Open Letter To Aspiring Artists From Connie Lansberg

Open Letter To aspiring artists from Connie Lansberg-Author and Musician

As an author and musician, I’m on a quest to see what’s inside me—what I can pull out of my soul. I want nothing to do with trends or popularity, and I take 100% responsibility for the outcome. I will present a letter for aspiring artists in this article.

Open Letter To Aspiring Artists

I was always going to be an actress, and I trained for that. Still, I need to be the one writing the words I say (I learned this through a healing modality called Soul Re-alignment), so I gave it up and started pursuing music and screenwriting, which led to becoming an author

That all sounds linear and logical, but it was anything but. It took endless “failures” and years of confusion. Through the inner spiritual work I did alongside the actual technical work of learning to write, to sing, gig, I learned the why’s of what and how I was manifesting both what I wanted and what I didn’t.

I’ve always been confident of my work because I did, and continue to do, the disciplined work it takes to be an artist. (Read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art) Discipline is your best friend, not talent.

I did the work I needed to do (and by work, I mean whatever practice and learning I needed and still need to do) because I had the discipline to silence the voice inside telling me I wasn’t good enough. That voice is your ego trying to keep you safe inside the cage is made for you. When you take a new action, even on you know is essential to your success, your ego will do what it can to make you stop. Your soul wants you to expand. Your ego wants you to stay small. It’s up to you which one wins.

My first boo and first original album launched this Nov, and my second book is halfway finished with another original album in the can. I have a book of short stories that goes with the second album. I’m in the throws of learning marketing (which I hate and have been avoiding), but this is also an essential skill as an indie artist.

Here’s what I know about being an artist. 

  • You have to be 100% authentic.
  • You need discipline and perseverance.
  • You need to read The War of Art, and…..

You need to save as much money as you possibly can. Being an artist is very, very expensive. The bulk of all indie artists, writers, painters need a second job until they are established, which can take years. Don’t rail against that. 

You cannot outsmart Divine Timing!





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Open Letter To Aspiring Artists From Connie Lansberg

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