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The Countrys Best Yoghurt

The Country’s Best Yoghurt popularly known as TCBY is a US-based company serving its customers soft-frozen custard. The restaurant chain was first set up in 1981 by Frank D. Hickingbotham. TCBY is one of the largest yogurt selling companies and is actively serving across America. The healthy, tasty, and nutritious yogurt is available in the widely spread retail stores of TCBY. With its top-selling products, frozen yogurt, and special ice cream, TCBY attracts a huge crowd. The specially added flavors to these yogurt and ice cream are adored by customers. 

How much does an employee make at TCBY?

As per the information by career bliss, the average salary paid to employees is $21,000 per annum or $10 per hour, bonus is excluded in this. 

The estimated salaries according to different job roles are given below. Though, the salary may differ according to location. Still, for a rough estimate you can refer to the given below salaries: 

  • Sales Associate or Cashier:  $8 – $9 per hour 
  • Store Manager: $34T – $36T per annum
  • Regional Manager: $48T – $52T per annum 
  • Food Server: $8 – $9 per hour 
  • Team Member: $8 – $9 per hour
  • Student Worker: $9 per hour 

Benefits at TCBY: 

The Country’s Best Yogurt offers basic employment benefits to its employees. These benefits can be enjoyed by both part-time workers and full-time workers. All the employees are eligible for the following benefits: 

  • Employee Discount
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Paid Time Off
  • Free Lunch Or Snacks
  • Vacations 
  • 401k plan 
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Fun and casual working environment

What is expected from an employee?

You need to meet certain criteria to get a job at TCBY. Some set of skills along with basic educational qualification is important to apply for a job at the company.  Along with skills, some education is required. In case, you wish to work in management and other higher positions then you need a good degree. Other basic requirements are given below: 

  • An employee must have leadership skills along with coordination skills. You should be sympathetic towards others. One should be above 18 years to handle the responsibility at work. 
  • You should have a strong and outgoing personality. 
  • While answering questions in an interview you should be fluent and confident. 
  • Everyone wants a well-behaved employee.
  • Candidates must be passionate and dedicated to their assigned role. 
  • One must have a helping attitude. 

Job Opportunities at TCBY: 

TCBY employs various candidates who are looking forward to getting hired by the company. A good amount of experience is welcomed by recruiters, but if you don’t have any experience then it’s perfectly fine. Based on your skills you will get employment.

The Country’s Best Yogurt offers a variety of jobs for both freshers and experienced applicants. Anyone willing to work with TCBY can either apply for a job at the retail store or the manufacturing department at some higher position. TCBY provides jobs to even those who don’t have any prior experience, so according to your capability you can apply for the jobs given below: 

  • Team Member: The major duty of a team member is to work for the profit of a store and efficiently handle the customers. You are responsible for handling cash-related matters sometimes. As a team member, you should be aware of every work and function of a retail store at TCBY. 
  • Shift Leader: A shift leader is responsible for assigning and assisting the members at the time of the shift. All the assistance and guidance during the time of shift falls under your responsibility. From assigning duties to solving everyday problems during the time of your shift, is the major duty of a shift leader. 
  • Store Manager: As a store manager you are responsible for many tasks including the daily operation at work. You should see that the store is functioning smoothly. The products at the store should be appropriately stocked.  
  • Maintenance Technician: All the work related to the handling of types of equipment at the store is taken care of by the maintenance technician. The general maintenance of wiring and pipes are handled by them. You should have in-depth knowledge of technology to ensure that all the employees are safe. You have to fix the faulty damage at the workplace. 
  • Cashier: Your main duty is to ensure that the customer’s experience at the store is wonderful. From customer check-in to checkout, you have to create a friendly environment for them. Mainly you have to give the cash receipts and help the customer to checkout from the store.
  • Assistant Manager: In the absence of a manager, you are responsible for the functioning of the store and supervising the staff. The assistant manager should assist its customer and other staff members to create a better environment at work. 

There are various other job opportunities available for employees, but that depends on the location. Different locations have different job opportunities for employees so it’s better to look for jobs, according to your place.

How to Apply?

As per your convenience, you can apply for a job at TCBY. Usually, there are two ways of applying for a job either you can apply online or by going to the nearest retail store and handling your resume. To stand out from the crew of other applicants you should attach your resume and a cover letter to your application. The resume should be attractive and effective.

The hiring process is sometimes lengthy and involves numerous steps. In case, the company is in urgent need of filling that position, then you can hear a word a bit early from the recruiters.  

Application Process at TCBY: 

The application process at any company, including TCBY, starts with a job application. You firstly have to send in the job application. Once the application process is done you have to wait for around a week. The hiring process in total takes around 1 to 2 weeks to get completed. The major steps involved in hiring are: 

  • Step 1: You have to fill in a job application or you can walk into the nearest retail store. 
  • Step 2: Once done with filing an application you have to wait for a call from recruiters.
  • Step 3: This is accompanied by a face-to-face interview or telephonic interview. So, be prepared for an interview in advance. 
  • Step 4: If you are selected, you will receive a joining letter and all other paperwork will be done. 

Questions asked at interview in TCBY: 

The interview is considered to be an important step in the hiring of a person. So, you should be well prepared for the interview. Though, as per the review from former employees and current employees, the interview at TCBY is not difficult. There are limited questions asked and those questions are simple. But, there is a tip for anyone who is planning to give an interview at TCBY to be well dressed. You should wear either a nice business casual or casuals that do not look odd. Additionally, combing your hair back, do not go with any funky hairstyle. 

Ques. 1 Why do you want to work at TCBY?

How to Answer: You have to highlight your likings for the company or it’s the product. Instead of saying that you want to work at TCBY because of the attractive salary. You should mention that you want to work to learn new skills and want to grow as a person. 

Sample Answer: I always enjoy learning different skills and new things. According to my, if I work at your company then I would be exposed to various new things, which will be beneficial for me. 

Ques. 2 What is your greatest weakness?

How to Answer: Do not put your actual weakness in front of the recruiters nor show that you are flawless. Everyone has certain faults, so put forward only those flaws of yours on which you are working to improve. You can simply reply that you are looking forward to improving these weaknesses.

Sample Answer: I agree that I am a flawed person, but I am working on these areas. The help of the skills and experience that I already had and will gain at your firm, will help me to make myself a better person. My major flaws include the inability to say ‘no’ to more work, as I think doing more work leads to perfection of skills. But this turns out to be a problem as I get overburdened with work.

Ques. 3 Tell me about yourself.

How to Answer: You should give a piece of detailed information about your educational qualification, skills, and talents. Do not limit yourself by just revealing your name and other such details which are already mentioned in your resume. The employers are not interested in your details, try to focus on professional details. 

Sample Answer: I am (your name) is a high school graduate or (mention the highest level of degree you have earned). So far, I have developed various skills, including skills, problem-solving (mention the example where you have used these skills).  

Ques. 4 What do you know about ‘The Country’s Best Yogurt’?

How to Answer: Always do deep research of the company you are applying for. You should have an idea about the mission for which the company works. All about the founders and principles should be on your tips.

Sample Answer: I have loved the yogurt of TCBY for many years, and I am eager to be a part of a firm that is supportive. TCBY has proved itself and became the best company selling yogurt. Founded in 1981 by Frank D. Hickingbotham, TCBY has produced various flavors of yogurt for its customers. 

Ques. 5 How many hours can you contribute?

How to Answer: You can start the answer by indicating that you can work flexibly according to the needs of the store. 

Sample Answer: I have worked at various other retail stores beforehand, so I think I can effectively manage time working here. I am available at the hours of need and ensure that the work of the store will be managed. Perhaps, I am flexible and willing to work at a time when the crowd is huge. 

Ques. 6: Why should we hire you?

How to Answer: This is the question to highlight all your achievements, skills, and qualifications. Though, the question is similar to ‘tell me about yourself but don’t get confused as the recruiters want to know mainly about your skills that can be beneficial for the company.  

Sample Answer: Your company works for providing the customer with the best possible service, and I think I can efficiently serve the customers. I had worked at (mention the company you had worked at) and had developed various skills, including communication skills, leadership qualities, and other organizational skills. Maybe, my verbal and communication skills can be an asset for the company. 


Famous for healthy yogurt, TCBY is the largest brand selling frozen yogurt. There are more than 350 retail stores of TCBY across the United States. The company is ranked as one of the successful yogurt-selling companies with many franchises in different locations. The variety of flavors has stolen millions of hearts.

The Country’s Best Yoghurt is renowned for not just its tasty frozen yogurt but for the special ice cream. The different exciting flavors attract the crowd. So, if you are one of the desired candidates looking to apply for a job at TCBY then you must apply for the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. 1 What is the minimum age required to work at TCBY?

Ans. 1 One should be above 18 years to work at TCBY. The company follows all the laws related to hiring age, so they don’t hire anyone underage. 

Ques. 2 What are the hours of operation at TCBY?

Ans. 2 Usually, the work hours remain constant, i.e., from Monday to Saturday they operate from 10 am to 9 pm and on Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. However, the working hours may differ based on national and international holidays.

Ques. 3 Which is more healthy ice cream or TCBY yogurt?

Ans. 3 TCBY is known for producing tasty and nutritious yogurt. The hand-scooped delicious yogurt served by TCBY is better than ice cream, as the company takes care of its customers by adding natural elements. 

About The Country’s Best Yoghurt

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