NFL GM Salary – Know More About It!


In a typical NFL football team, the owner is at the top of the structure of any football team. Since it is a business venture, there is a president of the company. Together with the president are the usual complement of vice-presidents, directors, COO, CFO, CTO, etc. This is tailor-fitted to suit the company’s business operation.Let us know the information about what is NFL and the salary range of the GM of NFL and who is person in NFL got the highest salary for GM position of in this article.

NFL GM Salary

What is a GM in the NFL?

In general,  the GM – or, General Manager – is the link between the team executives and the players as a whole. He does not have much of a difference from any other General Managers in the corporate world. Those below him report to him and he has the final decision on all matters of the operation of the business. He will report to the board on the progress of the company. That is the square peg of the business world.

In the NFL, it is a different peg other than a square, but peg it is still. That is because an NFL team is not the usual business venture. It is a specialized business undertaking. The players need to have specific skills and qualities. Players don’t punch in at 9 and punch out at 5. They have high risks of physical injury which a secretary will never dream of.

To make the air foggier, each NFL team and its General Manager operate on different schemes. 

What does a GM do?

Again, each team in the NFL operates on its favorable structure. In the usual manner, an NFL General Manager has a lot of things to do, and some critical thinking as well. The pressure on a GM is not limited to the playing season which is, at the base, 18 weeks. If the team performs well, it could go up to 5 or 6 more weeks. 

It is a year-round responsibility of duty executions and analytical decision makings to come up with the best formulation the team may have for the next season. There are 52 weeks in a year with less than half of that for the NFL season. The rest of the remaining weeks are far from any vacation at all. 

He works as the deep insider for the owner. He does the planning for the whole year’s activity of the team. During the off-season, he scouts and watches for new players. He takes a deep interest in the NFL draft. He watches the progress or regress of each of his players. 

He chooses the best player for the team. He decides who stays and who goes out the door. He dictates how much one has to earn for the contract. The least of his duties would be to stands on his decisions to the board.

A nifty and juicy but otherwise tricky slick of a job.

What is the average, highest and lowest salary of a GM in the NFL ?

A football team’s executive salaries are supposedly available to the public. This is because the IRS treats the NFL as a nonprofit organization. Being so, public disclosure of salaries by the NFL management – not the 32 teams – is a requisite.

Team executives do not need to divulge their sensitive information. Team General Managers included. Unlike player contracts which are topped by the salary cap, the GM salaries are not constrained and will be private as much as possible. The taxation issue remains with the NFL management and not the 32 teams that pay taxes.

But there are speculations. It is believed that a general manager of a football team is on average between $2 to $3 million a year. This is influenced by many factors such as experience, team standing, or overall performance.

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots head coach and general manager, is rumored to receive $20m million. Hearsay is fast blown by the wind but he is pegged by sources at $7.5 million for 2021. Coming next to Belichick at half the price is John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks. At a very close third is John Elway of the Denver Broncos at $3 million.

Who has the highest GM salary ever in NFL history?

The discrepancies that could happen among the teams in the NFL could be glaring once you know the facts. The autonomy of each team could be a good reason that such things happen.

Take as an example the NFL in the years between 1989 to 1991. A general manager of one of the teams that sent it into the Super Bowl was earning way below a few general managers that never even reached the playoffs. 

He was the lowest-paid NFL GM in 1990 at a measly $126,000. He was Charley Casserly, the general manager of the Washington Redskins at that time. His influence as the GM sent the Redskins to the Super Bowl three times.

If we take history into account, excluding the inflation factor, GM salaries back then were of lesser value numerically. In 1969 and 1979, an NFL player would receive on average a salary of $25,000. Today, a rookie stands to earn $660,000. If we project that into the current NFL general manager’s pay, the result is the same. The highest-paid GM in NFL history is Bill Belichick.


Hope this article has helped you to know about the NFL foot ball team’s Genaral Manager salary, responsibility of the GM and the salary ranges of GM.

NFL GM Salary – Know More About It!

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