Why Are Chemists Important?


If we look into the greatest technological revolutions of mankind, we will find out that those were nothing but just an outcome of the invention of new material. Nobody would have imagined in 1956 that a storage device weighing more than 100 kg could be replaced by a chip weighing nothing compared to that. Let us know why are Chemists important and by reading the following you may know about the areas in which chemistry is directly applied.

Why Are Chemists Important?

Why are Chemists important?

Chemists are the engineers of materials, they understand, analyze and create new materials and chemicals that make our lives easier. Chemistry is everywhere, from our medicines to our vehicles, from our clothes to the bodies of satellites. 

Areas in which chemistry applied

Let’s dive deep into the importance of chemistry and find out why we can’t live without chemists. Starting with the areas in which chemistry is directly applied.

1. Chemistry is the backbone of Pharmacy

Our body is a machine that operates by receiving commands from the brain (through chemicals). To control the functioning of the body, pharmacists control the fluids (chemicals). Chemistry is needed to know everything about a chemical, what is the potential of that chemical? In what quantity it is needed? What are the chemical modifications that are required in a drug? All these answers are given by chemists.

2. Agriculture: soil, air, water & seed analysis 

Have you ever wondered why all the plants cannot be grown everywhere? It is because there are numerous factors affecting the growth of plants, like temperature, humidity, acidity or basicity of the soil, and much more. To understand the nature and requirements of a plant, chemistry is important. Not only this, but the generation and degradation of pesticides, weedicides, and fertilizers are also the responsibility of chemists.

3. Chemistry for a better environment

Today, discussions on cleaner and greener fuels are the highest in mankind. We are understanding the importance of these fuels and invest in eco-friendly technologies. The idea of recycling plastic bottles, fabrics, and bags into useful things is solely based on modifying the chemical properties of these materials. The goal to reduce and replace waste and harmful substances is impossible to achieve without the help of chemists. 

4. Modern fashion industry needs chemistry 

Every fashion enthusiast and designer is nowadays talking about sustainable fashion. We are making shoes from plastic bottles, dying jeans with recycled paper inks, making new apparel from old ones, and much more. These things are possible after years of research by material engineers and chemists. Imagining sustainable fashion without the involvement of chemists is like teaching a class a subject that you never read. 

5. Chemistry in automobile and space companies

Traveling in a vehicle involves a very complex set of scientific principles. It is not just providing fuel and running the vehicles, scientists and engineers need to work together and create a machine that overcomes the friction, pressure, and temperature of the environment and provides comfort to the driver and passengers. This can be achieved by designing every part of a vehicle critically and selecting the right material to make it, this is exactly what chemists do! 

6. Research & Development in industries  

All the industries like chemical, medicine, textile, and paper, aim to develop products that require less manpower, less cost, less time, and are eco-friendly. Constant upgradation of their technology and methodology is important to get maximum profit with minimum harm to the environment. The Research & Development department constantly works to make sure that the company is constantly improving its way of working.

7. Chemistry teachers are always in demand!

Schools will never shut down, kids will always need teachers to educate them. A chemistry graduate can get a degree in education if interested in teaching till the elementary school level. If your plans are to teach high school students, then consider getting a master’s degree along with an education degree. For teaching college or university students, you just have to have a Ph.D. and you can pursue your research and teach simultaneously. 

8. Food technology 

In order to keep the nutritional value and shelf-life high of some packed food items, chemists in the food industry play a vital role. There is much more than taste to a packed food item, the attractiveness of the food through the added color, replicating natural flavors through synthetic chemicals, and stability of all the chemicals used at high temperatures are just a few tasks of food technologists. Quality assurance is another very important task.


Chemists are important contributors to sustainable development, if we are developing cleaner and greener technologies, the credit goes to the chemists. Studying chemistry can open doors in a variety of companies, you can work as a quality inspector, reaction designer, sustainability inspector, pharmacist, and much more.

However, an undergraduate degree is not considered enough if you want to work in the corporate, a masters degree and certifications will make you a perfect candidate for any job. Anyone with a willingness to put the effort into chemistry can make a decent amount of money right after completing the master’s degree.


1.What is chemistry, and why is it in demand?

Chemistry is a science that deals with everything related to the matter. For example latent heat, molecular and atomic structures, reactivity, thermal stability, chemical, and physical nature, and much more. 

2.Is it difficult to memorize chemical reactions?

No. If you practice regularly and write the reaction mechanisms, it is not difficult at all. There is a pattern in all the reactions, it will be extremely helpful if you manage to understand that. It is suggested to make good quality short notes to memorize effortlessly. 

3.Can chemists work in the cosmetic industry?

Yes! Chemists are the people who are responsible to manufacture cosmetics. They make sure that the product is safe to use on human skin and has no side effects in long term. Eco-friendly chemicals are a new field of research.

4.Can chemists solve the worldwide energy crisis?

Yes absolutely. Chemists worldwide are working on the projects like microbial fuel cells, cleaner energy, hydrogen, and nuclear power plants. So it’s safe to say that they have the potential to solve this crisis.

Why Are Chemists Important?

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