When Nothing Goes Right Go Left

When Nothing Goes Right Go Left

When Nothing Goes Right Go Left – How lovely is our life, isn’t it, buddies. Over life is just like a tale of a mystery writer’s book; where sometimes there is pleasure, sometimes there is emotion, sometimes there is grief, sometimes there is joy, sometimes there is happiness, sometimes there is a gloomy drama, something like that which we cannot even imagine. One such mystery book full of adventures and suspense is our life, in which after reading a line, we do not know what will be the twist in the next line, how the situation will unexpectedly change, we only live over life in suspense of the future, and we still hope for the best story to come up in our life. This may be the optimistic side of ours which always pushes us to live our lives without much worry and pain.

But as we all know that success or happiness is not always at our side in life. In life, many times, we still have to face certain circumstances in which we need self-strength and bravery. And to retain our position in today’s growing and emerging competitive world, we must have confidence and creative energy to succeed in our life and career. Some circumstances instigate us to die, get indulged in wrong deeds, make other people suffer because we are not happy, but these are just timely emotions. If you want to live a normal life, the first and the foremost thing you should keep in your mind is when nothing goes right, go left. 

When Nothing Goes Right Go Left

And this wonderful line, “When nothing goes right, go left,” quoted by Martha Cecilia, gives us strength in our life. This line gives us the courage to go through every challenge in our life. These few words have a profound sense that, “If the path is going wrong and you are not able to make a rational decision, just change the path, not the destination.” And today, I am going to show you what value such glorious words have in our career building. As we know that this time of ours is the time to make our future, and we all are involved somewhere in something for establishing our career in certain fields. Many of us plan our careers under the guidance of an experienced person. Still, apart from them, many advocate their career based on their own understanding and analysis. 

Whichever career we want, the choice should be ours. It is always the case that a person gets interested in making a career with hard work, clever ideas, and passion. And that is the stage of life where; “When nothing goes right frustrated” and to work on the formula of these above-given words, of course, you missed the chance, but that doesn’t imply that you give it up on your dreams, rest on your ambitions, and grieve. It’s time for you to recall these words- ” When nothing goes right, go left, “and instead of walking out from your dream and starting doing something else, you must adopt a new way for your efforts and run defensively towards your aim using innovations. You have to believe in yourself. You have to fight the odds of your life and give yourself a booster to fight back the challenges and do what you think is right. 

The biggest example to justify this statement (“when nothing goes right go left “) words right is the history of our country’s independence, it was tough to get freedom for our country, you must have read in your history books how Mahatma Gandhi battled, how he launched movements one after another, starting with the Champaran Satyagraha, Quit India Movement conquered this struggle after almost 26 years. Champaran Satyagraha accompanied by Kheda Satyagraha and other such agitations. When Mahatma Gandhi did not succeed by following one way, he changed the direction; one revolution did not bring freedom to the land, so he began another revolution.

Even after so many challenges, he did not give up and dreamed of seeing our India as an independent nation; he does not abandon his goal, he did not lose his determination, he kept his eyes on his target, and like Arjuna, when independence was not achieved by one campaign, he constantly changed his way; he kept protesting, and eventually, he conquered. Victory should be your ultimate goal, and no one can deny your growth and fulfillment. 

Even Mahatma Gandhi supported these words – “when nothing goes right, go left,” that if you do not have results by adopting a path, then instead of changing your destination, change your path, choose a new path, and maybe this new path will lead you to your destination. So, we too must learn from our fighters’ deeds who struggled till the end and make the correct decisions by changing their paths. 

Overall, we want you to understand that these words – “when nothing goes right, go left,” can save you from failure or discouragement during your career. These few words – “when nothing goes right, go left” can encourage you. It means when nothing goes right,  then make it right in your own way, do not lose hope, think of new ways, but do not forget your ambition. It might be possible that your way of making things right is not right for others, but surely you will make things right for the greater good. 

These words can become the golden words of our lives. If we adopt these words all our lives during our career and even after that, then we will always see these words as a ray of hope when we lose, remember those words, and find a new path that will lead us to our goal. Finally, we would like to thank Martha Cecilia from our side and your side for quoting such good and effective words, and we hope that these words also encourage you through your journey of life.

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When Nothing Goes Right Go Left

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