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Who Owns Dreamworks

Who Owns Dreamworks – The world of films is a masterpiece and a farrago of entertainment and emotions, making people’s lives and careers just part of their lives. It has expanded the mindsets of the people working in the industry and has completely changed the way people think about their daily lives. How they live it, therefore the people need to remember that the companies who bring the films to us, be studied carefully to make sure they are worth investing in, for the people and the stockholders alike.

There are many things you will need to remember about the companies that make movies and feature films. Dreamworks is one of those big companies because it has been in the market for 25 plus years and has made an impact on the lives of people who have loved movies, critics have always praised their movies for their creativity, and use of color, which is why their movies have become a thing to remember and gas provided happiness to people who have seen them.

Their concepts have always been realized by the number of people working on their projects and giving them the shining light they deserve. Their work is always in the limelight because it is unique and does not take a singular turn on stories and concepts. Most people prefer their movies over other cheap action flicks because it gives more depth to the story and is an immersive experience. It is always important to prefer the story of a film more over the things that make it attractive.

The storyboard of every film is dependant on the production house and the people and executives. That is why it is important for the people working in the organization to remember that their work must always be influential to the general public. There are many things the people working in the company must remember, but also they need to carry out orders according to the parent company.

That is why we will discuss the parent company of Dreamworks and its history, which will help us determine what this company is all about and where it originated. We will be studying the company in-depth and figure out who the current owners are.

Keep reading to find out what the company is all about and how it came to be one of the most famous students that produced so many hits throughout its life.

History of Dreamworks | Who Owns Dreamworks

The Dreamworks banner is a vast company banner since various companies own many of the subsidiaries related to Dreamworks. The Dreamworks company was founded by SKG(Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen), the three film producers who first made a live-action movie under the studio banner. This allowed them to continue using the company for the many other movies they made, which have all touched the lives of the people who watched them.

The company has gone through many changes in its tenure, and many people have gone in and out of the company. There are many other things to remember before we delve deeper into who owns the companies and who is in charge of the company’s projects. The company will always be one of the best when it comes to scripting, directing, and choosing the projects that will affect the box office and determine the many things that make it one of the best and most profitable.

The company was formed in October of 1994. There was a deal between the three founders that had the following rules to it. They would make 9 or less than nine movies a year. They would contribute 33 million dollars each, and always not work overtime and be home before dinner. These were the terms laid out among the 3 founders not to get lost in filmmaking and make time for their family. Therefore, the company was always built up for success.

By doing all of these and making the company, they made a total of 72 percent of the company’s rights went to these three owners, which is why most of the decisions regarding the production house are made by the trio. Due to lesser minds taking major company decisions, this company has taken a positive direction towards maintaining its reputation as one of the best companies and has been a very welcoming change in the world of film. Thus, they have managed to be one of the most successful production houses.

The production house Dreamworks is only complimented by the fact that it does not have any employees, so the creative process is much more precise, and the teamwork is tenfold, so the projects get done quicker, and they are full of life.

The Question

Coming to the main question of who owns this big production house, we discussed previously that the three people who founded this company have a 72 percent share in the company, which is why the three producers own it. But the company that owns Dreamworks is Amblin entertainment which Steven Spielberg founds. Spielberg agreed to share profits with two other founders who are Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

The three producers who made the Ablin Entertainment created the company so that they could make movies and produce them according to their writing and directing style, and by making a company like Dreamworks, they got to delve deeper into different genres that have helped their directing and producing careers skyrocket through they years and help with the change of trend from gory action movies to the true cinema which portrays human emotions beautifully. 

Due to their direction and the budget that Amblin Entertainment possesses, Dreamworks has made countless hits that focus on friendship, family, comedy, emotions, and adventure genres of movies. This has allowed the employees to get in touch with their artistic aspect, so Dreamworks only hires the best employees. In 2014, it was reported that there are only 2700 employees in Dreamworks, which is way less for a world-famous production company.

In the leadership of Amblin, the Dreamworks studio has earned three Academy Awards and more than 20 plus Emmy awards. Their distribution has made them come in contact with many studios such as Fox and Universal; Paramount has also played an important part in assisting this company and helping them gain some traction to build up their legendary reputation, thus also getting them Golden Globes and BAFTA nominations, and also the Annie episode.

There are things which Dreamworks has done with movies that are very commendable because it has managed to get itself known worldwide and has made itself countess deals with other production companies for more movies and the sharing of franchises, thus making it one of the most sought after production houses, primarily due to the contribution of Steven Speilberg to the film world, and knowing that anything related to Dreamworks is always on the road to success.

There are phases to the Dreamworks production houses. Sure they have worked with other houses by distributing and helping create their films. They have also gotten their work schedule divided according to the companies and the production house. During the beginning, they worked solo, but in recent times, they started working with universal before they were open to public expansion, and most recently, they were involved with producing newer films that focus on universal expansion.

In recent times, their motive is to expand their business so that they partake in ventures that end in more than high-risk projects that harm the budgeting of the parent company but also delve into different versions of the industry and try to better their decision-making ventures when it comes to making purchases of different companies, subsidiaries and being part of different film making projects.

Previously in the company’s venture, there were three to four subsidiaries that have helped the growth of its parent, in turn also supporting the current and future ventures, all of the subsidiaries have brought the company lots of profit and has allowed the parent to thrive and make new production houses on top of the new money going into different film making projects. We will be talking a little about the subsidiaries to get an idea of what the company is capable of and what it has achieved in its outing as one of the best.

Dreamworks Television

As you can probably tell, this production house is responsible for maintaining and producing TV projects and making sure they are done correctly according to the vision of the directors and the wish of the producers. Many of the projects have been a commercial success, with some receiving awards and getting rewarded for concept and screenplay.  The projects have been unique and have given the producers and watchers alike something to think about, therefore playing a good part in television.

Dreamworks Animation

Dreamworks Animation is one of the most popular branches of this company because it is responsible for producing so many great thrillers and emotional movies that blend real-world issues and highlight them in the fictional world and give consequences to the actions of each character, the depth of anything in the movie, including the voice acting, the quality of animation, the process of character design and the way they interact with each other and forming the best environment is unparalleled. Any other company cannot stop it.

A few of the best creations of this subsidiary include Shrek, Madagascar, Boss Baby, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters V/S Aliens, and Sinbad. These movies have allowed the audience to get something new and fresh into their minds and have helped them achieve commercial success due to the reliability of the characters. Madagascar and the Kung Fu Panda have been commercial and worldwide success stories. They have received standalone movies for their separate characters, which has been one of the best ventures for any company.

Thus, the Dreamworks Animation department is one of the most important and commercially hit production companies, which has sometimes cooperated with Disney to make movies, resulting in gigantic commercially successful projects that are good in the story, marketing, and distribution.

Dreamworks Interactive 

This venture was a relatively short one because it only lasted for 5 years, it was made for the gaming and the interaction section of the media, its main attraction is the Medal of Honour series, they are first-person shooter games which revolve around gunfights and various scenarios the main characters have to go through, they have been a commercial success which has allowed the company to produce one of the best games which is the Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Unfortunately, the company shut down in 2013 due to the company’s lesser emerging success and the games getting produced by giants like EA, Blizzard entertainment, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, etc. After the company’s closing, some percentage of the company’s employees went to DICE, which is a portion of the gaming company that EA owns.

Thus, this company venture was not one of the best for the company. Still, it helped the producers get some relevant experience in gaming and knowledge of which paths to avoid regarding storyboard development.

The Verdict

The verdict of this article is that the Amblin Entertainment company is the primary owner of Dreamworks and is in charge of most of the company’s works in the future. The founding father in both companies, Steven Speilberg, continues to make a fortune due to his superior movie directing skills and making a fortune out of simple concepts. That is why he is regarded as one of the best directors of all time and owns one of the best production houses in the world, Dreamworks. We hope you got to learn about Dreamworks and its subsidiaries. Good day!

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Who Owns Dreamworks? | Real Owner of Dreamworks

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