Thank You Note for Mentor Example & Templates

Thank You Note for Mentor Example Templates

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we will give samples of Thank You for Note for mentors you cross in your life. Adding on to them, we will focus on the different welcoming notes used to show our gratitude through the various instances of thanking them in their life like showing good guidance, leading to a long learning path, suggesting a good career, making to learn most simply, farewell welcome note, to thank them for getting promoted, and when complete a conference or meeting with them.

The world has changed a lot in getting good knowledge and developing yourself even from school-going children. So, the mentoring could be done when they have a good foreseeing mindset, the experience they had in their lives, their leadership skills, communication skills, eye contact with us, understanding our culture, way of living, and a human being, etc. everything matters. Only then could a mentor be able to guide us and show their support life long. It is not surprising that the mentors are meant to be in the form of teachers alone, as to how they teach us in school, college days. A good mentor with the bunch qualities mentioned shows us that even age doesn’t matter of being the mentor, and they could be our friends, colleagues, mother, boss, teacher, etc., you can get all the love and support you need from them by seeking good guidance. Let’s now frame some of the situations to thank our one and only mentors all over the world for leading us on the right path.

Who is a Mentor?

To put it in simple terms, your mentors could be your second mother. If chances permit, possibly could be your only mother too. It is all about how they catch your hands tight and get you into a glistening life-shaping your professional and personal life as well. To be a good mentor, the following skills are inherited naturally and possessed through continuous learning from their living experience. The stages that they crossed over and sought a good position and fetching the heart and soul to dedicate the pure learning skills to the mentees like us, 

  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Showing empathy towards other
  • Must listen to others rather than blowing their trumpets
  • Having a proper sequence of interpreting examples and make them understanding  
  • Giving them confidence at the first instance of the You-can-do-it mindset.
  • Teaching them the risk-taking ability even if they haven’t done before
  • Having the essence and knowledge of knowing the trend-set and culture impact.
  • Getting to know the professional career path that exists in today’s world.
  • Having some psychological learnings, not a professional degree in psychology but a base knowledge to determine the impact from mentees.
  • Mentors must be making them learn from scratch thereafter when mentees start getting guidance.
  • Teaching them to face the problem with gut and maintain a controlled and stress-free way of living for them to live.

The Purpose of Mentoring 

Mentoring is an attitude and behavior-shaping experience for all the mentees who are seeking mentors for. The mentees can have learnings that they have never crossed before, and it could be a long journey even throughout their lifetime to realize the potential and the inner strength of every mentee.

  • Mentors’ straightforward attitude could help you understand the best way to change your mistakes and improper living if you had lived in such an away. Because openly spoken mentors are the ones who will spot the attitude and behavior that you have right now and suggest you give some tips to change them to live a better life.
  • As a mentee, you could find a balanced way of maintaining work and life soothingly and tremendously impacting your work-life balance with a good purpose.
  • Your body language, way of speaking, interacting, having relationships in your company, college, school, etc., everything you can learn as a mentee to adapt them and follow to lead a bright growing path.
  • The growth-seeking mentality could be learned, and you can fix on a career to express your Professional talents, your Skill-sets, Knowledge in your domain through spending some time discussing this with your mentor.
  • A mentor’s lifelong relationship is guaranteed if the mentor is full-time working for mentees to guide them.

Types of Mentors– Age is not a barrier to be a mentor. As I said, everyone could be a mentor. There is no restriction for one to be a mentor unless they have a good guiding and shaping mindset to lead the mentees on the right path possessing those skills mentioned in the first section. Based on these criteria, the mentors could be, 

  1. Your Friend
  2. Your Colleague
  3. Your Partner
  4. Your Boss
  5. Your Teacher
  6. Your Father
  7. Your Mother
  8. And whoever has those qualities can be a good life-shaper for all the mentees who are seeking to live a better life.
  9. Having this in our mind, let us now frame some situation to thank each and every mentor who has made most of the mentees to be successful in their personal and professional life and made the mentors swing and sustain their success in the work-life balance.

Thank You Note Examples & Samples

Situation 1: 

As a mentee, if we had felt that life is so tough to be handled and moving away haywire, we couldn’t manage things. After a few months or years of getting mentoring from your mentor, and now you have got good guidance from your mentor, which has made your mind think clearly.

Sample Notes 1

Note #1:

 Dear ______, I would thank you enough for your mentoring because you have done so much beyond what I thought of, and now I’m in a good position after following your suggestions in my life and applying them as well. You are the one who I am seeking to hit my success on the line!

Note #2: 

The best way to shape a person is staying with the particular and observing and understanding them in-person. I couldn’t believe that in a quick time of mentoring, how much your recommendations have shown a good impact and a career lead in my life. Thanks for being a best friend!

Note #3: 

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself” as the quotes from Galileo Galilei tells from one man’s perspective, as a mentor, you had shown infinite ways of how to live a life and much more surprised with the quotes meaning as you made me realize beyond what the real life of living. Thanks a lot for your love and guidance.

Note #4: 

I had been going through a terrible life, not understanding my real potential. But you raised and showed me a good time when I was seeking the best guide, and in the nearest time, you have inculcated the good and the bad kind of living, which intrigued my attitude and changed my life. Thanks for being everything!!

Note #5:

 I counted on my bad days that I had been going through and pretty much able to breathe free after having your mentoring sessions, which cleared my way of interacting, behaving, and responding politely with my peers and colleagues. Thank you for the great moments you relished with me to understand the true me and shaped my life!! 

Note #6:

 Having poor problem-solving skills and thought I’m never going to succeed in my life and career. But after that, I had some good time and beautiful mentoring sessions, which were more worthy than dollars. I realized and tuned myself to follow the right way of learning. All the resources you mentioned were eye-openers, and now I’m at a good stage of hitting my success. Thank you for my forever _______, and I want to stay hitched with your guidance till my life ends.

Note #7:

 You just not shaped me, but you directed me to fall on the path that I desired with purpose, and your healthy tips of understanding the work-life balance sorted my tedious problems that were hindering my peaceful living. Now that I have counseling, I can prioritize my work according to the importance I need at my current needs. I wouldn’t thank you enough for being a mentor because you are the best friend who I had been waiting for who would possibly push me on a good path.

Note #8:

 I had the most reverberating psychological issue, but after a few months, you were the reason to identify the problem that was blocking me from talking with others, not properly focusing on my studies, and spending time with family. But things started coming up in the water, and now I‘m in a good relationship with most of the people in my profession, and my career is set at a good pace. Thanks for being a guardian angel!

Note #9: 

Being a good friend and the second mother of mine to overcome all my fears in life made me understand my inner strengths to pick the right career and profession to live my financial position. You have suggested the best living lifestyle, and now I’m the happiest person among all of them to experience it in person. Thank you for enduring love and support to reach my success and forever motherly relationship.

Note #10: 

To my most respected being, which has paved the entire time to analyze more than a doctor who diagnoses and scans the patient with proper witnessing. I have always felt the comfort level of sharing all of my sad stories and career problems, and in turn, you bloomed all the problems to be solved and live a life with purpose. Thanks a lot for spending a great journey with me, which keeps cherishing!!

Situation 2:

When you have a learning issue to begin proposing a good way or steps to develop the learning skills needed for your professional development, after mentoring, you started experiencing a successful career path and ways of self-developed continuous learning from your mentor. Below are reference notes to thank a mentor during this situation.

Sample Notes 2

Before moving, ensure that this situation mostly happens in the corporate places, and these notes are suitable for the employees who are the ones who can express thanks by giving notes to their trainers who are mentors to them.

Notes #1: 

I had experienced learning from many people who had taught just for the sake of telling. But to the one who I was most inspired is you, my most enticing mentor _______. With all the luck and glory, I came to you and sought the easiest way to crack a concept and use it to see the benefits of understanding them till the learning of mine to be continuous. Thank you, my big brother, for infusing the right learning path.

Note #2: 

To the one, I could call as my inspiration to make me understand the first principle of applying learning and understanding concepts to breakdown into silos and execute sequentially to run through the real outcome of the values gained through those learning. As Albert Einstein says, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” You proved more than the quote said. Thanks a lot, my dear mentor.

Note #3:

 As you said (you can include any of your mentor’s favorite lines or sayings when they told you during mentoring sessions), it is true as now I started applying those methods of acquiring good learning only experiencing it after many trials and time of execution. And you nailed the best of all the other persons who had taught me in giving the extra potential to make this come to reality. Thank you so much for remaining hitched in all my learning journeys.

Note #4:

 The learning process that I gained from you has improved my fast thinking and added some fun elements that blend well to be a perfect spot for implementing with my team members. It helped me to understand the value-based outcome through applying them in real-time. Thank you so much for being a great mentor and fetching your effort all the time for me to welcome all my questions, doubts.

Note #5: 

It is okay for those people who are worried about the career and getting guidance. But for me, it was a twisted story, and I was trapped into poor learning after getting into my career. As a mentor, you had the mind and heart to understand the inner longing of my inability to focus step-by-step by learning. Your framework has given me a more clear way to think of the lean methods of learning, which pitched my career onwards, and the reason is all you. Thanks a lot for being on my side to learn with purpose.

Note #6: 

After many hurdles, pressures, and confusion on my lean learning, which was deteriorating, my career soon came to light on your presence. In a sooner time, I was able to pitch my problem and find the solutions for the difficulty that I had been through improper learning. Your mindfulness of golden tips widened my thought process of implicating my new learning with all illustrations and simply adaptable. Thank you, my dear mentor _______.

Note #7:

 Your mentoring done a lot of wonders not in my life alone as you fed few hundreds of members in a way that I shared the techniques, methods, frameworks that you preached, and I’m not the one wishing you hearty thanks but from the hundred of them telling it from the bottom of the heart a warm thanks for being a trustworthy guide to make those learnings experience at real-time.

Situation 3: 

When your mentor gets promoted to the next level of career path and has found a good place to make the mentoring process to a broad set of people at corporate or multinational organizations, and after some time, your mentor has succeeded in doing this to a broad set of mentoring processes which helped them to shape their attitude and behavior. Now check out writing thank you notes for this situation.

Sample Notes 3

Note #1:

 It has been a pleasure already learned with you, and you were the major reason for my career to be successful by enhancing my learning style, the methods you suggested. Now you moved forward to the next big level of mentoring to corporate people, and best wishes to continue your profession. And thank you for being a good mentor and leading the same for a large set of people, which you are doing now.

Note #2:

 It is not just a few. You have been promoted to a large group of people under your guidance for mentoring these corporates to shape their attitude and behavior towards purposeful learning. I have heard that you are doing well with the new area of mentoring. I heartily thank you for pursuing this profession and giving a lot of beneficial advice and new learning towards their domain to make them successful.

Note #3: 

Your voice is heard by hundreds of people now, and I can see you achieving the greater heights of shaping people’s attitudes and their beliefs in a way that helps their current career path through enhanced lean learning as to how I got similar guidance from you for my career these many days. A big thanks for being a motherly mentor to me and now for humongous people at the corporate and keep rocking more than you are satisfied.

Notes #4: 

I wouldn’t thank you enough for doing good to be alone, but now you have many corporate people who are seeking more enhanced career paths and learning techniques for them. Thank you so much for your best support and frameworks that you suggested throughout my mentoring and sharing now with a large set of people to shape their career and persist in their continuous learning.

Note #5:

 I’m so elated to know that you are now getting to a higher role in mentoring many corporates who need your guidance. You have been the best to understand the person’s true inner potential. You have the technique of making them realize and express those potentials through the best set of ideas, deep thinking, and being a unique individual, which helped me focus my learning career. It will now benefit all the big sets which are eagerly waiting to hear from you. A huge thanks for being a good mentor and now to the large group who will succeed how I did in my life.  

Note #6: 

It doesn’t matter what you learn, but it matters how you learn by working out successful techniques that keep you educating until a lifelong career path. You have put a lot of effort into understanding the hardworking and smart working skills of all the potential mentees to this date, and I’m not surprised that you are moved to the next level because the hard truth is you make them happen all time. Even now, the set people that you are going to guide in the corporate. A hearty thank you for all the time you spent understanding each mentee’s potential, and we would always gain the best suggestion for the upcoming mentoring as well.

Note #7: 

Even though at tough times you had never hesitated to avoid my calls and had been friendly to me in teaching me the career-shaping suggestions, how to look at the other side perspective, and even more conceptual classes related to my domain has fetched a great learning path gaining through the experience changed my thought process. Now I’m so happy that hundreds of sets like me will get the best from you, so I immensely thank you for justifying your profession as a mentor till now and continuing to the big crowd. 

Situation 4:

This situation is when your mentor, who had been with you for years, is suddenly stuck in a position to vacate the city due to personal reasons in another week. As a mentee, you can write up the following notes for the mentor to feel blessed and happy for the loyal behavior shown by the only mentees who stayed under the guidance, love, and support. These notes are farewell-based notes for mentors.

Sample Notes 4:

Note #1:

 I’m so much tightened through my heart that I have heard you are leaving for another place, and I’ll be missing all your mentoring sessions that we had till recent times. But will still seek presence even during the lost physical presence through calls and emails and get the best suggestions for the upcoming mentoring if you are available. My hearty thanks and best wishes for you to be having a peaceful new place where you’re going to. 

Note #2:

 I heard that you’d be at your new place by next week this time. We had traveled a lot together through this wonderful personal mentoring that I had all time, and you gave me the inner confidence to cope with new change and the different perspectives of looking things up. Nothing has changed between us because it’s just the distance you are putting yourself away and not the communication and relationship between us. I hereby thank you for your kind attitude in guiding me in all my personal and professional career.

Note #3: 

You had taught me to take meaningful risks even though the depth of the risk is high, and results that I faced based on the risk taken have most often been ended into success. These all had happened only through the mentoring sessions that we had, the moments we spent understanding the problem state, whatever hard situations you dealt with. Still, you never gave up on me spending each second at your possible times. However, it wasn’t flexible for you. I warmly thank you for being in all hurdles and holding my hands all time and still will persist the same.

Note #4: 

Learnings were great from you, and beyond the formal talking, you were my best pal supporting me through the career upliftment and analyzing the real me, which I hadn’t realized in my way until you came into guidance. You taught me more of the learnings gained through unfamiliar zones of getting involved in experiencing and measuring the in-depth difficulty to solve them. Even the place that you are vacating is just an unfamiliar situation without having your guidance in presence, but I’ll still contact you if things are settled there for you.

Note #5:

 Right from the day that I started to get suggestions regarding my career and personal life, I was able to find out my counter abilities which were stopping me from reaching success, and you spent your entire time and heart listening to my calls, the problems that I had related to my work-life and everything. It is slightly disheartening that you are moving away to another place, and all I want to say is good luck on the journey. And I will wait for your guidance after you settle things right up in your new place. And thank you for your love and engaging support that will last forever, even if you stay anywhere.


I hope the article will fetch you many thanking style notes to deliver to your mentor if they are in similar situations. Even if it is not the same situation, somehow, the fair idea would have popped up in your head to express it to your mentor and sustain the relationship between you and your mentor to be long-lasting. Just have this article anywhere in your viewable form, and you can look through it even if you don’t have any clear idea to thank your mentor in any situation. Thank you all for spending your time reading them and meeting you all in the next article.

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Thank You Note for Mentor Example & Templates

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