What To Say To Someone Before Surgery For A Coworker?


WHAT TO SAY TO SOMEONE BEFORE SURGERY FOR COWORKER: Pain is only temporary as well as life, so be grateful for every second given to us.

What To Say To Someone Before Surgery to Coworker?

Be Brave

  • You can do that, be courageous, do not be afraid, and believe that everything will be fine.
  • The problem of sickness does not symbolize or define your weakness but be more courageous to overcome it all.
  • When a person is sick, they go through a lot of hardships but remember that it is just a test, do not be discouraged because sometimes being brave is the stronger weapon to win every battle in life.
  • Pain is not for life as long as you are brave enough to cope. You better go through surgery for your own good, just wait, and the pain you feel will also end.
  • As our parents said when we were young, it was just like an ant bite the disease, and when you wake up, everything will be fine.
  • It seems like it’s just a love that when you get hurt, all you have to do is move on so you can be happier and never get hurt again.
  • Your courage will be your support.

Strength to Overcome

  • God does not give us a problem that we cannot overcome, but it strengthens our will to be more steadfast and courageous for the future.
  • You draw strength from the people you love and depend on, and you are their strength, so you should be with them as well.
  • No one can be full of strength; no matter what you go through, you will not be broken, and it will be like a rock that is difficult to break.
  • Think you are a superhero, like a brave man with enough strength to handle everything for those who follow you
  • In love comes the strength you cling to the people who strengthen you so that you do not fall
  • You have the strength to face tomorrow. Having an operation is just a test, so you have to believe that. be as strong as a house for your family members who depend on you

Have Faith

  • Every human weakness has equal strength, pray, trust, be steadfast, and believe that there is a good tomorrow waiting
  • Self-confidence comes from the depths of your heart.
  • Do not let yourself be discouraged because we support you. Just trust, and you will not fail.
  • Self-confidence is like a talent that gives you more confidence.
  • Trust the creator. He will not leave you, and he knows what you need. He will give it even if you have not asked.
  • It feels good that you have not prayed but given that we creatures deserve all the good in the world.
  • Hold your heart well as it beats, and it should not despair, close your eyes, and pray to have the strength and provide for your needs.
  • Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons in everyday life.
  • Prayer is love and strength. Having faith is a symbol of strength

Stay Calm

  • Stay calm and think of it all for your own good.
  • Do not panic; everything will happen according to the will of God.
  • Be calm so as not to be difficult and do not have complications in the body.
  • When you are calm, your mind will speed up the operation, and you will not be long in the operating room.
  • Your mind is one of your strengths in the operation, so calm down and believe everything will be fine.
  • When your mind is at peace, your body will be active, and you will recover faster.
  • Take a deep breath and be brave. Let the doctors do their best to fix your condition.
  • All is well 
  • You repeatedly say that everything will be fine so that you will not be discouraged.
  • Stay Calm and take a deep breath.

Think Positive

  • Whatever you are feeling right now, just be positive and think that it will be good for you and not bad, stabilize and think of good things you can do after surgery.
  • Being positive in life is a blessing because nothing is impossible when you are full of hope.
  • Everything that feels unhelpful to you makes it a weapon and throw away all the negatives.
  • Be alert, and do not allow yourself to think of weakness.
  • No one can beat a positive person, even if it is a disease or an operation.
  • Throw away all the negatives, gather the positive winds, and this will lead you to safety.
  • Smile and think that many love you, so do not lose strength, hope and take all the possibilities of recovery quickly
  • Remove all the bad vibes.
  • Leave all evil thoughts.
  • Think of good things that will fulfill your dreams
  • You are with us in our prayers.
  • Imagine all the things you can do must be corrected in life; those who love you and hope you will not be discouraged, expand your dream.
  • Have a peaceful mind.
  • Do not suffer the pain you feel but pay attention to the chance that you will improve.
  • Do not hesitate the operation is for your good and will give strength to the people you love, and those are waiting for you to come home, your co-workers that need your company.
  • Think of good thoughts, and it will come true.
  • Think of all that makes you happy, and you will be strong enough to face the operation.
  • Positive energy is one of the drugs you need to surpass your future surgery.
  • Be positive. 
  • Stay positive

Be Strong

  • Be strong, we are always here behind you, and we will not leave you or forsake you; expect us to be with you. be strong because nothing is impossible.
  • When you are strong, nothing is impossible.
  • Gather your courage. You need that
  • You cannot be discouraged many need you, love you, trust you, and hoping for you.
  • Be a light to those who are discouraged, give light to those in darkness who despair.
  • Think of yourself as a wall that cannot be broken but is needed to make the foundation stronger
  • When you feel fear and sorrow, do not weaken we will raise you, and we will pull you up to rise again.
  • We stand together because we are with you in this battle.
  • For you a cement cannot build a house without sand, you are a person everyone looks up to
  • We are waiting for you, my friend, do not be afraid we are here trusting you can
  • In your strength, join in prayer and supplication so that nothing will be impossible.
  • Be stronger in whatever fear you feel.
  • The Lord is preparing you for a better tomorrow and a stronger future.
  • Whatever you need, do not care. We will not leave you
  • Be Stronger, Fiercer, Braver
  • Keep your head high, my friend
  • You are strong
  • You are helpful to everyone around you

Love Yourself

  • Think that the outcome of your operation will be good, you can do that. after surgery, you love yourself more, take care and live a healthier, happier, and more worthy self-love
  • Embrace your flaws
  • Lift yourself up
  • Being imperfect makes you more attractive, as your operation will not be easy, but it will be fine.
  • Love yourself and do not let the anger you feel, you need to have a scar after surgery to be a symbol of your courage.
  • Do not think that you are going through a trial but think that it is a good indication that you should take better care and love your health.
  • When you are in the operating room, you will learn to love yourself more because you are a brave person who can not stand, and no one can stop.
  •  Just think that you are in a beauty pageant that you have to go through the jury first and overcome every question to win the fight.
  •  Be more beautiful because you are one of the most courageous people I have ever met.
  •  Love yourself. Do not neglect and take care of what God has provided
  •  I am proud of you because you are very brave and your strength makes you more beautiful.
  •  As your co-worker, I admire you, and together we will fulfill our dreams, and after your operation, we will celebrate
  •  Suck all the positive energy into the air so that you can overcome and perform the operation with strong, healthy, and beautiful beauty
  • You are beautiful and strong. Keep that in mind always.

Be Inspired

  • When you feel afraid, seek inspiration to be strong and do not be discouraged, look for beauty
  • You will be glorious to accept this test so that you can gain strength
  • Always look for beauty
  • When you find inspiration, your operation will be easier because you will not be able to think of anything that can hinder you.
  • Give enlightenment to your mind and persevere because you will be in surgery, but you will have another morning that is better.
  • Draw strength from your loved ones, remove the stress you feel, smile, and give light to each other.
  • Close your eyes and pray earnestly, and let the positive energies that say you can do it enter into yourself.
  • Be good so that when you go through the test, you will not be alone. As you are going through now, you will go through surgery, but everyone is waiting for your recovery.
  • You and your courage are a great influence and inspiration to each other, it is not the operation that will weaken you, but we are more confident in your ability to overcome everything.
  • Just look at the sky, and you can say the world is beautiful, so you have to cope with the new morning
  • I believe that when a person is inspired, he will be more beautiful, strong, brave, and inspired to rise better.
  • Keep smiling
  • Break down your fears
  • You are an inspiration.

Be Happy 

  • Be happy not because of what you are going through, but because it gives you the opportunity to be better, stronger, healthier, and reduce the pain you feel.
  • When a person is happy, he will not feel the pain and will not undergo any surgery, but he will make it a reason to get stronger. The happiest people I have ever met like you are giving good news today
  • When you came into the life of each of us, you were able to give joy and happiness, and I hope now that you will enter the operation, you will also feel that we are here for you and we will not leave you.
  • All peace and contentment you deserve to feel friend, be happy because you have been given the opportunity to live more peacefully and happier.
  • When a person undergoes surgery, it has many procedures, but we believe you can
  • You are the happiest person I have ever met, in your upcoming operation, may you feel that we love you and thank you because you will be healed.
  • From the bottom of our hearts, we love you.

Be Motivated

  • Think you can, you can, and nothing can not. just extend the outlook on life more
  • Before you enter the operating room, try to intensify your fitness
  • Always think of the good to live, the good of the world.
  • Work to strengthen your will for those who trust in you.
  • Find strength that will strengthen your will
  • Extend your motivation and your drive to what you want in the world

Be Thankful

  • Be thankful for your life, for the opportunity to live longer, and for every second you are alive.
  • Every second of your life be thankful, every breath is thankful, and rejoice because you are important for all.
  • In all that you have experienced to be thankful for, in every pain you feel, be grateful because you are not numb and have a beating heart to feel.
  • There are billions of people in the world, and you are lucky because you are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.
  • Inspire the doctors who will look at you because one day, you will also learn to help others
  • In Jesus’ name, you will be healed.

You are Worthy

  • You deserve to be happy, and you are important, so before you have surgery, imprint on your mind you deserve all the goodness in the world so you can do that, you are not alone. You will be stable.
  • In every event in the world, in every person who undergoes surgery, in every person who experiences grief and pain, you deserve to be healed because the Lord is good.
  • No amount of pain or surgery can lower your mood, and it will be your foundation to heal and live more peacefully and happily.
  • You deserve all the goodness.
  • You deserve to be healed.
  • You are worthy and strong.
  • You define what beauty is.

We Value You

  • We value you, so appreciate and love yourself too, nothing can weaken the person who loves you so much, even if it is an operation, we believe in you, and in the goodness of your will, you can overcome that, trust me.
  • You are important, and we value you so I hope you are the same to yourself, be healthy, and strengthen your will for your operation.
  • A person who loves and values ​​a lot will not be overwhelmed by any disaster or illness.
  • Strengthen yourself so that you can fully prepare for what you are about to face
  • Know your value. 
  • You are important, so fight back and be strong
  • Prepare for the good that will happen.

Look for Goodness

  • All good is blessed, and you are one of those I know with a pure will, you are strong-minded, have a life principle that you can draw strength from. so you will not be harmed as long as you stand firm and join in fervent prayer
  • No one can hurt good people like you, so you can do that, do not be discouraged.
  • Just think that your operation is for your own good and that God will not forsake you.
  • Always look for beauty and goodness in your heart so that you will not find it difficult to pass the test in your life today.
  • Beauty is everywhere, my friend.

Be Grateful

  • Be grateful for this opportunity because not everyone is given a second chance, and not everyone is as strong as you can cope with every problem that comes. I am looking forward to your speedy recovery.
  • Leave your medicine, healing, happiness, and think and feel yourself to the Lord as you deserve.
  • Now you deserve to celebrate because you are one of those who have a second chance to take better care of your health and take care of what you have.
  • Not everyone can see, feel, smell, hear, so be thankful because you are complete, and you will live.

Life is Precious

  • Every second is important, thank you for a few years; you are strong, but we come to the point in our lives that we must go through, but let us believe in the creator that he will not give what you are going through now to hurt you but to strengthen you and rebuild your body and the thought about life given.
  • We have only one life so let us enrich and not let go so that we do not suffer.
  • Life is God’s most important blessing to us, so the body must be taken care of

Life is Worth Living

  • Nice to live, every day is very nice, very valuable, very important. Not everyone is given complete senses to see how bright each day is; the moon is beautiful, the breeze smells good, you can taste delicious food. so you who will be in the operation be happy because then you will be able to see the beauty of the world again
  • When in the hospital, you feel you are miserable, but after your successful operation, you will see the beautiful environment again.
  • When you are in the operating room, you always remember that the creations of God are beautiful, so you will want to heal immediately.

Look Forward

  • Before you join the operation, you feel sick, but after that, you will have peace, genuine happiness, treasure the gift of life, and you will be stronger, and that is what you should be thankful for. I look forward always, do not despair, and do not be discouraged because there is a good tomorrow reserved.
  • Do not let yourself be swayed by what you are going through now, and give yourself a chance to heal.
  • Life is good, and tomorrow it will be better when you have surgery, and there is no pain in it.
  • Pain is only temporary as well as life, so be grateful for every second given to us.

Be Better

  • The doctors who will take care of you trust them; they will not leave you to feel calm. Let us pray that the Lord will guide them so that they can do your operation correctly and well. No matter how many minutes you are in the operating room, the lord is good because the outcome is a better version of yourself, and that is what matters.
  • Think about your well-being. Do not be afraid of surgery should be more grateful and enrich the opportunity to be treated and live happily ever after. Everyone goes through trials and feels different illnesses, so you are not alone.
  • God will not give us pain if there is no cure waiting. Every trial gives strength; every tear has an equal smile; every sadness has twin happiness, so do not despair and do not punish yourself.

Life is Beautiful

  • Close your eyes and think there is something good for you, the world is beautiful, it is good to live, so you fight and be strong. With each blink, you will feel stronger, and you will no longer feel pain because you will be blessed. no illness can reduce the good life you have
  • Always remember to live well, the world is beautiful, you can do more for the good of your neighbor, so be strong in the coming operation, and
    I will wait for you to come home happy, we will write good news together, and we will read to the whole world to inspire them to value life.
  • The time will come when we will write about the beauty of life and how to be brave in every pandemic and trial of life so strengthen your operation so that we can fulfill our dreams because I believe one day we will be known as positive people, brave to work without leaving each other.
  • Together we will reach our dreams, friend, so prepare for your upcoming operation, and I will wait and accompany you until you are completely healed, and together we will travel the world and take better care of the life given
  • Enjoy life, take a deep breath, and I will see you soonest with a better version of yourself.

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What To Say To Someone Before Surgery For A Coworker?

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