Who Is The Best Example Of A Type A Personality? 

Over the years, psychologists have classified personalities in different ways. You may have heard of what is called the type A personality. In the 1950s, two cardiologists, Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman started their research on what makes up the Type A personality. let us know Who Is The Best Example Of A Type A Personality? 

Who Is The Best Example Of A Type A Personality? 

Understanding the type A personality will help you improve interpersonal relationships with these types of people. 

The best example of a Type A personality is a person who is overly ambitious, goal-oriented, time-urgent, and competitive. They are often decisive and can multitask. However, people with Type A personalities tend to overwork themselves and can experience high levels of stress. In this article, we will look at the Type A personality in detail.

Traits of a Type A Personality 

The traits of a Type A personality might vary from one individual to another. But according to research, people with type A personalities generally have the following traits: 

Overly Ambitious

Type A personalities are self-driven, hardworking, and determined to succeed. They would typically push themselves above and beyond to see that they achieve their goals and dreams. 


Type A personalities are naturally competitive and have an innate drive to win. Sometimes they might be competitive even when they don’t need to. 

Time Urgent 

People with Type A personalities are always time conscious. They are often focused only on projects that are worth their time. They pursue their goals with time urgency and push through tight deadlines to achieve their set goals. Type A personalities usually get agitated when their time is not spent on something productive. 


People with Type A personalities can be dominating. They want to be in control of every aspect of their life including their relationships. They might make decisions without considering the feelings of others.

Status Conscious 

Type A personalities tend to equate their self-worth with their achievements and success. 

Strengths Of A Type A Personality

Type A personalities possess leadership qualities that are beneficial for both work and family. You might notice that people with Type A personalities easily take up projects at work and motivate the team to achieve set goals. 

They can deliberate and make decisions quickly. They take up challenges and can push through difficult situations. 

Weaknesses Of A Type A Personality 

Type A personalities tend to overwork themselves. They juggle many projects at once and this can lead to high levels of stress. Their time consciousness and drive to achieve their goals leave them working nonstop. They might consider this natural. But stress, when left unchecked can harm their physical and mental health. 

They are easily irritable and can act irrationally, leading to problems in their relationship with others. 

Negative Effects of the Type A Personality 

Heart Conditions

Type A personalities go through high levels of stress that affect their physical health in the long run. Studies have shown that the behavioral patterns of Type A personalities may put them at risk of heart-related diseases. 

Isolation from Friends & Family

Type A personalities spend most of their time working. They may alienate themselves from their family and friends, making it difficult to build intimacy. Also, their short-temper and hostile attitude make it difficult for them to sustain relationships. 

Job Stress

Type A personalities tend to overwork themselves at work, putting them at risk of stress-related problems like burnout, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. 

How Do You Deal With the Negative Traits of Having a Type A Personality? 

Having a Type A personality has its positive and negative sides. 

Do you have a type-A personality? Are you going through a lot of stress or responding out of anger? Here are ways to deal with it and cultivate a more positive and healthy lifestyle: 

Take a Break

Resist the temptation to work nonstop. Take breaks in between. You can take a 20 minute break to talk to a colleague, get a cup of coffee, stretch or take a walk. Doing this will help you refresh and get back feeling more positive and re-energized. 

Start Exercising

Make it a habit to start your day with some physical activity. Doing this will help you get rid of negative energies caused by stress and improve your physical health. Try cardiovascular exercise that helps improve your heart health. You can try other activities like taking your pet on a walk or riding a bike. 

Practice Self-Care

Self-care might be a good meal, exercise, trying out new hobbies, or getting enough sleep. Make it a duty to take care of yourself. 

Find Out Your Triggers 

Type A personalities can be easily irritable and might react impulsively. One way to deal with this is to find out what gets you triggered and find ways to avoid them or minimize contact with them. 

Talk to a Professional

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. If you are going through prolonged stress and can’t cope, you can see a therapist. 


Type A personalities have several qualities that are valuable at work and home. They are the leaders, risk-takers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and hard workers. However, they have some negative qualities that can be harmful to their health. Do you know someone with this personality going through a lot of stress? Advice them to try out some stress-relieving activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Are Type A personalities narcissistic?

Type A personalities are go-getters and attach their self-worth to their success. Narcissists also share similar traits. However, we cannot say that all Type A personalities are narcissistic. 

  1. Is a type A personality bad?

Type A personalities are not inherently bad. However, people with Type A personalities who undergo lots of stress can experience health issues.

  1. How do I deal with a type-A personality at work? 

If you have a type-A personality at work, try to stay calm when they blow up in anger. Try to communicate and avoid actions that trigger their negative side. 

  1. Can I become a type A personality? 

According to some theories, personality types are inborn and mostly do not change. However, your environment can influence your personality. 

Who Is The Best Example Of A Type A Personality? 

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