People Who Love Their Jobs: What Do They Do?

Everyone loves to be in a place where they love their job. Some find the way to their dream job and some don’t. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get to do the job that they love. There are those 80 percent who don’t love the job that they do. People who love their jobs are separated into different categories. One cannot fit all those who love their jobs in one category. For instance, some have found their passion and their passion turns out to be their job(let’s call them the lucky ones) and then some love their jobs because they have a steady income and love to have that income stream flowing. Let’s know about People Who Love Their Jobs: What Do They Do?

People Who Love Their Jobs: What Do They Do?

The divide in categories of people in love with their jobs is required because these categories can help understand what they do differently to love their jobs. The things they do are different according to their reasons.

  • The reasons can be due to financial constraints. They have to work for the paycheck. 
  • Some love their jobs because they find fulfillment in them and don’t have much financial burden so they don’t care about the less pay.
  • Some love their job because they have different streams of income which keep them motivated.
  • Then some come in between all the above reasons.

These categories of people have different reasons why they love their jobs and they do different things that make them love their jobs. Some are naturally inclined to their work so for these people it is easier to love what they do but others who are not in that category have to master their mindset to make them love their jobs. To make a mindset shift needs a certain practice and a certain type of philosophy of life they must be following. Those whose passion is their work are only a minority but the rest of the crowd falls in doing something that may not be their passion but they still love their job. The purpose of this article is to find out what they do to love what they do and how they do it.

Let’s find out what these people do that makes them love their job.

1. They don’t make it about themselves but look at the purpose in what they do:- Such a category of people have a purpose in life. They collaborate with like-minded people and work towards achieving the purpose they know that they have in this life. These people face difficulty, no doubt about it, but they don’t let those difficulties blind their purpose. They set their aims and objectives towards the purpose and get the courage to go for it. These people can achieve happiness in what they do because they are purpose-driven and not motivated by emotions or financial gain. Such people are pumped up for the next day because they know that every day is a new day to pursue their purpose. The difficulty is not a criterion to stop or hate what they do due to this reason.

2. They are content people and have the gratitude spirit:– these people have an attitude that speaks wisdom and understanding. The people under this category may have entered into a particular job. Maybe to pay off student loans or it is a transitional job for them. It could be because there are no good opportunities around where they are living. But all these reasons help them to develop their perseverance. They work more towards looking at the brighter side of life. They view life with a glass of gratitude and are thankful that they have a job to pay their bills and put food on their table or have an opportunity to gain experiences for a better one in the future. 

They are hopeful and full of optimism. Such people make great colleagues and friends. These categories of people find joy in the ordinary and make even the mundane work joyful and fun. They practice contentment in life but are still determined for growth. So you can say that they are practical in their approach to life that makes them love what they do.

3. They are helpful and kind:- Such a category of people makes great employers and employees. They have a good social network and a working relationship. They are good at dealing with people. These people’s skills make them have a good relationship at work. These kinds of people do not dread going to work. It is not like a chore to them but a relationship of love, giving, and sacrifice. These kinds of people find a good community in their work. Hence, they love going to work every day  Altruistic people have a way of lifting the burden of people and lighting up the atmosphere. These people are a precious bunch to society. Such people have a higher enjoyment in their work compared to their peers who are not altruistic.

4. They invest their time learning new skills or crafts:- Learning new skills every time puts them in a position to practice those learned skills and puts them in an exciting mode. The workplace is the best place to practice these new skills for such a category of people. Having a growth mindset adds a lot of positive results to one’s life. A person who is constantly learning a new craft or a skill is never bored. A person of that sort could always have an interesting way of living which helps them achieve satisfaction in their workplace, thus making them love their job even more than the rest who don’t follow and do all these things.These keeps them confident and it shows in their work-performance.

5. They work in a company that values appreciating them and rewards them befittingly:- Sometimes going to work can be dreadful if the company you work for does not care about its employees’ betterment but wants to take advantage of its employees. People who love what they do find themselves a place that values them and cares for their mental, financial and emotional growth. You will find such people working in a value-based company.

6. They make their path and find their sunshine:- people who work for a paycheck know that they have to find another way to fulfill themselves since work is not the place for them to find their fulfillment. They are aware of that fact and treat their job in that way. They do not expect fulfillment from their job. For them, the job is just to pay for their necessities and they look for other work to find their joy. They can be found working in different gigs or skills entirely different from the ones that they are doing at the moment. They are ultimately happy because they don’t expect to find joy in their workplace. Everything they do is just out of duty and that’s it. This uncomplicates their life and thus makes their time at their work enjoyable too.

7. They have a proper self-care regime and they take care of their health:- They take the time to reflect on themselves and work on their issues, they take the time to exercise their body, they know how to avoid burnout, etc. Many researchers point to the fact that those who follow healthier lifestyles make better partners, friends, and colleagues. This is true in terms of people who are pumped up to go to work every day. They have a better focus and attitude due to their healthy regime, therefore they make better decisions, are good at problem-solving, and do better at work. When your performance is excellent, why would anyone stop going to work? These are the ones who end up loving their work more than others.

8. They are not perfectionists but believe in sincerity and excellence:- They trust other people’s work and do not micromanage or put others in a bad light. This category of people is more gentle to others and themselves too. They embrace their mistakes and failures so they embrace others’ mistakes and failures too. They are not afraid of them. They always end up loving what they do because of such an attitude towards life. They look forward to the day with gladness and thus love working.

9. They are those who love to seize the day and take all that it has to offer:-They are aware that time is of the essence. They are excited to utilize the day to its fullest. Such people end up loving what they do as they view work with that same lens. They try to accomplish what they can and give their best as they believe that this day will not return ever. It is interesting to see that such people end up excelling in whatever they do.

10. They are those who view life as a service to humanity:- They have servanthood written all over them. They see everything that they do as a service to humanity. Their work is also a big part of their service to the world. These people treat their work with the highest honor and thus work with such a servant attitude that it is hard for them not to love what they do. Every opportunity they get, they make it towards serving others as they pride themselves in doing that. It is an honor for them to do any service. They don’t care about fame, name, or status. They do it because they want to serve or give their service to the world/humanity. 

11. They are those people who have a bigger picture mentality:- These people are not egomaniacs. They don’t derive happiness in satisfying their ego. People of these sorts can help diffuse big problems. They are an asset to the company. When you are an asset to the company, why would you want to stop going to work? They don’t let their judgment cloud them and make poor decisions at work or elsewhere. This seeing with a bigger picture always helps them achieve greater heights in whatever they do and wherever they go.

12. For those people who love a good paycheck, these people love what they do because of it. The amount of money they earn makes them love their work. They make sure to work more in their craft to earn more money. What they do is focus on working and mastering whatever they are doing for more income. They are innovative people and work on new visions and ideas. They embrace challenges and work every day towards achieving their goals. These people are enthusiastic about their work and will never trade their day for other things.

13. Those who love their work go to retreats and vacations to rejuvenate themselves:- Some companies deliberately provide holidays at spa retreats or vacations at exotic places. They want their employees to unwind themselves and have a good time to make them do better at their work. Most companies testify to the fact that employees who take such benefits return to do better. They are happier as compared to those who don’t take their time off. A well-rested man is happier and more productive for the company.

14. Those who love their jobs pursue higher studies or have career mobility opportunities from their company:- Professional growth is a necessity for some people and such people seek out only those companies that help them achieve that. The people who work in these companies make better employees. They are in a more trusting environment which allows them to thrive in their work. This is very important for a person whose ambition is to move higher in their career path and find that makes them happier in their workplace thus they end up loving what they do.

15. Those who love what they do work in a company that offers them work-life balance:- Companies that provide steady career growth and enough time to spend with loved ones are preferred. They end up loving what they do because of the balance they get from their company. Work-life balance is vital for a person to work and thrive at the same time. 

16. People who love their jobs do things differently:-They don’t follow the crowd but carve their path. When others follow the toxic culture, those people are the ones who consciously work towards stopping this toxicity. They do the opposite and end up influencing the company’s culture with a positivity and growth mindset. These people find pleasure in going to work because they do not let the outside environment pollute their inner world and they are working consciously to bring a change in the company. Their day is never dull because of their higher consciousness and they love what they do without a shadow of a doubt.

17. Those who love their job work with people with the same values and mindset:-There is a category of people, they thrive at a place of commonality. Therefore, such people end up working with the same values-based mindset. When they do that, it automatically brings them in their element and they find pleasure in what they do because of the support they receive from each other.

18. Those who love their job are those who do not have an attitude of entitlement:- That’s right, they don’t think that way. They have a practical way of living. They know that certain things take time. They are ready to wait for the right time to get to a certain point in their life. They do not act entitled to this treatment or that promotion but work towards it. They believe in achieving those with sheer hard work. If they find that they will not get the next promotion or are unappreciated for their faithful work, they will not hesitate to move on or resign from that place of work. This decision keeps them happier in their work. They are not the ones who will stay whining and complaining. They take practical decisions after a thorough study and leave if their work is unappreciated.

19. Those who love their work are quick to get up from a bad situation:- The way they deal with their sorrow makes them one step ahead of the rest of the people. Those people who are not easily offended Make better employees, friends, etc. Offended people are not happy people and they are certainly not happy employees. Giving grace to your colleagues and boss does wonders for your work life. Those who love their work know how to ignore the offenses.

Some Points to remember:-

When studying people who love their work and the things they do that make them love their work, one should not forget that everyone who loves their work and the things that they do cannot be fitted into one mold. There are layers of reasons and categories of people on how they do things that make them love their work. 

  • Everyone’s reason and their actions that are taken in loving their work are different.
  • But one common factor is that people who love their work are those who are excellent in their work. 
  • They don’t indulge in office politics like gossip. They are people who love people genuinely and, therefore, they serve with utmost patience and kindness.
  • When you study their attitudes, a common trait found among those who love their job is empathy and humility. 

People love people who are harmless and dedicated to their work. Any work, let it be as little as a waving flag but if you do it with joy and enthusiasm with a whole lot of pride, that is the way that leads to you loving what you do and that attitude of yours is contagious to everyone around. You automatically become a magnet for everything good in your life. People start noticing you and make space for you. These factors lead you to achieve greater heights and ultimately leads you to love what you do. A whole lot of good attitude with a lot of hard work makes anyone happy and satisfied. 

Some Important FAQs.

1. What do people who love their jobs have in common?

They all have common personality characteristics. Firstly, most have a strong work ethic and are deliberate in choosing their battles. They are highly self-aware and emanate positivity. They put value on themselves and others.

2. How do they stay motivated and thrive in their career?

They have a mindset of learning new things. They lay high emphasis on achieving soft skills required in their field. You will see such a vibrant bunch of employees giving importance to reskilling or learning new hard/soft skills.

3. How do such people view life?

The most common traits found in people who are a success have an eagerness to face challenges. They see failures as a stepping stone to achieve new heights. Amazingly, people who accept their flaws seem to offer more grace towards others’ flaws. These people are the ones who end up achieving success wherever they go.


Those who love their work do things that make them love their work. They don’t sit and wait for the situation to become good by itself. They take action and correct themselves. You will never find them wallowing in self-pity and sadness. No! They are tough, practical, and sane people who know that nothing will change if they don’t change. They look inward for inspiration and make sure that everything is aligning with their visions and purpose. They know what they are doing and are not shy to go for what they want. They love to create their world of happiness and bliss. They don’t play the blame game and view life as it is in the present and not as it should be. Some people who have a certain charisma about them have a better learning capacity. They don’t let the anomalies of life differ them from achieving their purpose. When you find such people, you will always find them enjoying every day of their life.

People Who Love Their Jobs: What Do They Do?

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