with the reason. includes the individual units like buyers and sellers.
  • Reading the book: How to get a better understanding of the topic just read the book from the start, make summary notes, and can also use other resources such as Google and YouTube to study the area where you are stuck or feel difficulty.
  • Save time: There is a need to save time and money because it will help you to solve the difficult homework problem. Also, by giving time to the subjects consistently you can go through those topics which are not covered in the class by a professor. The textbook can help you to solve the homework questions because they may be based on the illustrations given in the book.
  • Thorough study:  You can do that horror study of your textbook bye by studying the summary or short notes women at the back of the chapter this will guide you and assist you if you feel that any of the microeconomics topics are difficult to suggest related to demand or supply of production function also you can use flashcards or pitot representation to learn the charts better for active recording in your exams.
  • Easy: Microeconomics is quite easy from the intermediate level to the college level. show that microeconomics can be studied in different ways to get good marks instead of describing the concepts you can learn from different sources like YouTube and extra materials and many online courses which will help you to understand the different topics of microeconomics.


  1. Difficult concept: Some of the concepts of microeconomics may be out of the course in May and may be quite difficult to understand. You can ask your teacher or refer to extra books to get better clarity on searching complicated topics. I don’t have some prior knowledge related to the topic so it might be a little difficult for you to understand the new concept so make sure that you first brush up on your basics.
  2. Test prior knowledge: The major aim of testing the prior information related to a subject is to know whether the student knows the basics of microeconomics or not. This will help in building the foundation of the subject in a much better way. So that teachers and professionals must try to test the knowledge and then teach them the advanced information so that the students can understand the topic better.
  3. Interest in the subject: A subject can become tough or easy based on the interest and the abilities of the student. If you are interested in a particular topic or subject then you will be able to grasp more of the information of the subject. This will be helping you to absorb more knowledge rather than feeling bored.
  4. Study EasierTopics: If you find that studying about individual or aggregate markets is interesting for you then you can easily understand all the concepts related to it and can take that subject as your career in the. But if you don’t have the interest and you study a subject that will not only give you demotivation but also hampers your studies and marks.
  5. Outside courses: To make microeconomics is there for you there is a need to study all the concepts outside from your classes from other sources like the internet or extra online sources or any reference book to make the concepts easier for users will also help in understanding the concept in the class if you have some prior knowledge about the subject.
  6. Time management: While beginning to study microeconomics, some of the concepts may be tough to grasp initially so there is a need to allot a particular or reasonable amount of time to learn that concept and practice from questions related to it.

Steps to make economics easy

Some of the steps are discussed below so that you can study microeconomics in more interesting and easy ways:

  1. Planning: to make economics easier for you, the first step is to plan out every topic at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Syllabus: Then study the syllabus thoroughly and plant different parts on the due dates of your classes.
  3. Do homework: Keep on consistently doing your homework even if it is difficult during the weeks so that it will be easier for you to plan your studies in a better way.
  4. Learn better: Try to understand the microeconomics topics in the right manner and the important topics which may be asked in your exams.
  5. Ask the teacher: Take your homework seriously, solve the difficult questions and easy questions if you find difficulty, ask your teacher and take help from them.

6: Prioritizing: You can easily skim through the material, find out some important points and make some short notes so that it would become easier for you to revise during your exams. Also, you can give importance to only the important points rather than absorbing the background information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can we make microeconomics hard or easy?

Answer: Microeconomics is a subject which is based on the study of individual items in the economy it might sound sometimes difficult because every unit needs to be studied but by changing the perspective towards the subject you can easily understand the concepts also by taking the help of online resources and your teacher you can make this subject much easier and interesting there are different Study techniques available now which can be used while making notes for solving homework questions.

  1. How to reduce the knowledge gap? 

Answer: To reduce the knowledge gap for this subject then you should keep on reading the different concepts from time to time. Also, refer to some extra books, ask your professor and keep on putting an effort into the classes by framing some questions related to it. Also, you can take help from online courses and YouTube videos to understand the difficult topics of microeconomics.


So, it can be easily understood from the article that microeconomics is not too hard if it has been studied strategically. You can study the topics with the help of some story examples. This will help you to understand the concepts of microeconomics and a much easier way. Also, giving sufficient time to this subject can help you to get good marks in the exam and maintain a better knowledge building for this subject.

                                            Written By: Ishani Saxena

Why is microeconomics so hard?

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