List of Good Excuses To Skip At Work 2021

List of Good Excuses For No Call/No Show At Work

Everybody needs a break now and then. In times likes these, we often need a List of Good Excuses To Skip At Work 2021. As an employee, you take a day off without even informing your boss or colleagues. Sometimes you have a valid excuse for not showing at work. Other times you do not have any valid excuse.

If that is what you are looking for, you came to the place. We have got you covered!!

List of Good Excuses To Skip At Work 2021

Nowadays it seems like that some people really hate going to work. Well, the most important reason behind this is that not everyone has a job they love. Some people are just working at their jobs so they can pay off their bills. Some people are lucky to find their dream jobs, love working, and rarely need a break from their work. No matter how much you love your job, sometimes you need to relax and have some time to yourself, and you do not have a valid reason for taking a day off.  In that case, we have a list of good excuses for no call/no show at work. 

  1. Personal Issues: Whenever you decide to take a day off and forget to call your boss or inform your colleagues. You might use this excuse as this seems like one of the most genuine reasons for not calling and showing work. If you present this excuse in a secretive manner, we are sure that people would respect your privacy and not ask for details. Mentioning that you were unable to show up at work because of personal issues, people would respect your privacy, and you won’t have to go into details. But you do realize that you cannot use this reason more than once or twice. So use it wisely. 
  1. Medical Appointment: You can always use this excuse for not showing at work. You can let your employer know that it was a medical emergency and you had to go to the doctor’s office last minute. It could be a skin anomaly or something else that required your immediate attention and could not have been delayed. We can assure you that this reason will work at least once.
  1. Lost Your Belongings: It’s a huge deal to lose your wallets, keys, or your private belongings. We all have been there. Nowadays, our phones hold so much personal and private information that losing it puts your identity at risk. You’ve got to find it. You cannot come to work until you do. If you lose your wallet or credit card, you need to immediately go to the police station because delaying it would put you in a hazardous situation. No one would argue about this excuse as this is also one of the most valid reasons for not calling or showing up at work. 
  1. Your Pet Died: Pets are incredible. If you’ve had a cat or dog for more than eight years, chances are you’ve formed a close bond with them. If the pet dies, it is a trauma similar to the death of a human being. This can be used as an excuse for not calling or turning up for work. Whoever has a pet will empathize with you and understand your situation. They will even offer condolences and comfort to you because this is a big loss. You can make this excuse but be aware that you might feel guilty after using this excuse, and you will still have a pet at home. You will probably have to lie about it afterward. So think wisely before using this excuse, but it is guaranteed that it will work. 
  1. Accident or Car trouble: When you have to commute to work, and your car breaks down, it’s always a nightmare and an emergency if you need to get somewhere. Problems with cars are a bummer. Perhaps you were in a car accident? That’s also not fun. Car troubles also require your immediate attention because your car is your mean of traveling to work, and you need to fix this problem as soon as possible to avoid any further discomfort. You can use this excuse with your employees and boss because it’s a valid excuse. Try to make it sound real, and maybe do not go too much into details and not exaggerate a lot. 
  1. Food Poisoning: Food poisoning is not the same as being ill. To most people, food poisoning includes bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, as well as general nastiness. No one will ask you about it, and you won’t go to the doctor about it in most cases. This excuse works almost every time because most people have gone through this, and they know that this is not a pleasant state to be in. So feel free to use this excuse for not showing up at work. 
  1. Mental Health Issues: We all know that mental health issues are actually one of the main reasons for not calling or showing up at work. People have bad mental health days, and they find themselves unable to get out of bed or perform their basic daily tasks. It becomes really difficult for them to call and inform their boss that they will not be showing up to work, so they completely avoid it. You might this excuse because people are really sensitive towards mental health issues, and they try to understand it and will probably comfort you, and your boss might offer you a few more days off. But again, beware of using this excuse as you might feel guilty about using it, and it will probably not work every time. 
  1. A Death in the Family: Many people get away with claiming that a member of their family has died. More often than not, this perfect excuse works. You should be careful not to “kill” a living human, though, because that could come back to haunt you. Use an example of a person who’s already gone. You can use this excuse, but you have to be very careful with the details, and again, do no exaggerate or get too much into the details because it might get you into trouble. 
  1. Allergies: Allergies are difficult to identify because they may be seasonal or due to a chronic illness such as contact allergies or something immune-related. You don’t need to go into the details… sneezing, diarrhea, and trouble breathing, to name a few symptoms. You can take a break. This is a valid excuse. You can use this excuse for not calling or showing up at work, and people will believe you as this is a really common scenario. 
  1.  Problems at Home: This is also one of those excuses that are guaranteed to work. You could be having different issues at home that required your attention or demanded your presence. That is why you had to take a day off. It could be a medical emergency at home, maybe there was a problem at your kid’s school, and you had to show up at his school. There are hundreds of reasons that could require your presence at home. Using this excuse might broaden your possibilities, and you might not have to get into further details until you are asked for it. So this excuse is another great reason for no show/no call at work. 

Handling the situation after not calling or showing up at work

You might present an excuse to your employer, but you still have to handle the situation cleverly, so you do not get caught. Employers are already keen on the character and discipline of staff. They keep a close eye on their workers and ensure they obey company guidelines while still delivering the best service possible.

When presented with a no-call, no-show scenario, confess your error before explaining what happened. If you have witnessed an emergency, inform the employee. On the opposite, if you have no good explanation for your actions, you must be mindful of what to say. Please withhold those excuses if you overslept or took a day off without telling your boss. It could land you in deeper trouble. Even if you are not fired, the incident will harm the employee’s opinion of you. It has the power to impact future company decisions such as promotions, pay raises, and transfers. So be mindful of what you say and how you handle this situation.  If you succeed in convincing your employee about your excuse, then there is no doubting your skills! Enjoy your day off.

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List of Good Excuses To Skip At Work 2021

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