What Are The Different Kiewit Salary Levels?

Kiewit is a privately held company that is one of North America’s most significant construction and engineering firms. In the Fortune 500, Kiewit was rated 243rd in the United States. Kiewit employees receive a salary according to their experience, location, and chosen field. Lets know What Are The Different Kiewit Salary Levels?

What Are The Different Kiewit Salary Levels?

According to PayScale, Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc. employees earn an average of $76,197 a year. Salaries at Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc. range from $30,637 to $109,489 per year on average. The minimum pay varies by jurisdiction. Therefore it should 

be checked with the company for exact income figures.

Variations In Salaries Offered At Kiewit

Kiewit is a construction company with more than $1 billion yearly. Burns & McDonnell and Black & Veatch are Kiewit’s competitors, with employees earning an average of $82,059 and $81,468, respectively. 

Kiewit’s pay comes from both government and private firms. Each salary is linked to a specific job title. Therefore, Kiewit pay data is not exhaustive and should only be used as a guide.

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By Field

Depending on the field, the salary may vary. For example, a Field Engineer receives an average salary of $67,670, whereas an Environmental Engineer would receive an average salary of $63,964. 

Employees with the title of Quality Manager earn the most at Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc., with an average annual pay of $103,955. In contrast, employees with the title Business Manager earn the least at $64,676.

Receptionist or Assistant hourly pay averages $14.97 per hour, while Field Worker hourly pay averages $38.81 per hour.

By Experience

Salaries also vary depending on the employee’s experience. For example, an Environmental Engineer would get an estimated maximum salary of around $77,000 on the high end of the pay scale. In contrast, the least experienced individual in the field would get a minimum of $52,000, approximately.

If you’re in the top 10% of earnings, you can expect to make more than $106,000 each year, while if you’re in the bottom 10%, you could make less than $39,000 yearly. Employees in the Business Development and Information Technology functions at Kiewit tend to earn the highest pay. Superintendent, Energy Engineer, and Geotechnical Engineer are among the highest-paying positions at Kiewit Corporation.

By Location

Employee earnings at Kiewit are influenced by their location as well. For example, the highest incomes are paid to Kiewit employees in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Washington, DC, 

and Seattle, WA. 

How much do the employees earn in different departments?

Suppose we consider the Accounting department; according to Indeed, a Payroll Specialist earns $49,985 on average per year, whereas a Senior Payroll Coordinator may earn an average of $115,797 per year.

Under Customer Service, a Customer Relations Representative would make around $65,063, whereas a Customer Service Representative would make around $16.59 per hour.

Coming to the Installation & Maintenance department, an Electrical Helper earns $15 per hour while a Maintenance Mechanic makes around $27.34 per hour.

The Business Development Specialist under Sales makes $50,066 annually, while a Sales Coordinator makes about $93,379.

With respect to Security & Public Safety, a Security Officer earns $29,641 annually, on average. On the other hand, the Traffic Controller earns $17.14 per hour.

The Nursing department has Licensed Practical Nurses earning $27.43 per hour, while the Nursing Assistant makes $10.01 per hour. Consider the Arts & Entertainment. While the Craftsman makes $24.99 per hour, the Lead Designer makes $112,039 per year.

Regarding the Driving department, the Owner-Operator Driver makes around $74,390 annually, whereas the Dump Truck Driver earns $21.81 per hour. In the Information Design & Documentation department, Business Analysts earn $97,443 annually while Information Technology Managers make $130,555 per year.

With the Banking & Finance department, an Asset Manager can expect $77,955 a year, whereas a Procurement Manager can earn a salary of approximately $117,236 per year.

If we consider the Human Resources department, a Workday HCM Analyst earns $40,260 annually, and a Human Resource Manager makes an astounding $107,826 in a year!

When we come to the Management, we can notice high figures in almost all roles. So, for example, the Director would be making around $209,299 while the Contract Manager can see a possible $83,733 per year.

The average salaries at Kiewit Corporation are $235,420 for Communications, $61,533 for Administration, $85,309 for IT, and $128,853 for Operations. An Entry Level Engineer would make an average of $80,107 annually, and a Summer Associate can easily earn around $76,560 per year.

These are some of the estimated salaries of Kiewit’s employees in the United States of America. While many roles are covered, this list is not exhaustive as the company includes many other roles. But we can, at a glance, notice how the salaries vary between different departments and professions.


All in all, Kiewit, like any big corporation, sought to pay salaries equivalent to its employees’ experience and skill levels. The compensations listed above are the average and approximate numbers obtained through various surveys. 

While an applicant is looking for employment in Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc. can get a dim view of the expected possible incomes for the job role they seek. Therefore, relying on the actual figures legally laid out as compensation by the company is advisable since they change with time and the economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often do employees get a raise at Kiewit?

In a study conducted by Indeed, over 70 current and former Kiewit employees were questioned about how frequently they earned wage hikes while working there. The majority of respondents indicated they were given a raise every year.

  • Do employees get paid days off at Kiewit?

In a poll conducted by Indeed, over 450 current and former employees were asked how many paid vacation days they received as part of their job. Respondents stated that they were not given paid vacation days. However, when asked if requesting paid time off was simple, 42% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that it is true.

What Are The Different Kiewit Salary Levels?

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