What is a Web Based Interview?

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Interviewing is a complex and time taking process for both employers and employees. And since the process is so extensive, employers may feel immense pressure to conduct such interviews. It is why web based interviews are rising amongst employers. Let’s see What is a Web Based Interview?

A web-based interview is an interview taken over an online platform rather than in a physical setting. So the employer and employee can log into the web platform from wherever they are to attend the interview.

What Does a Web-Based Interview Mean?

A web-based interview, as the name suggests, is an interview conducted online. In it, both parties do not have to meet physically at a common location. The employer and employee both log in from their respective location onto an online meeting platform for the interview.

It is one of the most efficient and sought to interview methods nowadays. Since the onset of the pandemic, the employment process has slowed down. It is harmful to employers and employees alike, so web-based interviews are essential in boosting the process again.

There are usually two kinds of web-based interviews- live and pre-recorded. A live web-based interview is when the employer and employee meet on a live call and the employee has to answer the questions.

On the other hand, a pre-recorded interview is a video recording of the employee answering the given questions which the employer later plays and evaluates. You may get the live interview, the pre-recorded one, or even both.

What Are the Advantages of a Web-Based Interview?

The whole world has suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic for the last one and a half years. It has been an adverse situation for employers since they were unable to meet their goals due to a lack of employees. 

Similarly, employees have suffered due to unemployment and lack of opportunities too. So, in such a time, there was a dire need for a solution to simplify the hiring process. Calling hundreds of candidates in the same room wouldn’t be possible due to the social distancing guidelines.

That is how the idea of web-based interviews got applied regularly for firms. It is convenient for the employees as they do not have to go out to land the interview. Similarly, the firm doesn’t have to arrange other aspects for the interview.

It is a win-win situation for both, hence why it is so popular nowadays. Another benefit of these interviews is that the process is identical. So there is no compromise on the quality of the interview whatsoever.

How to Prepare for A Web-Based Interview?

Now that you know all there is to know about a web-based interview, let us move on to the preparations for it. The web-based interviews are identical to any other interview. Here are the preparations you would require to attend such an interview:

  • You can research the possible questions beforehand and practice answering them in your own words. You could practice such questions well before the interview to get familiarized with the contents.
  • You could find out about the online platform you would utilize to enter the meeting. It is essential to know how to operate the app or webpage to ensure that you do not struggle on the day of the interview itself.
  • You could inquire about the method of the interview, whether it is live or pre-recorded beforehand. 
  • On the day of the interview itself, you could dress up appropriately for the interview even though you do not have to visit the firm.
  • You can then go about the interview like a regular one and answer the questions with confidence to give the best performance you can.


A web-based interview is revolutionizing the interview process all around the world. It has made interviewing and applying so much easier for people. A web interview is the way employees can actively apply even through the pandemic.

And it also helps employers select candidates from all the applicants with the same efficiency as a usual interview. So web-based interviews are the go-to type for most employers nowadays due to all their advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why do people go for web-based interviews?

Web-based interviews are especially relevant now because of the pandemic. Since it is neither possible nor safe to conduct or attend physical interviews with so many people, web-based interviews are the best alternative.

  1. Are web-based interviews the same as regular interviews?

Yes, both interviews are pretty similar to one another except for the fact that web-based interviews are remote. An interviewer would still ask you questions and you have to answer, it’s only that you would be doing this from home.

  1. How to prepare for a web-based interview?

You could prepare for the web-based interview in the same way you would for a regular one. You can form model questions and practice answering them to prepare for the web-based interview.

What is a Web Based Interview?

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