Things To Say At The Celebration Of Life Event

Getting the opportunity to speak at a celebration of life event or burial session may be both a source of joy and subject for anxiety and worry. Everybody could battle with it and be afraid that they could make a mistake. Several individuals may get the time to communicate regarding their beloved one or the dead during a celebration of life service. A beloved one, friends, relatives, or the victim’s relatives may choose to speak. You might not know what to say or how to communicate how you’re feeling, particularly your sadness, and that’s alright. It’s reasonable to be anxious about speaking the proper words during a ritual of such a nature. In this article, we are going to talk about the celebration of life events and things to say at the celebration of life event.

Things To Say At The Celebration Of Life Event


  1. A celebration of life is an occasion for friends and relatives to commemorate a beloved one while also celebrating a human’s life.
  2. As the name indicates, you are also there to appreciate life instead of mourning the loss of a loved one or a departed individual.
  3. A commemoration of life service can be held in several ways, depending on the temperament and preferences of the close relatives and those involved. 
  4. A festival of life ceremony may share certain characteristics with a funeral ceremony and a moment of silence, although they are generally arranged differently.
  5. A balloon discharge, a board with photographs, a speech or eulogy with passages or particular recollections of the departed, a recollection panel, as well as many other concepts are instances of a festival of life stuff that people may add.
  6. Other considerations for your joyous occasion include the venue or the photographs to display, the hour of the day, the cuisine that will be served to everyone, a eulogy, and other methods to commemorate the departed.
  7. Many individuals question what to dress for a memorial ceremony. In general, you should dress similarly to how you would dress for a funeral or memorial ceremony. 
  8. It may also be determined by where the memorial service will be held.
  9. A close relative or a beloved one may elect to wear certain colors or designs to the celebration.


Speaking on any occasion may be intimidating, but many individuals don’t feel as pressured as they might at a memorial service. Speakers may feel worried, apprehensive, or apprehensive about what they will speak and if they are speaking the proper words to commemorate their beloved one’s life and influence.

 If you are scheduled to give at a memorial service, bear the following points in mind:

1. Keep the material upbeat and joyful: 

  • Try to avoid sad or dismal themes, especially if the event is a celebration of life. Death celebrations might be sorrowful, but they are gatherings designed to commemorate joy, respect, and the influence that someone whose life has on all those around them.
  • Focus on the positives and how significant this person was to those in attendance and those you knew.

2. Include personal anecdotes or fond memories. 

  • Families frequently like hearing tales and personal memories about how their loved ones impacted people around them.
  • Sharing a compelling story that exemplifies how wonderful the person was maybe comforting and serve as a reminder to people around them of all the good that person accomplished during their lifetime. Including cherished recollections is also a wonderful approach to convey the deceased’s character and how much they meant to you.

3. Make a list of your ideas and write them down.

  • It might be beneficial to conduct some study before writing and planning your obituary or talk. It might help someone who is speaking at a commemoration of life or funeral ceremony to note down and develop their ideas.
  • You are the best person to decide what you might speak at a memorial service. You have most of your life recollections, have spent time with the individual, and have experienced events that could have influenced the things you wish to say. 
  • You may have a hilarious tale, action, or expertise to tell regarding your beloved one or the departed individual throughout your funeral presentation.

4. Make Individual Assertions during Your Address

  • There is no one technique to speak about somebody’s passing that would make everyone else feel happier during a commemoration of a life event. 
  • The finest thing somebody might say during a presentation or memorial is to use phrases to demonstrate that you understand or that you can aid the bereaved in some manner.
  • Words of optimism, a tale or recollection of the individual, or anything else you believe is essential to convey about the departed person are some options about what to speak throughout your eulogy.
  • It is recommended to avoid using overused words or quotations regarding your experiences with the deceased individual or your grief. Sharing pleasant experiences may often assist not only you, but everyone else who is there, to add enjoyment to the gathering.

5. Specific thing to Say during a Festival of Life Service

  • When you can’t even think of the appropriate words to express during a eulogy, commemoration of life service, moment of silence, or burial provider, you may always choose readings, quotations, catchphrases, or poetry that genuinely believe comment on the deceased and their existence and provide hope to family members and friends.

6. Say Something Motivating

  • While a celebration of life allows visitors to communicate their sadness for a beloved one on a personalized level, it is typically a culturally influenced gathering. 
  • In certain civilizations, death is a moment to demonstrate tremendous pain and sadness, but others see it as a chance to disseminate happiness and celebrate the victim’s life.
  • Others may choose to record a recollection of the deceased on paper and place something in a container. 
  • During the ceremony, recite every paper containing the recollections aloud to the group. To prepare those who will want to contribute anything about the dead, encourage them to think on a few of their fondest childhood memories and, if they feel more comfortable, share the recollection during the commemoration.
  • Whoever the assembly of visitors is, it is their opportunity to address oneself in any way they see fit. Everyone processes death differently, and delivering a memorial is frequently a moment to express these thoughts and experiences.

7. Poetry or Proverbs

  • Using profound poetry or proverb during your memorial address at the joyous occasion is a great way for visitors to remember a beloved one or close relative. 
  • If you are having difficulty finding a suitable poem or saying, you might look on the internet for numerous suitable ones that are centered on a memorial or celebration of life ceremony.

8. Make use of quotations, passages, or a phrase

  • Using a quotation, book, or statement during your eulogy might help you avoid having to create anything on your own. It is up to you how to decide what type of quotation or reading. . It is up to you to select the type of quotation or article. 
  • Expressing sympathies with a quotation might help individuals connect to and talk about their feelings during the memorial or eulogy.

9. Practice with a Best Friend or Loved Ones

  • It may be highly beneficial to rehearse your obituary with friends, family members, or other individuals in your life who can provide honest and open criticism. Someone else might hear something you can do not, or they may have perceptive views on your eulogy or talk.
  • One of the most difficult aspects of making a speech at a memorial or celebrating of life event does not know how you will speak and how you might come across throughout the memorial or celebration of life.


Though there are numerous things you can say at the celebration of life event, I have listed down a few of them and bifurcate them concerning whom you can address it and have also added a few quotes, poems, and sayings. Enjoy reading!


1. Quotes for a Father’s celebration of life event 

A father is the epitome of all that adolescents see as noble and valiant. A father sets a good example for his offspring that is always aware of his strong impact on their life.

  • Dad was a human being with few comments, but they were usually pleasant ones.
  • My father had no fear and encouraged optimism in everyone he encountered.
  • Dad realized that living involved taking chances but that the benefits were well worth it.
  • Day after day, my father showed us affection by the way he nourished and provided for us.
  • My Pop understood who he was and lived his life according to his principles every day.
  • My father created daily goals to track his improvement and development.
  • Dad put a lot of effort, but he always found the time for us to go on expeditions.
  • My father’s lasting achievement was encouraging me to appreciate life!
  • Pop believes that hatred is a loss of strong potential that might be better spent improving the lives of individuals he cared about.
  • Dad emphasized his home in all he did.
  • My father instilled in me the importance of respecting the views of others. He stated I didn’t want to approve with them, but I had to accept their ability to just have them if I expected them to return the favors.
  • Pop told me that the richness of your life is determined by how liberated you are.
  • He told me to keep a pencil on hand at all times so that I could only use end to erase the traits I didn’t like about myself and the other end to add the ones I desired.

2. Quotations for a Mom’s Celebration of Life

A mother is the beating heart of the home. She is in charge of imparting many good qualities to her offspring. A mother nourishes and encourages her offspring, assisting them in fulfilling their life goals. You can commemorate your mother with a quote that expresses how she affected your life.

  • A mother is a life’s foundation for her offspring.
  • Mom warned that if you do choose the route less traveled, you may have automobile difficulties, no cell phone service, and no one to assist you, so be cautious and prepare to defend yourselves.
  • A mother’s love is not only material; it is also global.
  • Mom adored wildflowers and showed me how to handle plants to appreciate their individuality without damaging them. That’s how she walked throughout life, capturing everybody’s emotions and never causing harm to anyone.
  • My mother learned many new things throughout my life, but the most important lesson she showed us was to battle for what I believe in.
  • Mom’s system of belief was to be compassionate, to support those you cared about, and to recognize their achievements.
  • Mom had a life filled with love. She was very giving of her time and knowledge.
  • My mother referred to us as “little adventurers,” so she sent us out into the world to experience it for ourselves.
  • Mom encouraged us to be self-sufficient, yet to rely on family for help when we needed it.
  • Mom instilled in me the value of kindness and compassion.
  • Mom was more concerned with what I learned during the process of investigating and completing the exam.
  • Mom’s idea was to live your life as you see fit, as long as you don’t damage or deprive anybody of their freedoms in the meantime.
  • My mother taught me the difference between good and wrong, and she wanted me to apply whatever she educated me in all of my life decisions.


A few samples of poems that you can read at life celebrations for your friends and family are given below.

1. Emily Dickinson’s Hope is a beast with feathers.

In one of Emily Dickinson’s most famous poems, she claims that hope raises the spirit. It is one of those poems that you can say in the event. 

2. William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130

In this famous sonnet, Shakespeare describes how his lady seems to him. Even though her eyes “are nothing at all likes the sun,” he still adores her. Reciting the poems from William’s collection can certainly create an impact on them and make them feel happy.

3. William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55

Beautiful monuments do not serve to remember people. They live in “lovers’ eyes,” recalled by those who care the most about them.

4. If written by Rudyard Kipling

A father explains what it means to be a man of character. It is one of those poems that you can certainly recite in the celebration event of a dad as it is an emotional roller coaster for everyone that listens to it.

5. Robert Frost’s the Road Not Taken

“The Road Not Taken” emphasizes the important role of forging one’s route for those who have lived their lives bravely.

6. John Milton’s Paradise Lost Book I

Some of the best traditional funeral poetry may be found in one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. The first volume of Paradise Lost has jewels such as the mind being its location and capable of creating heaven out of hell.

7. Nicholas Evans’s If I Am the First of Us to Die

Although circumstances changed following the death of a loved one, we are not alone. We stay the same, and sadness should “not darken your sky for long.”

8. Christina Rossetti’s Remember

Readers of Christina Rossetti’s poetry remember their family members, but they should not let their sadness prevent them from enjoying.

9. David Harkins’s She’s Gone (He’s Gone)

These lyrics, from one of the most well-known funeral poems, serve as a reminder that it is normal to be sorrowful after the death of a loved one.

10. Ted Hughes’s Snowdrop

Despite having only eight lines, this poem encourages readers to think about the little things in life. “Snowdrop” is about a flower fighting against hard weather, but it is actually about life’s tenacity.

11. T. S. Eliot’s the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

This poem expresses how life changes are frequently beyond our control. They ignore the narrator until he says he measured out my life with coffee spoons.

12. T. S. Elliot’s the Waste Land

The Waste Land, often considered among the most renowned poems of the modern era, is an odyssey unlike anything else. The narrator refers to optimism found amid disorder in the closing segment.

13. Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night

Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night underlines with strong wording that people who live brilliant lives will prevail after mortality.


  1. He was always mindful of people next to him and rarely kept the restroom seat up.
  2. She was a staunch supporter of equality of opportunity and just never missed the opportunities to go purchasing.
  3. She believed in being equipped at all times. Therefore she kept a bottle opener in her handbag.
  4. I have consistently observed his prime directive: Don’t be more like a tree and keep it all in your trunk. 
  5. While he was adamant about never leaving anything unattended, I couldn’t figure out why his shoes were almost always undone.
  6. I once asked her how she likes planting. She explained that it was because the blossoms were all her small buds.
  7. He was a big fan of the environment and would frequently go out into the backyard to relax in the woods. I once asked him why he did it, and he answered he did it anytime he felt green.
  8. He once said that life without romance is like a broken pencil: it is indeed meaningless.
  9. Mom constantly told me that I should rise by myself. I fell into a physical altercation the first time I tried it. When she discovered out, her reaction was, “You can rise for yourself rather than emptying all the blood from your head.”

Here are a few of the one-liners, messages, and poems along with quotes that you can use while attending a celebration of life event. Happy reading!

Things To Say At The Celebration Of Life Event

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