Motivate Yourself to do Laundry

Laundry is one of the hectic chores people dread to do, most people would prefer to leave the washing for later, and because we live in a busy world, people tend to get so busy that it skips their minds. And even when you think you have washed everything, you will be surprised to see many dirty clothes around the house. Let us know about ‘Motivate Yourself to do Laundry’.

Motivate Yourself to do Laundry.

Motivate Yourself to do Laundry:

Your laundry must be done. Either by hand washing them or using a washing machine. You can also invite someone over, like dry cleaners, or if you are lucky, you might have a friend or family member willing to help with your laundry.

No one enjoys doing laundry; it’s a bit tiring. But you can’t leave your clothes for two or more weeks without washing them; it’s unhealthy.

Motivate Yourself to do Laundry:

What do you think will happen when you fail to wash your clothes, dishes, and kitchen towels? Or what people would think when they come into your house, and it’s oozing out unpleasant odors

Whether you work daily and are extremely busy, or you are a stay-at-home wife, you put on clothes every day, and as the family must expand, so does the laundry load. But at the same time, the increase should not be a problem. They are ways you can do your laundry so easily.

Mostly, the laundromat is money-consuming but doing laundry yourself is not.

If you constantly find it challenging to do your laundry, then you must map out practical ways to motivate yourself to do your laundry. This article will guide you on the steps to make your laundry successful.

Ten Ways to Make Laundry a Success:

1. Set a Particular Day and Time Each Week.

Probably, you work every day and have no time to do your laundry yourself. You can Create time for washing and fix a particular time and day convenient for you; it could be once or twice a week. 

Mark the date on your calendar and set the alarm on your phone or as a quick reminder.

2. Do one load per day.

When there is a washing machine and dryer in the house, you don’t have to give many excuses. House chores are a lot, but planning can help you do everything. 

Let’s look at single mums; they go to work and still take care of their families. Whenever they remember laundry, they feel exhausted, and truthfully, not everyone can afford to take their family clothes to the laundromat.

First, you can decide to do your laundry early in the morning, for 5-10mins, or in the evening, for 10 mins. Continue the routine; it helps.

Creating a daily routine on your calendar or schedule is a reminder and also makes you get used to washing for 10 mins every day.

3. Do something enjoyable while you do the laundry.

Combining laundry with something you love helps. If you don’t feel like washing because of a movie show, watch your favorite movie while at it. If you don’t want to bend, you can get a comfortable chair; if you love music, then play your favorite songs while washing your clothes.

Hence, you can do all your washing, sorting, folding, and drying of all the clothes without stress.

4. Create a competition exercise.

Suppose you have a family that loves fun and enjoys doing chores together. You can create a competition among your families and friends, then place a prize for the winners. 

These exercises can be done every weekend, and by doing so, the loads are reduced. When it comes to competition and gifts, people take it seriously. 

Therefore, creating this family competition can help you do your laundry and reduce your workload. Furthermore, it brings happiness to the home, where everyone will like to participate.

5. Set a sorting plan.

If you are used to piling up clothes before you wash them, You will get tired of washing them the day you decide to bring them all out at once.

However, to help you reduce the stress, sort them by batches, whites, colors, towels, or clothes that have fading colors. When you sort them by batches, it speeds up the whole washing process.

When you have arranged them in sets, choose the set you will wash first and how to wash them. 

Wash the white-colored clothes first before taking in the colored ones, n; never them simultaneously. Arranging your clothes in order will help you not to ruin your clothes.

6. Buy a lovely liquid soap or detergent.

People have different senses of smell. Many people are allergic to some fragrances. Therefore, you will get more motivated whenever you use soap or detergent because you love the fragrance.

If you can, try and maintain one particular soap or detergent so you won’t get discouraged during laundry time.

If you don’t do laundry yourself, you can still choose a laundromat that uses a friendly detergent or soap. Whenever you wear them, you will feel comfortable.

7. Give yourself a treat.

Is there anything that motivates you after you achieve something? It can be a drink, food, a movie show, or friends.

Meanwhile, connect your appointment with your laundromat to a fun treat day when you reward yourself. By doing so, you wouldn’t like to miss a day of your schedule with your laundromat.

Although if you have a washing machine at home, get a fun treat or reward yourself after heavy laundry. It might be good food or drink.

8. Make out an easy laundromat win.

There are many laundry wins; it depends on what works for you. You might like your shirts well folded or well arranged in the drawer. 

Squeezing or rolling your shirt in the drawer, which you don’t like, will motivate you to do your laundry. Those who don’t have a washing machine will be pushed to visit a laundromat.

Employing the services of a laundromat can be money-consuming but saves time, unlike doing laundry yourself. Sometimes you might end up procrastinating due to tiredness.

9. Make out 10 minutes every day 

Have you timed yourself to get some things done, like reading, cooking, or doing laundry? If you have noticed, you will see how productive you were.

The same thing applies to doing your laundry, set 10 minutes out of your busy day and see the great work you will get done. This is a great tactic to help you focus on one particular task quickly. 

10. Get new sets of hangers and hampers.

Using an old set of things for a long time can be discouraging. It makes you lose interest whenever you remember that you will use them.

On the other hand, laundromat centers will not render a service to anyone for free. Since visiting a laundromat requires money, many people don’t have enough money to see them. 

Usually, when people buy new equipment or new things for themselves, they feel happy using them. Just like buying new workout outfits, it energizes you to go out for work out every day. 

So, getting a new set of hangers and a hamper can do the trick. You will see how motivated and eager you will be to do your laundry.

Why You Need the Motivation to Do Your Laundry?

Doing your laundry yourself would save you Time, energy, and the burden of having too much work to do at a time; here are some reasons that would give you the motivation you need.

  • You don’t want to be embarrassed when a visitor comes into your house to meet heaps of dirty clothes
  • You want to have enough clean clothes at your disposal that you can wear at anytime
  • The burden of washing too many clothes at the same time
  • Procrastinating only leaves you with more piles of clothes left unwashed


Laundry is one chore you don’t always feel happy to do. However, some will love to do laundry for a particular day but hate the work another time.

Doing your laundry is a must, or how else do you want to keep your clothes clean? You will escape laundry. Meanwhile, your family can not go necked because you don’t like doing laundry.

Consistency is the most important thing to consider if you want to motivate yourself. Therefore, constantly planning your life and activities will make you get used to doing laundry.

However, creating a schedule and sticking to your plans help a lot. If you stick to the steps outlined in this article, you will overcome procrastination and the feeling of “I don’t like doing laundry.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How About Using a Washing Machine?

Laundry is a hectic chore, and no one enjoys it 100%. But technology has made it so easy now. While we do other things at home, we can still do our laundry. 

Moreover, not everyone that wishes to have a laundry machine gets one. The laundry machine is so expensive, which makes it so hard for an average person.

  • Do you think going to the laundromat is better than doing laundry yourself?

Most of the time, you feel like taking all the dirty clothes in your house to the laundromat, but you can’t. 

Nevertheless, going to the laundromat is far better than doing laundry yourself. It saves time and stress if you can afford their services.

Motivate Yourself to do Laundry

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