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A rotational program allows the employees to go through various jobs and return to their original positions within the same company. Similarly, as the name suggests, a finance rotation program offers experience and training related to the finance industry, especially for new graduates, within an organization through rotation. The Microsoft Finance Rotation Program is an innovative initiative that offers the finance team to explore more opportunities, have competitive salaries, and gain experience. However, they must know about the related challenges. This article elaborates on all of them.

Microsoft Finance Rotation Program

Microsoft Finance Rotation Program

In the Finance Rotation Program conducted by Microsoft (FRP), the participants will come across four rotations every six months for two years. It gets considered one of the best rotational programs. The company took this initiative to encourage talented employees to use the resources and make a difference.

In a typical finance rotation program, the seniority level increases from the Finance Manager to Senior Finance Manager and then to the Lead Finance Manager. In the case of the Microsoft FRP, the employees begin as Senior Analysts and end up being the Finance Managers. These are full-time job opportunities.

We will look at the job and other requirements, salary, and interview details under this section.

Job Requirements

Microsoft offers much more to the employees and expects them to follow a few rules. Some of the requirements for the Microsoft FRP are as follows:

Educational Requirements

The following are the educational requirements related to the program:

  • They must have done an internship in a finance-related field and must possess proof of their related work and abilities.
  • The participants must be either studying as an undergraduate or have graduated with a specialization in finance-related fields.
  • Certifications related to Microsoft Office will prove beneficial. However, knowledge of handling Microsoft Office is a must.
  • Proven experience with data science, visualization, and related programming languages is a must.

Other Requirements

Other requirements that a participant must possess are:

  • Communication, problem-solving, negotiation, analytical, and presentation skills.
  • Dive deep into the details, be accurate, and have a strong grasping power.
  • Must be able to work independently and with a team.
  • Must know the related financial terms very well.

Offered Salary

The Microsoft Financial Rotational Analysts get paid between $85,000 and $98,000 per annum. Most employees get paid $89,000 per annum. This amount is far better than the other companies that offer around $75,000 per annum. Microsoft also pays bonuses for such participants.


Microsoft aims to identify how the candidates fit into the job role and how dedicated they are. It requires the candidates to understand the job requirements, core values, and culture of the company. They must know what they want for their career.

The following are some details regarding the Microsoft Finance Rotation Program Interview:

  1. Most of the candidates get a positive experience. Generally, there are four rounds of interviews, and one lasts for a maximum of 45 minutes.
  2. The interviewers explain to the candidates about the job role and make them feel comfortable. So, the environment gets friendly, but the questions get tricky and challenging.
  3. Generally, an interview lasts for over half a day, and the selected candidates must meet their new team members soon.
  4. The interviewing team mostly gets back within a week to inform its decision. However, the interview dates differ according to the job role. Similarly, the interview experience depends on the job roles.
  5. Most of the questions asked during the Microsoft Finance Rotation Program interview are behavioral, while only a few are technical. Similarly, most candidates come across a different set of questions.

Advantages Of Microsoft Finance Rotation Program

The following are some of the advantages of the Microsoft Finance Rotation Program:

Exploration Of Opportunities

Since the employees rotate across different jobs and return to their initial ones, they understand what they want. They might change their career path within Microsoft to offer more productivity.

A Break

The employees might get bored with their daily routine. Thus, a job rotation offers them a mixture of responsibilities. Though it is not an ultimate step, it is better than the employees leaving the company to do something new.

Back-up Plan

Similar or different vacant positions can get filled by the eligible employees within the company if employee turnover occurs. Microsoft can recognize this eligibility through a job rotation.

Employee Network

As employees start working with the different teams, they get to know other employees and their leadership styles. All of them can share ideas. They can act as references for each other when required.

Disadvantages Of Microsoft Finance Rotation Program

The following are some of the disadvantages of the Microsoft Finance Rotation Program:


The employees get rotated to the jobs at the same level. So, instead of having a break from the daily routine, they might end up getting frustrated with a mixture of responsibilities. Frequent rotations might also create a problem for the company.


The employees might pass the interviews of their dream position for a rotation. But, they might forget that they must perform well for the new job. The employees might waste company resources if they do not get comfortable with the allocated job role.


Employee rotation introduces some costs required for training, human error, salaries, bonuses, and much more. Microsoft might handle these costs, but small companies might not.

Not An Ultimate Solution

Microsoft might face different issues, but the finance rotation program is not the ultimate solution to all the problems. Instead, it might introduce more problems. Not every industry within Microsoft is worth having a job rotation.


Microsoft considers the participants regardless of any difference or criminal history. They must only get qualified legally and according to the requirements mentioned above. The finance rotation program offers on-the-job training and an opportunity to sharpen their financial knowledge and productivity for the company. Thus, only the employees that feel comfortable with a role must opt for a job rotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Other Companies Offer Job Rotation?


Some companies offering job rotation are Intel Corporation, HSBC Holdings, Deloitte, Toyo Kogyo Company, ManTech, NFL, Semco Partners, and more.

  1. Is A Job Rotation Program Worth It?


Yes, but to a certain extent. Productivity of a company implementing job rotation usually increases by 20% in the first year and at a half rate after five years.

Microsoft Finance Rotation Program – Know More

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