Why do you want to work at GitHub? How to answer?

Github is a platform where millions of developers, companies, individuals can share their code in a safe place. Their software is let to be used by millions of other users for various reasons. Of course, the company can choose not to share and use GitHub to maintain its software. GitHub’s current net worth is estimated to stand at $2 billion and you guessed it, the jobs are pretty awesome too.

Why do you want to work at GitHub? How to answer?

In an interview, the hiring manager will ask the following question: why do you want to work at a so and so company (in this case GitHub) as the answer to this question helps the company viewer understand your intentions at the company.

The interviewer has to know that you respect and support the mission, vision values of the company so that you will work for their company to your fullest. This question can pop at any time during the interview and so it’s better if you are prepared beforehand to answer it in the best possible way. Do your research about the company and understand what they expect from their employees.

How to answer the question “why do you want to work for GitHub?”

If you look at the mission statement of GitHub – “Our mission is to build a global platform for developer collaboration. But that platform needs to be one that all of us can use to secure the world’s software, together.” You can comprehend that GitHub is very much concerned about security and the quality of its developers. 

So answering the question “why do you want to work for GitHub?” you need to show that you can provide what the company wants. 

The answer to this question is a three-step process which upon mastering will increase your chances of getting the job.

Step 1: show your enthusiasm towards Github:

This is the right time to show what you know about the company, in this case, Github. Do your initial research about the company about their mission, their values, policies, accomplishments, etc. Do not talk about the job benefits as that would make you seem greedy and nothing more. Talk about how excited you are to be able to work at GitHub. Let’s say you are applying for a senior data scientist at GitHub, so for that, you would say something like “the only reason I even applied for a senior data scientist is that it’s at GitHub. I know that you have built the company with a strong foundation of great developers and brought it to a net worth of $2 billion, which is just great!. You are helping a lot of people by publishing their work and giving them access.”

Step 2: Talk about your skills and experience:

You now talk about how your skills and experience align with the job that you have applied for. You have to be convincing and confident when you talk about your skills and experience, also make sure that you talk about what’s relevant to the job, and make yourself genuinely good. For example, “most importantly I have now got a chance to showcase my coding skills with my 4-year experience as a data analyst at XY technical solutions at Github. I also have great leadership skills and management skills.”

Step 3: Talk about how the job matches your career path

Finally, tell them how the job will affect your career trajectory. Don’t say that this job is temporary and a stepping stone for something greater, instead assure them that you will stick around and that you are in it for a longer run so that interviewer will be more confident in you. Like so “I’ve always seen myself working as a data scientist at a big company like GitHub. I think GitHub will be one of the very few places where I can work to my fullest and bring proper to the company”

Use these three steps to construct your answer and ace your interview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What skills are needed to work at GitHub?

A: GitHub is a place where individuals and companies can share their code for use. The workers at GitHub ensure that the code stays secure and is not misused. To work at GitHub, you will need basic knowledge of computers and software along with coding languages such as C++, MySQL, Python. Along with that, you will need management and leadership skills to lead your team. Creative and critical thinking is a big factor that will help you excel at the work that has been given to you or in a time of crisis.

2. What is the highest paying job at GitHub?

A: A senior lead engineer whose job is to supervise a team of engineers gets an average salary of $60934 per annum, which is the highest paying job GitHub

Why do you want to work at GitHub? How to answer?

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