What is the Job Application Status?- Meaning

Job Application Status Meanings


Whenever you apply for a job, you get to know your application status on the application window. There are so many statuses that differ from company to company. It can sometimes be confusing for you as a candidate to understand where exactly your application stands in the hiring process. In this article, I have tried to mention and explain what is the job application status, kinds, and their meanings. Keep scrolling to know more!

Job applications are stressful and intimidating. To top it all off, nowadays different companies have different online tools which can be confusing for candidates. But it’s not that difficult to understand once you get to know about it. I will provide you with a guide to understand different application statuses in general. So let’s begin! 

How to track your application status?

You need to find out how your application can be tracked. Following are the steps that you are required to follow:

  1. Go to the page you have made the job application through.
  2. Click on “My Applications”
  3. After clicking on the above you will be taken to the application window.
  4. Look at the concerned job application.
  5. Under the column “application status” you would find certain statuses like “applied”, “seen”, “under review”, “rejected” etc.
  6. This is your application status.

These steps will help you to find out your application status. Further, I will explain the different status meanings of your job application and the overall status of the job.

Two perspectives:

Basically, there are two perspectives to view an application. If you have applied for the job then you would be interested in knowing your application status. But if you are looking for a job, you would be interested in knowing the overall status of the position or the job opening.

If you haven’t applied yet and wish to know the general status of the job opening, you would have to look for the following statuses:

Open/Accepting applications:

This job status means that the position is open and the company is accepting applications for the job. This is one of the first steps in the recruiting process where companies start accepting applications and invite candidates to apply for the same. If you are looking for a job and see this job status, feel free to apply at the earliest.


Once the company receives enough applications, they close the application window and start with the process of screening the applications. This is the process where recruiters analyze and consider each of the applications carefully. This process can take long since the recruiters have to scrutinize each application and decide if they match the job profile. 

Interview round:

If an applicant qualifies through the screening process, then they are further invited for the interview round. The company contacts the candidate and then an interview date is confirmed. The entire process can also take very long.  


This job status means that a candidate has been selected and they have filled the position. This is the last step of any hiring process. If you see the status, it’s best to hunt for different opportunities.


This job status is rare but appears now and then. It means that the company has canceled the job opening. No applications are being considered or interviews are being held. In most cases, this means that they have either hired from within, thus eliminating the long recruitment process or that they have eliminated the position itself. 

If you are an applicant and wish to know about your applicant status, then you should look for the following statuses:

Application made:

This is the first step in making an application. As it says, you have applied for this job successfully and the form has been sent. This is the earliest stage of the application process.

Application received:

As the name says, your application was successfully received by the company. It means that your application has reached the system.


If your application status shows “seen” then it means that the recruiter saw your application but has not taken any action regarding it. This means bad news because it indicates that your application didn’t receive any attention.

Under review:

This is a very general status and can be due to multiple things but overall it means that your application is being considered and evaluated.

Response unlikely:

If your application receives no response despite a long time, then the online tool might show this status. It means that your application was not considered and the recruiting team has not bothered to update the status to “rejected.”  


This application status means that you have qualified through the screening process and will be invited for an interview. The recruiting team will or already has got in touch with you for an interview. 


This status means that you have been shortlisted for an interview or the second round of an interview. The team will contact you to specify further details.


This status means that you have been selected for the job and have been made an offer by the company. This is towards the later stages of the hiring process. It relies on you whether you accept the offer letter or not.


This is the last step of the recruitment process where the company has hired an employee. This is only once you accept the offer. Once hired, you can discuss the details and start working at the company.


This is the disappointing status that breaks the news that you weren’t selected for the job position. This status can show up at any stage of the hiring process.


This application status means that you have withdrawn your application and do not wish to be considered for the job anymore. 

Do’s and Don’ts:

It is important to remember certain etiquettes and follow professional behavior throughout the hiring process. You have to be patient and wait for a definite response from the employer. Do not constantly ask for updates from the recruiter or get in touch with them during bizarre hours. This would make a stale impression and instead backfire. Some companies have general application statuses that are difficult to perceive. But despite that, you have to do your best to maintain your demeanor. 

There are some dos and don’ts that you should follow to handle this situation.


  • Be patient: You have applied for the job and done your part. Now all you can do is wait and hope for the best. Be patient and calm in your composure. Trust the process.
  • Continue your search: It is always beneficial to apply at multiple places at once. This increases your chance of getting recruited. Apply at other places after you have completed the interview process at a certain company. In the event of getting selected at more than one company, you get the freedom to choose a job that you find favorable.
  • Show interest: If there is a job that you really want but haven’t been invited for an interview and the application status gives little information, then you can get in touch with the recruiter professionally and show your interest. Mention that you are still interested in the job and would like to know if you are still in the run for it.
  • Act professionally: If you went through an offline hiring process and don’t know the real updates regarding your application status, you can feel free to connect with the recruiter and get the information. Make sure to do this professionally. Email them if you have their IDs or approach them on a business platform like LinkedIn. 


  • Pause your search: The worst thing you could do is to pause your search for other jobs until a certain application is accepted or rejected. If you wait for long and then don’t get hired, it will be a major waste of your time. Do not put a pause to your search in anticipation of positive news from one company. 
  • Cross boundaries: If you are trying to contact a recruiter to get an update on your application status, do not cross any personal boundaries. For example, it is best not to get in touch with them through their personal number or outside the office. Don’t hound the recruiter. They work at their pace and consistently nagging them might get you rejected. Don’t ask for updates too often or at bizarre hours.

It is crucial to maintain a good impression throughout the process and even after. Your actions and behavior matter and are the factors responsible for the ultimate result. 

Most companies nowadays have online tools that update the application status for them. Thus, different companies have different types of statuses. I tried to mention the most common ones in this article. 


Now that you know different job application statuses and their meanings, you are one step closer to becoming familiar with hiring processes. Job applications can be intimidating, but the more you apply the better you become at them. Remember that application statuses are very trivial and shouldn’t occupy a huge space in your mind. 

The more important statuses are “applied” “interview” “hired” or “rejected.” These are the ones you should look out for the most. Never stop your job search because of one company. And never beat yourself down because you weren’t selected at one place. Your worth still stands.  

What is the Job Application Status?- Meaning

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