Ways to Say Welcome to our Team- Examples

Ways to Say Welcome to our Team

Welcoming your new employee might seem like a simple task, but it does require a lot of thought. You don’t get a second chance to create a first impression. The welcome message should seem like a genuine greeting that conveys your excitement about joining the new employee. A healthy work relationship can only be built when the new employee feels comfortable in the office setup. Such messages can be sent in the form of a greeting card, an email, or a letter even. Some companies these days go overboard and get a small welcome gift too. It is natural for your employee to feel nervous as joining a new company also gives the same feeling as joining a new school. This is where your role comes into play. An employee can be the most productive when they are comfortable. So put yourself in their shoes and think about what you wanted to hear on your first day at the company and draft a message. Here, let’s see some Ways to Say Welcome to our Team.

Every word you include while writing the message matters. Therefore, you need to carefully think about what you want them to know. It is always better to keep the message short yet meaningful. You just have to choose your words wisely. The welcome message is a reflection of the company culture. Do not forget to show your excitement about the joining of your new employee. You can include a line or two about how you think that their presence will add value to the company. You can also use the opportunity to state all perks of working with the company. 

This article will provide you with some examples of messages you can use to welcome new employees to your company. 

What Should a Welcome Message Include?

  • Always remember that shorter messages make a better impression than long letters. So carefully select your words while writing a short message and make sure they convey a wide range of emotions.
  • The message can reflect that the company always takes pride in the work of its employees and values them. 
  • This message can include the values which the employees are supposed to stick to. And how the relationship between the company and the employees looks like. 
  • You can also make a mention of the benefits to which an employee of the company is entitled. 
  • The employee would also expect to know what they are expected to do; thus, you can include how their skills will contribute to the company. 

Types of Welcome Messages:

  • Different types of welcome messages convey different things. You, as the employer, have to decide what message you want to give to your employee on day one. This is the impression which they will keep carrying on for a long time. The message should fit into your company culture and should also suit the requirements of the employee to bring out the best in them. 
  • Instigate Change: The new employees might feel that they will have to work according to the directions and they are not entitled to their own opinions or ideas. This kind of message helps the employees feel that they have the creative freedom to voice their opinions and bring in changes to the company. 
  • Experimentation: The new employees do not have to feel the pressure to always do everything right. If they feel such pressure that they might lose their job if at all they do something wrong, then they will always play it safe. You might not want that as in this process they will lose their originality and creativeness. Let them know that they are allowed to make mistakes. 
  • To Grow: Messages like these focus on the development of the employees and the team as a whole. On the very first day, the message will convey to the employee that they will always be guided by the company to work up to their highest potential. 
  • Company Support: A new employee can easily feel lost while joining a new job. Thus, it is always advised that the employee should be comfortable in the workplace. This can be achieved by letting them feel that the team members would always support each other. Just because the employee is a new member, they do not have to feel lonely and they can communicate with anyone. 
  • Valued Perspective: Each employee has their unique skill set and they bring in their own new perspectives. This message lets the employee know that they are hired for their originality. If they are a part of the team, their ideas matter too. 

Tips to Draft the Right Message:

  • Highlight the Purpose: You can start the message with a line like “Congratulations, welcome aboard”. This would give the employee a clear perspective that the purpose of the message is to welcome them to the team. 
  • Friendly Tone: It is always advised that the message should be in a friendly tone. This would make the employee feel comfortable. You don’t want to start off your relationship with the employee by sounding authoritative or demanding. 
  • Introduction: While you already know a lot about the employee from their employee, an introduction should always be two ways. The employee should know what they can expect while working at the company. 
  • Set Clear Expectations: The message should clearly mention if the employees are required to bring anything in particular to the workplace on day one. A welcome message can also briefly give them an idea about what is expected from them while working with the company. 

Example Messages to Welcome New Employee:

  • “We are thrilled to have you as a part of our team. On the behalf of all the members, on this occasion, we would love to extend our heartiest wishes. Welcome to this team!” 

This message shows that you look forward to working with the new employee and seeing what they do as a part of the team. You also wish your best to the new employee. 

  • “Welcome to this team! We believe in choosing the finest to be a part of our vision and we believe that you will add value to the company.”

Humans are designed to put in more effort when someone is relying on them. This message does exactly the same. It shows that you have put in your belief on the new employee and wish to see them do wonders for the company. 

  • “We felt that you are the best suited for the job and that is why we look forward to working with you. We know that this job will help you grow and you will surely achieve a lot.”

You build it within the new employee that you think there is no one who could do the job better than the employee, themselves. This boosts the confidence of the employee and it is also a way to extrinsically motivate them.

  • “Congratulations on getting hired! We all are delighted to have you as a part of this team. We genuinely believe that together we can take this company to new heights.’

This message slightly hints towards your company culture. Here, you show that you believe in being a team player and achieving by acting together with cooperation. 

  • “We are thoroughly impressed by your attitude of getting what you want. Together, we will build up a healthy and fun work environment that brings out the best in everyone. Welcome aboard!”

This message shows what impressed you the most and made you think that the new employee would be the best suited for this job. While you take a moment to appreciate the employee you also let them know about what type of work environment your company is known to build in for its employees. 

  • “We welcome you heartily to the team. Let us all enthusiastically hop on this learning curve together. We believe that you are prepared to be on this wholesome journey with us.”

These words show that you have tried to depict what your company tries to display. This gives your new employee an idea about what he can expect while working at this unfamiliar place. 

  • “Congratulations on getting hired! We hired you with the belief that you can prove to be a valuable asset to our company. Your skills will rightly complement our team. Welcome aboard!”

A message along these lines makes it clear why the employee hired was an obvious choice for you. It also makes sure that the employee knows they have to work keeping in mind the team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

  • “Welcome to our team! Now that we have made a valuable addition to the team, let us try to take our quality of work a notch up.”

This message explains that you have hired a new employee to check the quality of the work that is being delivered. Now that you have made it clear how you want your employee to work, they can figure out their responsibilities within the company. 

  • “We welcome you to this team! Congratulations. While we did receive a lot of applications for this job post, we felt like you have what it takes to manage it around here. We are here to help you out as well, whenever you require any.”

This message shows the employee that they managed to impress you with their skills. It is welcoming and you develop a sense of confidence in the employee, which will help you to become productive. 

  • “Warmest welcome! You have now joined a team that believes that nothing is impossible. We find thrill in making the most difficult tasks look easy. We can’t wait for you to show us the ideas you would bring into the company.”

This message shows that the work might not always be easy in the workplace but the employee would surely find it interesting. It also lets the employee know that they are expected to put on their creative shoes and put new ideas on the table. 

  • “Welcome aboard. We hope that this newly built work relationship lasts long. We all are excited to see you put your skills and experience into use for us.”

This message conveys that you are looking at the employee as the future of the company. It lets the new employee know that you have been quite impressed with their skills, and you believe that the company can put them into use. 

  • “Congratulations and welcome to our team. We believe in experimenting with ideas to get the best results. We have always looked forward to raising the bar. Yes, the sky is not the limit. We expect a relationship through which we can mutually grow with the help of each other.”

This message highlights your company’s vision. It makes it clear that the company looks forward to growing by putting the skills of the employee into use and in return the company will also give a lot of opportunities to grow within the company. 

  • “Congratulations on getting this job. We look forward to working with this young and creative mind. We believe that you will fill in the workplace with your energy and passion. Excited to see the fresh perspectives that you bring in!”

You clearly show the employee that they have been hired so that they can help you with the thought process of the younger generation. This message can be written for an employee who just joined their first job after graduating from college. Such employees are brimming with energy and they respond better when dealt with in a friendly manner. 

  • “Congratulations! Welcome to [insert the name of the company]. We do understand that the feeling of joining a new workplace can be unnerving. We would like you to know that your new team would be happy to help you out if you need anything.”

This message expressly provides the support that a new employee might need while joining the team.  It makes sure that your employee is comfortable to be the most productive. Employees can only contribute to their utmost potential if they don’t feel intimidated while working with a new team.

  • “Welcome! We are excited to have you on our team. We were delighted to know that you made up your mind to join us. We know that you have the potential to shake things up around here for the good. This is the very reason why we hired you.”

Through this message you let the new employee know that their opinion will always have us treated with value at the workplace. The message is clear on the front that they can bring new changes to the company which will help the company grow. 

  • ” Welcome aboard! We hired you as we saw you come with a refreshing perspective. We would love to see how you contribute to our company by using it. You can feel free to reach out to us- we will always be ready to help.”

A message which shows that the person is required to pool in fresh ideas whenever there arises a need. You can let the employee know that there is no need to feel lost around here, they can reach out to whosoever without feeling conscious. 

  • “Welcome to our team, [insert the name of the employee]. In this journey, we would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to speak up. You can reach out to anyone on this team if you feel lost on your first day. Everyone is looking forward to getting to know you!”

This message would help the employee not shy away from building an amicable relationship with their colleagues. It shows that even though they are a new employee, their voice is sought after around the workplace and they can always communicate their ideas.

  • “Congratulations on taking another step towards your bright future! We could see that your association with the company will be mutually beneficial. You will always be allowed to make mistakes around here but we would expect you to learn from them.”

This message focuses on the growth of the employee as a person. It is obvious that the employee can contribute and keep working efficiently only when they are growing on a personal level, within themselves. It lets the employee know that they don’t always have to play safely while working in your company. 

  • “Welcome to your company. Yes, around here we believe that the company belongs to our employees as they are responsible for our growth. We make sure we select our team members carefully on the basis of their potential to be the right fit for our company.”

On the first day, an employee might feel like an alien to the workplace. This message tries to create a sense of belongingness of the employee towards the company. it is simple, once the employees feel like the success of the company would bring them success, they would contribute up to their highest potential. 

  • “Our team members have been pretty enthusiastic to meet the new employee. Welcome! We could see you are capable of great things and we believe in who you are – this is exactly why you are here.”

This message can boost the confidence of the employee. It gives the employee a sign that they will always be valued in the workplace. 

On-boarding Package:

On-boarding is the most important event of an employee acquisition. It is important that the new employee has everything to smoothly complete the process. Along with your short message, there are a few things that you must consider including in your employee onboarding package. 

  • Documents: All the forms and documents which are required to be filled out or signed so that they can be submitted should be included.
  • Orientation: The schedule and the agenda of the orientation should be given out. The package should include an overall outline of what the employee can expect from the orientation.
  • Training: The details with respect to the training, if there will be any should be given to the employee. It can include how long the training will go on and whether the employee will be paid during the training period. 
  • Company Policy: Every company sticks to some basic policies. It exists to maintain work ethics, professionalism, and also some discipline around the workplace. A new employee must be aware of this. 
  • Employee Benefits: The information regarding the employee benefits, the process to be followed to avail them can be mentioned in the onboarding package. The benefits include health insurance coverage, retirement plans, or sick leave policies.
  • Additional Information: Any specific information in relation to the job the employee is hired for can be included in the package too. 

There won’t be an employee who doesn’t want to feel valued on the first day at their office. Once you make the employee feel that they will be respected for their work, this will help them work efficiently and to their utmost potential. It is the trait of a good employer that their employees are treated well. Creating long-term work relationships with your employees will help your company grow. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does a formal greeting include?

Formal greetings are usually used when you are acting in your professional capacity. These greetings are used to interact with colleagues or superiors to be polite and show respect towards them. Formal greetings are essential as you will need to create amicable bonds with the people you work with. 

  1. How can you introduce yourself to a new team member?

You can start with a simple greeting; it is advisable to keep it formal. You, then go ahead to tell them your name. You must include in what position you work and for which department. You can briefly give them the details of the work you do so that they can reach out to you in case they need you for something.

  1. How do you reply to a welcome message?

It is always advisable to reply to a welcome message as soon as possible. Depending upon what is the context of the welcome message you can say something along the lines of “Thank you for your kind words” or “I am looking forward to getting to work with you”. 

Ways to Say Welcome to our Team- Examples

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