No News After Reference Check- What Should Be My Response?

There is a long list of activities between the time you apply for a job and the time you get the job. One of these activities is the reference check. Although it’s a worthy operation, several applicants have painful experiences with it – not hearing from recruiters after the reference check. Here we will see what should one do if there is no news after reference check

No News After Reference Check

We understand how frustrating this situation is, so here is an article to show you all the nitty-gritty of reference checks and your best response to such a situation. 

If you do not hear from the recruiter after the reference check, you should follow up. Try to contact the team and find out why they are not responding. You could be able to fix the issue and fight for the job.

Reference Check: What Does it Mean?

Let’s make use of a practical approach. Let’s say you applied for a job with” company Xito; the recruiter or hiring manager must have demanded your work history or experience. Now, the recruiter digs in to get more information about your past work and validate your claims. So the recruiter will have to contact your previous employers or organization.

The whole process is the reference check. 

Why Do Recruiters Do A Reference Check on my Application?

Although the aftermath of several reference checks doesn’t sit well with job applicants, it holds several benefits for the hiring organization and the industry. 

Get Insights Into Applicant Behavior

Yes, your skills, qualification, and overall experience are vital elements for any workplace. However, your behavior as a person fitting the work environment is equally important. So a recruiter can run reference checks to get a glimpse of your personality. 

It could be your attitude to work or how you relate in the workplace with team members- the hiring manager wants to know. So the best shot is to communicate with organizations where you have worked as they will provide the first-hand information.

Validate Your Skill Set and Experience

Several job applicants often exaggerate or lie about their work experience, and the reference check proves to be an excellent way to verify without having to employ the personnel wrongly. If you claim that you worked with a company, they contact the company and ask about you.  

It’s believable if the thumbs-up and endorsement come from your former employers. 

A Look Into Your Civil Records

This aspect may sound funny, but it’s vital. Some companies go the extra mile to ensure that whoever they will be working with must be of good value to society and holds a positive reputation. They want to know if you have lying issues with previous organizations, government, etc. Such records include taxpayer status, criminal records, etc.

Reduce Recruiting Intervals

The hiring process consumes time and resources, and companies do not want to go through that cycle too frequently. So one way to dig into potential employees is by performing a reference check. The reference check helps organizations get the best fit for the desired role. Hence they do not recruit too often and, in turn, save resources. 

Maintain Organization Standards and Progress

The hiring manager is given the task because the organization needs someone to fulfill a role and add value to its business. So the reference check exposes the applicant, and the recruiter can vividly see if he fits the organization’s standards and can contribute to its progress.

Why I’m Not Receiving Any News After the Reference Check?

You believed that you filed a top-notch application, and the interview was great. Then the reference check came up, and you haven’t gotten any feedback. It’s not a palatable experience, but it happens a lot in the quest for seeking a job. Several things may have gone wrong, so let’s see why there is no feedback. 

Your Claims Were False

Recall that the reference check is a means to validate the information you filled in the application or all you said during the interview. So if they check and the responses don’t tally, then the hiring team will be displeased and may move on with other applicants. 

No Response From Your References

All your information could be valid and excellent but still no response. One possible pointer could be from your references- employers, previous team members, etc. The hiring team may have reached out to the references, but they never respond. 

Possible reasons could be that the contact information isn’t valid or is no longer available; on the other hand, your references may not be willing to communicate. Such a situation may stop the recruiter from getting back to you. 

Changes on the Side of the Recruiter or Organization

There are cases where the organization may revise the role and requirements. So, in this case, the feedback may be delayed or never come. 

There is A Better Candidate

This sounds sad, but the truth is that there could be someone with a better application or interview. Recall that these recruiters seek the best from many applicants, and you may not be the one. 

No News After Reference Check: Is There A Way To Prevent This Situation?

In the section above, we looked at the possible reasons for not getting feedback after a reference check. From the explained options, it’s safe to see some reasons as controllable from your end while others may be out of your power, for example, the hiring team changing their mind and requirements.

So is there a way to prevent this situation? The ideal response will lie in your actions and ability to deal with the factors you can control. 

Do not Falsify Your Application Information

The best practice is that you don’t apply for roles that are beyond your skillet and qualifications. Always read through the requirements and go for one that suits you. Then fill in your details truthfully so that they can be verified. 

Make Use of Updated Reference Contacts

Make it easy for the hiring team to contact your references. So ensure the means of contact you are supplying is authentic. You could quickly check to see if there are changes in your references contacts.

Always Upgrade Yourself

A person with a fantastic skillset and value will not be ignored by hiring teams. So you need to get yourself to the mark in your field or industry. Look around and get in sync with the current requirements in your industry. Then pursue certifications, activities, and many more that will scale you to a hot cake in the industry. 

I Haven’t Received Feedback After the Reference Check- to What Can I Do?

At this point, the deed is done as what seems like a beautiful job application procedure is turning sour. You haven’t heard from the hiring team and don’t know what to do. Then this section will help.

The anchor solution is to follow up by contacting the recruiter or hiring team. However, it is advisable to verify whether you have been reached- in case the problem is from your end. After confirming and still no news, reach out to the hiring team via email or call.

In your follow-up email or call, please introduce yourself and let them know that you had an interview and were up next for a reference check. Politely inform them that you are following up on the situation as you are yet to receive a response. A much better way is to ask them if there is any way you can be of help towards the reference check. 

From the follow-up, you’ll likely get a response from the hiring team. These responses could be any of the following.

  • They are yet to perform the reference check
  • They have performed the reference check and have decided not to proceed with your application
  • Your references are not reachable. Or may have been reached but not willing to give out any information.

If they are yet to perform the reference check, you’ll have to wait a little more. However, if they have done the check and wish not to proceed with you, you have to move on and apply for some other openings.

The last part, which suggests an issue with your reference, will demand swift and spot-on actions from you. If your references are not reachable, you’ll have to review your reference contacts and send valid ones to the hiring team.

In the case where your references are not willing to respond, then you’ll have to communicate with your references. Maybe you don’t have a good relationship with your references, or they were never informed about the check.  Your best shot is to make amends and seek their cooperation. 

What are the Mistakes People Make While Waiting for A Response After A Reference Check?

The waiting period can be overwhelming, especially when you need the job dearly. Emotions sets in, and people tend to make a lot of costly mistakes while waiting. 


They can’t just wait and want to see the hiring process completed as fast as possible. As a result, several people send too many emails to the hiring team, which is inconvenient and unprofessional. Always remember that there are several other applicants down the pipeline, and they will have to interview every one of them. 

They Stop Applying to Other Jobs

The interview doesn’t land you the job in all situations, as many in-house factors may set in. So it’s a huge mistake to depend solely on that particular job which isn’t yours at the moment. Do not take your eyes off job boards; keep applying to numerous sources while you attend multiple interviews. The higher the number of applications, the higher your chances.

They Do Not Inform Their References

Recall that your references are also busy people, and they will not appreciate being taken unawares. This has led to issues where references are unavailable and willing to speak. So after the interview and you’ve provided the reference information, contact and inform the references so they can be prepared to give the best recommendations.

They Resign From Workplace

It may sound funny, but it’s an actual situation. There are cases where people resign from their workplace because they felt their interview for the new job was superb and that they will get in no matter what. Things can turn the other way around, and one does not have a job at all. 

What is the Information A Recruiter Will Seek From my References?

Recall that the core goals of the reference check are to validate your professional claims and ensure you are the best fit. So all the questions the recruiter will ask will move towards meeting this goal. Let’s have a quick rundown of some of the questions.

Do You Know This Individual?

This is likely the first call because if the response is negative, there is no need for further questions, and your application may have ended. So the recruiter will ask to know if your references know you indeed. This will entail verifying your name and the relationship between you and the references. 

Do You Think the Candidate Can Handle This Position?

Now the recruiter wants to know if you fit into the role and will try to hear from your references. So your references will have to respond and highlight how you have thrived in similar roles while with them.  At this point, your references will highlight your skills, experience, and achievements while in their organization.

What are the Candidate’s Work Ethics and Behaviour?

In the previous sections of the article, we highlighted the importance of employees’ behavior in any workplace. So recruiters want to know how you behave in the workplace. Your previous employers or co-workers will provide the best answer. 

What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Candidate? 

In the workplace, as much as strengths are appreciated, weaknesses are not neglected. No one is a hundred percent; hence there will be some lapses. So the recruiter wants your reference to outline your strengths and weaknesses. 

For this reason, it’s best to be genuine at every stage of the hiring process so that the answers can flow naturally and don’t contradict all you claim. 


No news after a reference check isn’t a strange thing, as it happens from time to time. If it happens, we have shown you the possible causes and steps to take in this article. In all, maintain the integrity and stay positive throughout the hiring process, and the tide could turn in your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duration for A Reference Check?

There is no fixed duration, as it depends on the number of applicants in the pipeline. However, you can expect a week or two.

After A Reference Check, What Next?

The recruiter will decide whether to give you the job or not. 

Is it Proper to Inform My References Before The Check?

Yes. It is vital as preliminary information will prepare them and boost your chances of a good reference at the end of the day. 

No News After Reference Check- What Should Be My Response?

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