Request for Approval Letter: Format and Samples

Request for Approval Letter: Format and Samples


Do you want approval for your project and thinking of how to convince your superior or boss? So you are at the right place for the solution to your problem. Write a beautifully drafted and convincing letter to your boss that he doesn’t get a reason for rejecting it. We often need permission from our higher authority in our lives, if it’s formal or informally from our seniors or elders. Sometimes, it is quite problematic to convince them as we don’t know how to initiate the dialogue. But a request made at the proper time and in the proper format is sure to yield fruits when it comes to formal communications. So it is always advisable to follow the proper format of Request for Approval Letter and refer to well-crafted samples to have good results.

Request for Approval Letter

A letter for approval is a formal letter seeking permission or approval, addressed to the person in authority or boss for any previous request, proposal, or project. It may address to the boss or manager or supervisor, project manager, or sometimes a client. It may be regarding any new task or project to continue with the existing one.

This article will discuss the things to bear in mind, things to know, and proper format, and some samples for writing an effective request letter for approval.

Situations When You Need Approval

There may be different situations when there is a need for approval, such as:

  1. Approval for proposal: when there is a new project which is to be started or if there is an existing project, which is to be continued. In such as case, you need approval or permission for the new project or continuation of the existing project to be completed successfully on time.

  2. Budgetary approval: for every project, there is an allocated budget, as funds are required for every activity. So you need allocation of funds to be carried on, or there may be a need for the additional funds. So, in either case, you need the superior’s permission, so convincing for budgetary allocation with an effective request letter can serve your purpose.

  3. Time extension: sometimes the situation may arise where a project or task is not completed within the prescribed time, and you need some extra time to complete that project, so here a properly explained letter for approval for an extended time can provide your required time, and you will be able to convince for some extra time.

  4. Approval of a completed project: After completing the project, you need feedback on that project, so you may write an approval letter to the recipient to confirm the submission and approval of the project to the client’s satisfaction.

Why is it important?

  1. It Serves as official proof: a request letter for approval and the consequential approval thereon is an official proof of the permission granted to you for the respective purpose such as permission for a new project or the continuation of the existing one, budget allocation, fee rebate, time extension, etc.

  2. It builds up an understanding: when seniors and juniors are involved in a project, they discuss various things with each other regarding the project, so when you seek approval for something important and their respective response, it creates a dialogue leading to the understanding. It applies to all kinds of relationships, dealings, and transactions, w heather it’s boss and employee, trainee and trainer, a client, teacher, and student. It works for all.

  3. It shows respect for the recipient: when you seek permission from another, it creates and expresses a sense of respect to the other person. It shows your professionalism and your approach to your work. It gives a sense of finality to others that their decision will be final but at the same time shows the confidence and correctness of your needs.

  4. It helps you grow professionally: this kind of dealings within the organization adds to your professional attitude and helps you grow professionally. It creates an impression of your etiquette among your seniors, which will ultimately add to your organization’s growth. 

  5. It allows you to express confidently: when you write a request letter for approval, you detail your requirements and the purpose and the basis of those requirements to convince your head, so you write it confidently in the best possible way. So learn gradually how to express yourself confidently.

  6. It saves your time: when you have sent the request for the approval letter to the respective authority for approval, it will take its in-process, and while it is being processed, you need to wait for that one only. You can focus on your other work in the meantime. So it saves your time as well as the time of other concerned persons.

Things to Keep in Mind

Writing a request for an approval letter and sending it is not sufficient. The basic purpose is to convince the respective authority, I.e., your boss, manager, or client, and get the required approval or permission. So writing it in a formal, effective, confident way and proper manner and format is very important for serving your purpose. So to write in proper format you need to keep the following things in your mind:

  1. Select the medium: You want to contact: first, you have to decide and select the medium you want to or go through. It may be an e-mail, letter, message, phone call, etc. Every organization has its own medium of contact. So your way of contacting may depend upon the medium of communication in the organization or the way preferred by the recipient or the specific project or task requirements.
    Sometimes you need to send an e-mail, but sometimes you may need to send the copy of the contract for approval, or you may need to send the signed documents with your request, so it varies from one situation to another.

  2. Address your recipient properly and professionally: The next thing you should care about is to address the recipient of the request appropriately in a professional manner. Use respectful terms such as ‘ Dear Sir, Madam’ or ‘ Dear Mr/Ms ‘ followed by their last names. You can also use their full name as per the need. It gives them a sense of respect and establishes connections, which will serve—your purpose as they are the ultimate decision-making authority.

  3. State your requirement: Every request for approval is made based on some requirement, so state your requirement straightforwardly yet humbly and professionally. Give the details of your requirements, being to the point and concise considering the recipient’s time. They will really appreciate it. Do not give every minute detail, but make them understand what you want. Your requirement may be for budget allocation, time extension, fee rebates, proposal approval, continuation, or any other. Example: “Dear Mr. Anderson, I am sending this request for your approval for extension of the time for the completion of our project ‘XYZ.’ for the best outcome and successful completion deadline should be changed from 12-31-2020 to 6-30-2021.”

  4. State the reasons: Once you have expressed your requirements, quickly explain the reasons behind that requirement concisely. Telling them why you need it would make them better understand the need and helps in decision-making in your favor. Example: “the reason behind this extension is the better designing and construction according to the new updated government policies to avoid the future inconvenience, and it requires the requested time according to the expert opinion.”

  5. State the importance: Tell them why their approval is important. Write to make them understand how these changes would be advantageous for them serving their best interests and why they should approve. Example: “with this extended time, we will be able to complete this project as per the new updated design and the new governmental policies, which will help us in the long run and make eligible for various governmental benefits.”

  6. Show your interests: In the request, tell them how interested you are in this project and this approval. Show them your enthusiasm. Tell them how much this project is important to you as well—State confidently about your request and its approval that you are excited about.

  7. Cover up your letter: Finally, conclude your letter with humility and show you are waiting for their response. End it with writing ‘yours sincerely’ with your ‘name, phone number, mailing address.’ with your contact details. It will be easier for them to contact you in case of need. You can also mention your need for a response from them within in specified time if there is a deadline before mentioning your name. Example: “ as we have decided a deadline in the next six months, we have to work on this project immediately with a minimum delay, so that I would appreciate your response within a week before July 6, 2020. Yours Sincerely, John Smith.”

  8. Be on point: In the request for approval letter: explain your requirements and why you want that. It’s important, but be on point, concise, as it would be easier for the recipient to understand, and it will save time. They would appreciate your precision.

Format for the Letter

Following is the format for request for an approval letter, you should follow:

Your Name

The Designation, if any




Name of the Recipient

Address, State, and Zip Code

Subject: It should summarize the intent of the sender and intent of the letter, and it should be in bold.

Dear Sir/Madam or Name of the Recipient

(The main body of the letter) such as:

I am writing this letter to request the approval for (mention your requirement you need approval for. It may be a project, budget, etc.)

In the next paragraph explain your requirement, the reason for that requirement, the importance of that requirement. Be to the point and concise.

Conclude your letter, appreciating their time and express your excitement for the approval and that you are waiting for their response. You can also mention the deadline for the response.

Yours sincerely,

Your name


Phone Numbers


You can also follow a simple yet professional and very convincing method of writing a request letter, such as:

Dear (Name of the recipient),

(Body of the letter),

Stating your requirements, why you need it, its importance.

Thanking the recipient for their time.


(Name of the Sender)


Here are some of the samples, you can follow for guidance while writing a letter for approval.

  • Letter for Approval of the New Project. This letter aims at the approval of some new project which is going to begin. So you can write for the approval so that that project can be started.

Dave Abraham

Project head

XYZ company

123, main street

San Francisco, LA, 94016

Date; July 22, 2020

Mr. Michael Jones

General manager

XYZ company

Subject: Letter for Approval of Project Gelfix

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter for your approval for our new project Gelfix, which is to begin on August 22, 2020. We have already discussed this project in our last board meeting, and it is one of the most profitable projects with more than 37% return on investment within the period of only 5 years.

This project will cater to the whole of Los Angeles without any competitors. This project, which will run on $200,000, will yield more than 5% interest. So this project will be beneficial for the long-term goals of the company.

My team and I have invested a great deal of time and energy in this project, and I am waiting eagerly for your response. I will appreciate your response within a week as it is a time-bound project. Thank you for your time.


Dave Abraham

  • Letter for Time Extension. If there are some kinds of changes in the situations, which can cause a delay in the completion of the continuing project, and you need some extra time for its completion, you can write up a letter to request an extension of the stipulated time.

Robbin thatcher

Project head — infrastructure

469, pink plaza

oak road, New York

Date: March 12, 2021

Emile Jonas

Brooklyn hills

Subject: Letter for Approval of an Extension of Time for the Project Greenland Parks

Dear madam,

I am writing this letter for your approval for the extension of the time for the delivery of the completed project Greenland parks, due to the new designing norms and the change in the government policies, which will cause a delay in the completion of the project as it requires a redo according to the new scheme and policies.

My team has developed a unique designing scheme for the project in the same budget, so it will not carry any extra monetary burden. According to the new government norms, it is important to complete the project to avoid any inconvenience in the future as it is a long-term project. It will also be more beneficial for return as per our latest survey.

Thank you for your time and as it is a time-bound project, so I would appreciate your response within a week.


Robbin thatcher

Phone: 1-(415) 512 2458

Mail: [email protected]

  • Letter for Approval of the Proposal. This letter is written to approve a proposal, which you have proposed, and now you need the final approval for initiating that project.

Gracy Malton

Project engineer

Rayfield group of companies

456, main road

Reedsport, New York 10290

Mr. Nicholas Charles

General manager

Subject: Letter for Approval of Solar Power Proposal

Dear Mr. Charles,

I am writing this letter to approve the solar power proposal which I have discussed with you in our last meeting on September 11 as I proposed in that meeting, the transition of the Rayfield companies into using solar energy for all its offices and plants.

According to the research, The installation of Solar plants will cut our power costs by up to 40 percent. While installation may cost us $1,75,000, it will increase our returns by more than 50 percent within five months of the installation. The research report is attached herewith for your consideration.

Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to hearing from you on this proposal.


Gracy Malton

Project engineer



  • Letter for Budgetary Approval. Every activity requires funds, so this letter is written to approve the budget for a project or activity.


Mr. Joseph shine

General manager

XYZ bank

Date June 7, 2021

Subject: Request Letter for Approval of the Budget of New Scheme Seniors Happily

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to approve the budget for our new scheme seniors happily for the senior citizens above 60 years of age. This scheme is scheduled to be launched on August 1, 2021. The proposed budget is $2,50,000 involving investment and expenses. The budget which I have prepared is attached along with this letter for your consideration. This scheme will cover more than 85% of the senior citizens’ population with a return of more than 45% on the investment within only six months.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to your response as soon as possible, keeping in mind the launch date of this scheme.


Anjolie Parker

Finance manager

  • Letter for Change in Budget. If there is a change in the budget due to a change in circumstances, you can write up a letter for the change in the budget. It may be an increase.


Peter Mathews

Project Head

123, street ABC




Mr. Ron Anderson,

General manager

Subject: Letter for Approval for Change in Budget

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to you to approve a change in budget for our continuing project. As discussed earlier, there is a need for extra funds to complete this project successfully. So I am requesting to increase the budget for this project from $13,000 to $17,000. An increase of $4,000 is required, and the detailed budget sheet is attached with this letter.

This increase is necessary for additional material required for the further enhanced product testing and quality as per the updated government policies and your proposal. With these additional funds, we will be able to implement our project perfectly.

I will appreciate your response with the approval so that we can successfully complete this project by the end of this month as required by you.


Peter Mathews

Project head



  • Letter for Approval of the Completed Project. Completed project needs approval from the client for their satisfaction, so you can write a letter for the client’s approval so that you can deliver up the project. It also serves a proof.


Emerson’s builders & constructor

Lincoln yard, New York

Date: April 26, 2021


Mr. Jacob Samuel

Malta associates

ABC, New York

Subject: Letter for Approval of the Completed Project

Dear sir,

We are writing this request letter for your approval of our completed project for Malta associates. Our project is complete as per your requirements, and if you confirm it, we will be doing the final work immediately.

We know you want this project complete for delivery by the end of this month, so I would appreciate it if you go through the work and give your approval within one day. Thank you for your time and consideration. We are eagerly waiting for your response.


Ray Emerson

Emerson’s builders & constructions



  • Request Letter for Approval of Purchase. This letter is written to the superior person in authority for purchase.

Linda Martha

Accounts manager

XYZ technologies

700 lane street

Austin, TX 12000

Subject: Request Letter for Approval of New Inventory Purchase

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I am sending this request for approval to purchase new inventory for our new branch at yule street. As that branch is new to start, it requires some things to operate smoothly for its work. Following is the list of inventories:

2 Air conditioners – $60,000

Generator –  $12,500

Furniture – $45,000

Water purifier – $2,500

Water installer – $6,000

We already have an agreement to buy all this inventory at 15% off the actual total cost, it is a great deal for us.

I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.


Paul Biden

Head — inventories

  • Request Letter for Approval of Expenses. Allocation of expenses is a responsibility, and it must be done with proper authority, so you should write a letter to approve expenses.

John Brigs

Head — procurement

ABC corporation

789 main street

San Francisco, Los Angeles 21023


Subject: Request Letter for Approval of Expenses

Dear Mr. Brigs,

I am writing this letter to approve expenses for project ABC, the installation of macrosystems, CCTV s throughout our entire building and our other two branches. It is important for better security purposes, and it is a one-time investment for the long-term purpose of the corporation.

I am happy to report that my team has procured the distributor ready to distribute all the necessary material at 15% cut off the total cost. Necessary payments have been made, but we need professional services for set up. The total cost will be$33,000 if approved, as follows:

Installation charges – $5,000

Service charges – $9,000

Camera cost – $15,000

Transport cost – $2,500

I have attached the detailed sheet along with this letter for your consideration and reference. I am looking forward to your approval and will appreciate it if you get back to me before January 11, 2021.


Monty Johnathan


A letter for approval is a request, mostly formal, but it may be informal sometimes for seeking permission or approval of something. It is problematic sometimes, but it is not difficult. You need to follow a proper format as per your requirement as provided above. You need to keep some things in mind, such as to address the recipient, requirements, importance, etc., properly. Furthermore, you can follow the samples for your guidance, but it’s not exhaustive. Not only that, but you can follow other references as well, as you require.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Should request letters for approval always be formal? A letter for approval is always formal, seeking approval from a superior authority, but it is not a hard and fast rule. A letter can also be informal in some cases for seeking permission from elders/ seniors.

  2. What are the basic parts of a letter for approval? Basically, your letter should contain three parts in the main body stating why are you writing the letter? Your requirements, reasons, and importance.

  3. How to address the recipient formally? You can address your recipient with ‘Name’ such as ‘ Mr. Peter Johnson’ or with the ‘Last Name’ such as ‘Mr. Johnson’ with Mr, Ms, etc.  After ‘Dear’ or ‘Respected.’

  4. How to close the letter? You should close the letter with a thanking gesture for their time. You can also tell the time limit or deadline within which you require their approval if the time is a crucial element.

  5. What is the best format for the request for approval letter? The best method for writing a letter depends upon your requirements. If you understand the subject thoroughly, then whatever format you follow is best for the purpose. You should refer to the format and samples provided above.
Request for Approval Letter: Format and Samples

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