What To Say When Someone Says Have A Good Day?

In our daily conversations whether in a formal setting or informal setting, people usually extend a wish to the person they were conversing with and it is often done at the end of the conversation. Let’s learn about ‘What To Say When Someone Says Have A Good Day?’.

What To Say When Someone Says Have A Good Day?

What To Say When Someone Says Have A Good Day?

Hearing a wish for a good day makes our day better especially if it is said sincerely. But what is the correct way to respond and how to say it so that it may seem genuine and polite to the other person and let them know that you appreciate the gesture? 

Response to when Someone says “have a good day” to you

Responding to a polite or genuine wish is very important as it may tell the other person that you appreciate their effort to take time to wish you a good day or if it is someone close to you wishing for a good day then you can tell them how much you appreciate their care and affection for you through your response. There are several ways to respond when someone says to have a good day and some of them are given below so you don’t seem as rude or unappreciative. 

List of responses to someone wishing a good day

1. “Thank you and hope you have a good day too”

When someone says good day to you when you are done conversing with them, this is a great response to use at the moment as it seems polite to say after they wish you and it shows that you want them to have a good day just as they hoped for you. You can remember to smile while using this response to seem more genuine.

2. “You have a good day too”

Another polite response to someone wishing you a good day, this can be used when you are formally in acquaintance and want to wish each other a good day and make the other person’s mood better and it is a very nice way to end a conversation especially if you are in a hurry and don’t want to rude.

3. “With you around, I always have a good day”

This can be used when someone a close friend wishes you a good day. It doesn’t sound too polite and not too formal. It also shows that having them near or in your life has a positive influence on you and that you feel good and appreciates them wishing you a good day.

4. “Was not having a great day so far but thanks for kindness”

There can be times when a person might not be feeling like themselves and quite possibly having a bad day which is quite like every day can’t be rainbows and sunshine. But it doesn’t give us the right to ruin someone else’s day especially when they are being just polite and kind to you or maybe genuinely wishing you a good day. 

Using this response lets the other person know that you appreciate their efforts and that even though your day might be ruined you are still glad to hear such wishes to make your day better.

5. “Thank you and I hope you have an even better day than mine”

This response is a little over the top and polite at the same time, it lets the person know that you appreciate their kindness to wish you a good day but it takes you to a level above theirs and tells them to have a greater day than they wish upon you considering your wish is genuine and not just polite and this will certainly make their day a lot better and they might end up having a good day. 

6. “Appreciate the gesture but I was already having a good day”

A wish of a good day is usually used either at the start of the day or in the middle of the day when the day is still left, but people have a habit of saying this wish too often and they end up wishing someone a good day at the end of the day which can be offsetting too many people. 

By using this response will let them know that even though you appreciate their kind words their wish might not be so appropriate at the moment and that you had a good day without the unnecessary wishing.

7. “My days have been going great ever since you walked into my life”

A little cheesy flirty response was perfectly ready to be used with your romantic partner. This is filled with love and shows your affection for them and that you are not only grateful for their wish of a good day to you but you truly appreciate their presence in your life. 

Another way this can be used is if you are not into chess romantic lines, you can use it in a playful but loving manner so that they know you are being funny but also appreciating them through your words. This is a winner when it comes to responses to a wish for a good day.

8. “With people like you to care for me, how can I have a bad day”

This response is golden for just those people who are close to you or your family members. Using this whenever they wish you a good day will let them know that you are indebted to their care and affection for you and know that their wish is very sincere. People who are close to you and care for you only want what’s best for you so you their wishes for you are genuine. 

The response is not only limited to family members or just close friends, this can extend to your partner whom you love and appreciate them being in your life every day. 


There are a million different ways to respond to a wish for a good day in a personal or professional setting but we sometimes tend to freeze up when faced with such kindness or react rudely because we were having a bad day. This list compiles all the ways a person can respond to a simple wish of a good day and not get stuck on the same old “thank you and you too” track.

Feel free to use any of the suggested responses and since they are given with instructions on where and when to use them it makes it,, even easier for you to respond to people’s wishes.

What To Say When Someone Says Have A Good Day?

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