LinkedIn Headline Example Tips For Unemployed

LinkedIn Headline Example  Tips For Unemployed

So, Did you lose your job recently, and you’re currently job hunting? Perhaps you just graduated from college, and you’re looking for a job. If you’re confused and don’t have a clue what to put in your LinkedIn profile? Then, No need to worry. ANYMORE. We will present LinkedIn Headline Example here.

LinkedIn Headline Example and Tips

Read the article below, and you’ll get your answer. Listen, If you’re unemployed, then you don’t need to shout on LinkedIn that you’re unemployed. There is a simple and understandable explanation for this. But before that – Let me tell you the question that I’m going to answer below, and then I’ll continue with my answer. As you read more of this article, you’ll come to understand:

  • What title to put in your LinkedIn Profile if you’re unemployed?
  • How to craft a title to get a higher ranking on LinkedIn search results? 
  • And How to write an Unemployed title that gets you a job?

We’re not just going to uncover – What to write? But also How to write it? Once you finish the article, I guarantee that you’ll become capable of writing your own Linkedin Title without reading any further articles or suggestions.

What Not to Do?

So, here are a few examples of the types of titles that the so-called “Linkedin Expert” usually suggests, but I absolutely won’t recommend this. I’ve listed a couple of titles below that one should avoid using in their Linkedin Profile. These titles make it less likely you’re going to be able to get a job.

Titles such as:

  • Seeking for an opportunity
  • Looking for a career opportunity.”
  • “Open to work.
  • Currently Unemployed

Listen, you don’t need to tell everyone that you’re unemployed. Your unemployment is temporary, but your goals are not temporary. Your goals will remain with you for the rest of your life. Another thing to bear in mind is that people will never trust you, and you can’t build any authority in front of recruiters who can actually hire you If you use the title as explained above. This is why you shouldn’t follow these types of tips.  Imagine for a moment if someone is searching for a “Copywriter,” he will not type in the keyword like “seeking for an opportunity” Instead, they will type the keyword “copywriter.” From there, he will choose a person as a candidate to hire.

The Goal of your Linkedin Title is to help you rank higher on Linkedin Search and Drag recruiters into your profile. That’s it.

As soon as any recruiter comes to your profile, you can show them that you’re open to new opportunities using the Linkedin Open Candidates feature. It’s a feature of LinkedIn that attaches a tag to your profile that shows you’re unemployed. Using these features, you can let everyone know (whoever visits your profile only) that you need a job and open to an offer. The fact that you’re unemployed won’t be visible to just anyone and will only be visible to those who browse through your LinkedIn. Comparing to another way you may think of, in this way, you still hold onto your authority and respect while being unemployed. Isn’t it Amazing? Huh!

What to Do? (Sweet & Short Answer)

Now, let’s focus on the important questions. What is the best title to write in your LinkedIn profile if you’re unemployed? Your LinkedIn title should demonstrate your authority and indicate what you do.

The simple, couple-word answer is that – Don’t show that you’re unemployed, instead show authority in your LinkedIn title so that you get hired.

Here’s How to can do that:

You need to follow a variable. Just put the relevant Profession and Achievement in your title and that’s it. Below I have mentioned those variables:

{Profession/Keyword} | {Achievement/Value/Outcome/Education}

  • Email Copywriter | I Help businesses 10X their email marketing ROI
  • Executive in Dedicated Contract Carriage | Driving Initiatives to Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue By $100K+
  • Marketing Manager for SaaS Apps | Driving Growth From 10K – 50K users In 8 Months (Without Spending a Dime On Ads)

Now, You might wonder How you can come up with so many fancy words to write in the titles?

Well, For that, you need to follow the research method that I use. Go through this article to learn how to write a catchy title. These titles will get you a job. PROMISE.

Here are Those People Who Can Hire You…

The way to start your research is to start thinking about your audience. That a time thinking who can hire you…

  • “HR Manager”
  • “Recruiters”
  • “Business Owner”
  • “Startups”
  • “Freelancer”
  • And So on.

These are those people that are aggressively looking for the right candidate to get into their company. That right candidate can be you. Now, the question is, how will your prospect find you?

Linkedin Search. Why do you think Linkedin offers you so many filters and customization options. There must be some reason for this. Think about it. Your prospect is trying to find you on a LinkedIn search result, and you have to come up there if you really want to get hired.

Now come to the next most important question – How to do that exactly? And I believe most of you have already guessed the answer. It’s doing further research.

Research Your Dream Job

From this point forward, you’ll have to follow a step-by-step method of coming up with the right title for your LinkedIn profile.

  • Step1 – First, type in your dream job. It can be a copywriter, sales executive, content strategist in the LinkedIn search box.
  • Step 2 – As you get the result, you have to start picking up the Linkedin profile & job title and start pasting it on a word document. Make sure you pick at least 30 relevant titles that resonate with you. Notice the word “relevant”.
LinkedIn Headline Tips For Unemployed
  • Step 3 – Now head over to and click on File.
  • Step 4 – After clicking on File > Paste/type text option. You’ll get a dialog box to type. Paste your 30 relevant LinkedIn titles into the box above and click Apply.
  • Step 5 – You’ll see a graphical representation of the most popular keyword. IGNORE THIS and go to the word list, which is located just aside from the file menu.
  • Step 6 – Now, you’ll get a list of top popular keywords. Figure out which keyword is getting more repeat and choose the top 5 keywords from that list.
  • Step 7 – As you have the top-level keyword, it’s your time to take the top 5 and keep it aside in a safe doc. This will help us further in crafting a phrase that gets noticed more on Linkedin.

Mention Your Achievement

Our next part is an achievement. Here you need to mention achievement. It can something that you’re proud of. It can be a feeling of achievement that you have when you do something that was, at one time, difficult to do.

A Title with some achievement actually drags people in. Achievements are a way to catch people’s attention. The research we conducted allowed us to determine which keyword is the most relevant to your LinkedIn title.

When a recruiter or your potential boss comes to your profile, they need to be compelled to contact you. Your profile needs to convince people. We will talk about that in the future, but for now, we’re just talking about putting up the title that will benefit us without harming your reputation in the market.

Here are Some Examples of Achievements

If you haven’t achieved anything yet, don’t sweat it. You can include value, outcome, and education information in the LinkedIn title achievement section. I’m sharing a couple of examples with you below.

Inspire by titles created for others. You can create a title that is specifically designed to increase the chance of getting a job. There is no fast rule for this because everyone’s situation and conditions are different from others.

You can never imagine how a small thing can create a tremendous impact on your life. We help you find better jobs through simple communication tricks that you can put to use in your own career right away.

Want to land your dream job? You need to stand out. It’s that simple.

So, make sure to use the achievement title. Don’t ignore it.

LinkedIn Headline Tips For Unemployed


  • Driving Growth From 10K – 50K Users In 8 Months (Without Spending A Dime On Ads)
  • I increase Stakeholder Retention Rates By 32%
  • I coach SMB SaaS founder to accelerate recurring revenue toward $50M.

If you didn’t have a past accomplishment & achievement then try to use the Value and Outcome title with a realistic goal.

Lying here could result in you getting into trouble (Be Honest). Once you have created your achievement title, then you can move on to the next step.

LinkedIn Headline Tips For Unemployed

It’s Time to Craft and Writes Your Title

First, open the document that you created that includes your top 5 search keywords. Now, you need to create the main title with this. Try to include the top three most important keywords in your LinkedIn title.

If your keywords are Strategist, Email, & Copywriter, try to write it as “Email copywriter & Strategist.” If you see, you got your main title for your LinkedIn profile.

Have a look at a couple of examples.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

LinkedIn Headline Tips For Unemployed

Take your main title first, and then attach your achievement title with it. Remember the structure because this structure is built especially for those employed and need someone to hire them.

LinkedIn Headline Tips For Unemployed

{Profession/Keyword} | {Achievement/Value/Outcome/Education}

If you got a job, you should change the LinkedIn title again. Follow the below structure once to get you the job. Just reverse it.

{Achievement/Value/Outcome/Education} | {Profession/Keyword}

LinkedIn Headline Tips For Unemployed

A Big Question With An Important Note

You might have thought for a moment – Why are we writing this achievement here? See the image below.

LinkedIn Headline Tips For Unemployed

Can you see the color red? The same type of title repeats again and again –  Which title will actually get the HR manager’s attention? Which profile will he choose to talk about first? Any profile. Right?

That’s the reason why we’re writing our achievement. When we rank high on a LinkedIn search, the hiring manager looking for someone with the right background opens our profile out of any other profile that ranked with us.

Now, Here is my important note.

LinkedIn provides us their “Open Candidate Features.” This only works when someone opens your profile. They can see that you are free and you are looking for an opportunity. This will help the HR manager and other recruiters to hire you.

Another point is that you’re not begging anyone to hire you. This helps maintain your authority in the market which then ends up getting hired by someone.


I almost explained everything you need to know to write your LinkedIn title. If you are unemployed, follow the research method to develop the most relevant title to rank higher on LinkedIn, then attach achievement value or outcome to attract recruiters and HR. I mentioned a couple of “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) below that you should be looking at to answer some common doubts. If you have any doubt, please comment below, and I’ll make sure to attach a similar question in my FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can we use this title in a normal situation?
    • Yes, You can, but not recommended. Use it when you’re unemployed.
  • Can we leave the achievement section behind?
    • You can remove it but don’t expect any result from your title.
  • How to test If I came up with the right Linkedin Title?
    • First, spend the next week adding content to your LinkedIn Profile which includes attaching the top keyword throughout the LinkedIn profile. By the following month, a significant amount of people will be viewing your profile.  
  • What to do if my Linkedin didn’t work out?
    • The title of your Linkedin profile is just one piece of the puzzle. Your headline works together with your profile summary, photo, and skills to make your overall experience on Linkedin the best it can be.
  • What KPI should I be looking to track my Title?
    • Number or view every single month. Interesting View. Track who views your profile – HR Manage,  Recruiters
    • These KPIs would be enough to track your growth.

Written by Ritesh Kumar

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LinkedIn Headline Example Tips For Unemployed

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