List of 10+ ISTJ Anime Characters

ISTJ Anime Characters

ISTJ Anime Characters: Mikasa Ackerman, Son of Shinigami, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, Ginoza Nobuchika, Hijikata

For some of us, the world of fiction is an escape, a beautiful fantasy land where we wish to settle down and start our own new story. Books, movies, series, comic books, mangas- there are so many sources out there through which we can watch and even experience a whole new world. The world-building, the plot, the fantastical additions- if we find these factors fulfilling, we feel like we would love to be a part of this world too. However, the ones who can bring these elements to life for us are the said stories’ characters. Characters in a story can say to be the most important element. A writer/author can build a new world and even set out a whole new plot for their readers, but the story won’t come to life unless we meet the characters. They are the most significant element because the plot revolves around them. If we don’t find compelling characters with whom we can’t even relate, what is the point of reading that story?

Speaking of relatable character, isn’t it true that we can see ourselves in a fictional character because it feels like we share the same personality with them. Yes, it is the relatable personality that attracts us to them. For their readers/watchers, a good author/writer always loves to give their characters different personalities that set them apart and unique from each other. In this article, I will be talking about one specific personality type, i.e., ISTJ, and some of the most popular characters with this personality type in the world of anime. So, let’s get started!

ISTJ Anime Characters: An Overview

According to the MBTI personality test, ISTJs are known as the “Logisticians.” These individuals are said to be dutiful, responsible, practical, and logical who are dedicated to their goals. They are loyal towards their family, friends, and their duties and do not let anything stop them from fulfilling their responsibilities. They take full responsibility for what they do and take pride in their work.

Logisticians are highly analytical individuals who like to study their environment or other people instead of making assumptions about them. They heavily rely on facts to fulfill their duties and prefer to do their job the right way to achieve their goals. Their honest and direct nature makes them such strong personalities who believe in the world’s reality rather than believing in beautiful lies.

Because ISTJs are dutiful and responsible, they put every ounce of effort into reaching their goal, whether for themselves or their loved ones. They focus on their goal and work hard to fulfill their obligations. For them, their duties matter the most even though they have to skip meals or their sleep to achieve them.

Along with the honest personality, the Logisticians are also said to be loyal. They are committed to their tasks as well as to the people they genuinely care about. These individuals adhere to the established rules and guidelines regardless of cost. In case they make mistakes, they take full responsibility for it instead of just shrugging it. After all, integrity is the heart of this personality type, and they would do anything but lie to themselves or others to save their reputation.

Logisticians also have great analytical skills that help them understand different situations in a more open and specified manner. They believe in facts and not assumptions. Their calm and cool nature helps them analyze different situations without losing their temper. They are practical who prefer to keep their feet on the ground and make clear, rational decisions instead of rushing them. They pick up and apply different information in difficult situations, which assist them in overcoming them. Their knowledgeable mind helps them develop new ideas that they can apply during any challenging time.

ISTJs have a number of strengths, which can be proved very beneficial for them in different situations. However, these personality types also have a few weaknesses too. Because these individuals are very loyal to the already established laws and guidelines, they always run by the book. They are not always ready to bend any rules because the definitive rules are what work the best. They are reluctant to try new things, and unstructured environments are just not made for them.

Logisticians can also get pretty stubborn and insensitive at times. Their stubborn nature comes from their heavy reliance on facts. They are usually not ready to accept something new for a change, and if by chance they end up making a mistake, they may act a little obstinate to prove their point.

Their insensitive behavior is not something that they intentionally do but rather do it because of their honest personality. They are blunt and don’t shy away from speaking the truth, whatever the situation or reason is. If they are around any sensetive people, it is most likely that they would end up hurting their feelings in some manner. This nature can portray them as cold and inconsiderate and even make others maintain a distance from them.

ISTJs can also be judgmental towards others who do not agree with the already facts or remain ignorant about them. In fact, they cannot tolerate such individuals around them at times. These individuals also have a bad habit of pushing themselves too hard and blame themselves for no reason. Logisticians can run off to their work all alone without anyone’s assistance and take all the duties and responsibilities on their shoulders. They load themselves with extra work and responsibilities, turning away good intentions and helpful ideas. And if they end up failing their tasks, for this reason, they become too harsh on themselves. They blame themselves for their lack of inconsistency and decide to bear it all alone.

ISTJS In The World Of Anime

As I mentioned before, in the world of fiction, we get to see and know a number of different and unique characters who leave a mark in our hearts. We can relate to a said character, which makes the story all the more interesting for us. Specifically talking about this personality type, ISTJs have their own long list in the fictional world. But as for now, let us talk about ISTJ characters who are a part of anime.

If you are an anime lover and an ISTJ, this list I will mention below may be an enjoyable reading experience for you. Who knows, you may even spot your favorite character in this list. So, here is a long list of these ISTJ characters whom you might adore and find very relatable to yourself:



With the ongoing season, Shingeki no Kyojin is right on the verge of becoming one of the most popular anime series of all time. If you have seen this show, you must be well aware of the characters and how beautifully developed and complex they are, making the plot all the most intriguing for us readers/watchers. Among the large cast of this anime, we have the best girl, Mikasa Ackerman, as the main female lead of the story, which is definitely an ISTJ.

Belonging to the infamous Ackerman clan with superhuman strength, Mikasa is the series’s badass deuteragonist, along with Armin Arlert. She is firm and shares a wonderful bond with Eren Jaeger, even suggesting romantic feelings towards him. Her deep care towards her friends and loyalty towards the Survey Corps in cruel world of this series shapes her responsible and reliable character.

Her calm and collective attitude is a big part of her character, making her such a badass. She has a deep sense of right and wrong, which is on a mission to find her place in the world along with her comrades. She is a realist who believes that “the world is cruel but also beautiful.” She is even very stubborn at times, especially at the beginning of the series, where her sole job was to protect Eren.

Mikasa’s dutiful and loyal nature is what makes her a part of this list. She has the negative traits of an ISTJ and shares deep knowledge, a calm demeanor, and great analytical skills, which confirm that she is an ISTJ.


Our favorite son of Shinigami is also a part of this list because of his OCD and his dutiful nature. Death the Kid in soul eater is one of the significant characters in the series. He is the uptight guy in the class who is more calm and mature than his other two friends, Black Star and Soul. His dutiful nature can be seen in his work and how much he enjoys it. As a meister, he takes pride in what he does along with his Demon Twin Guns, Liz and Patty Thompson, and takes responsibility when making any mistakes.

The kid is also said to be a realistic character who believes that no one is evil and that everyone has some evil within them. His belief in “good” and “evil” and how these two balance each other shows how understanding and rational he is regarding the world. He may take pride in his work and sometimes even his status, but that does not mean he is not humble. In fact, his character is very humane, which makes him a part of this list.

His obsession with symmetrical designs is one of the many flaws which showcase his obstinate nature. Because of these similar traits, we can easily say that Death the Kid is an ISTJ. He is responsible, dutiful, loyal, analytical, yet stubborn who deeply cares for his loved ones, and all of these pretty must establish that he is an ISTJ.


Another badass in this list, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, is the Hellsing Organization head and a noblewoman with a stoic and dutiful personality. Being one of the main female characters of the series, Integra has a strong presence in control of two vampires, the literal Dracula, who is now named Alucard.

Integra’s loyalty to the throne of Britain is shown countless times in the series, especially at the end when Britain is falling, and she is the one who decides to take the responsibilities of the war on her shoulder. She is calm and collective, hardly showing any emotions in the series, and always wants to talk business. She does not prefer any small talks in the series and carries her duties with all respect.

However, Integra also has a habit of getting angry frequently, especially at Alucard, who often disobey or annoy her from his actions. Orphaned at a young age, she is also very tough on herself and tries to shoulder the burden alone if she makes any mistake. She disapproves of failure, and these traits of hers make Alucard and almost all the characters in this series respect her for her charismatic nature.

All these traits of hers makes her a perfect addition to the list of ISTJ characters in anime. And yes, Integra Hellsing is sure worth the respect.


Set in a dystopian Japan, Psycho pass is filled with a great cast of complex characters, among which one of them is Ginoza Nobuchika. As an inspector, he is an effective senior officer who works efficiently in the Chief’s absence. He shows his loyalty towards the Cibil System during the beginning of the series. He is an excellent detective who heavily relies on facts instead of intuitions, making him a great asset to the System.

As the series progresses, we see him significantly change. He is a calm and cool-headed person who at first preferred to maintain his distance with the Enforcers because he believed that emotional attachment could cloud his Psycho-Pass. However, we see him forming great ties with his teammates and rekindling his relationship with his father, Masaoka. He is protective and compassionate towards others, which shows his soft side and how much he genuinely cares for his teammates.

Ginoza is an ISTJ because of the traits he shares with this personality type. He is loyal, calm, practical, and later, even progresses to become a more rational person who makes his character another perfect addition to this list.


The universe of One Punch Man has given us one of the most lovable anime characters- Saitama. However, let’s not forget about his disciple, who has also made a name for himself in the community, Genos. Being a cyborg, Genos is portrayed as an extremely serious character who hardly makes any jokes. He is disciplined and focuses on getting stronger, thus taking lessons from his master, Saitama.

As an S-ranked hero, Genos is dutiful, takes his responsibilities seriously, and is always ready to protect civilians. He has a sense of pride in his abilities, as can be seen in few instances. He does not like to entertain people with his talk but rather focus on his work. He also deeply respects Saitama and does not like when someone disrespects him. This shows his loyal and dutiful nature towards his job as well as his master.

Integrity is the most important feature of ISTJs, and Genos has that in him. He is honest, serious, loyal, and dutiful, caring, and compassionate towards his loved ones.


Known as the Demon Vice-Chief of the Shinsengumi, Hijikata is the embodiment of a responsible and dutiful man in the story of Gintama. He is a strict man who is dedicated to his job and makes sure that all his comrades are also responsible for their duties. He formulated the 45 Regulations that form the disciplinary framework for all Shinsengumi members, and he implements them firmly. He is also shown to be very loyal towards the Commander in Chief of Shinsengumi, Kondo Isao, with whom he shares a strong brotherly bond.

Hijikata has a number of traits, which shows that he is an ISTJ. His rivalry with the main protagonist, Gintoki, shows that he does not like lazy people and firmly follows the rules and laws assigned. He also has a bad temper and a huge obsession with mayonnaise, which he cannot abandon. If he finds someone who does not follow the rules or does not eat mayonnaise on his order, he would command them to commit seppuku (it is a running gag in the series).

However, even though he is so serious and uptight, Hijikata is also very caring and compassionate towards his comrades. One instance is regarding his love interest, Okita Mitsuba, with whom he decides not to start a relationship because he knew that the path he has chosen for himself could never give her a normal life. He is not very expressive with his emotions, but time and time again, in the series, it’s been proved that he is a good man who cares for his loved ones.

The honest, responsible, dutiful yet caring nature of Hijikata definitely makes him a great ISTJ character.


Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is the right hand of Commander Roy Mustang and a strictly disciplined and extremely rational soldier in the Amestrian State Military. She is a quiet and serious woman who is heavily trained as a soldier and considered a perfect addition to the military. She rarely relaxes and always makes sure that work given to the Commander is being done on time. Because of her collective nature, she may appear cold and insensitive to others, but that is not true.

Being a part of the war, Riza has changed over time and now blames herself for all her sins. Her kind and caring nature are shown in front of the Elric brothers, Winry, her teammates, and especially Roy, whom she considers very special in her life. Her serious and loyal nature makes her an ISTJ. She is reliable, dutiful, and caring towards others, and these features nest describe her as an ISFJ.


Formally a terrorist, Rosarita Cisneros or Roberta shares a lot of traits with an ISTJ. Even though her actions in the series can say to be morally wrong, Roberta is a character who develops flawlessly during the course of the series. Now working as a maid in the Lovelace family, she still maintains her quiet and calm demeanor but has a deep sense of loyalty and responsibility towards the family.

Even though she is not good as a maid, her bond with Garcia Lovelace strengthens over time, and she shows a deep sense of care and compassion towards the family’s young son. She was known as the “Bloodhound of Florencia” for her relentless drive to achieve her objectives, and we even see her go on a rampage when Garcia and his family are said to be in trouble.


Being a devout worshiper of Kira, Mikami shares the same values and morals as Light Yagami or Kira. He is shown to be very loyal towards him and blindly follows the rules set down by the new “God” of the world.

By profession, Mikami is a criminal prosecutor and has a strong sense of justice. He has a disdain for lazy people and is shown to be fiercely dedicated to his goals. He has a calm and strict persona, and because of all these traits of his, we can say that he is an ISTJ character.


Another addition to this list, Hatori Souma, is the Souma family doctor who has a very calm and serious personality. He is loyal towards the family head, Akito, but is also well-aware about his actions and has a rational view over everything.

Hatori is shown as a dutiful man who carries out his responsibilities without any questions. However, he is also a very compassionate person who deeply cares for the ones he loves. His friendship with Ayame and Shigeru and his bond with Tohru shows that he is not as cold as he seems. Even though his a scary exterior, he is a good person by heart. All these traits of his match the ISTJ personality type.


Being another one of the most popular characters from this series, Tsukuyo is another addition to the ISTJ list for various reasons. Known as the Courtesan of Death, she is a highly skilled kunoichi who has dedicated her loyalty to the city of Yoshiwara and her sister figure, Hinowa. She is a dutiful woman who carries out her job without any reluctance.

Even though she is portrayed as a cold and serious character, Tsukuyo opens up gradually in the serious and shows her more compassionate side towards her loved ones. She is genuinely caring and wants to protect the people she cares about. Even after discarding her womanhood, we see her gradually opening up and even developing romantic feelings for Gintoki. She also does not like to take breaks and is being shown as constantly working for the betterment of the underground city of Yoshiwara. Tsukuyo’s disciplined and dutiful nature, her care towards her loved ones, and her stubborn side, which carries her responsibilities alone, show that she is an ISTJ without a doubt.


One of the major supporting characters of the series, Ginyu, shares many traits with the ISTJ personality type. Portrayed as a quiet and calm man, he is the Water Pillar in the series who has taken the Kamado siblings’ responsibility, Tanjiro, and Nezuko. He has a strong sense of justice and, as a Pillar, has a disdain against demons.

However, we see his perspective change when he meets the now-demon younger sister of Tanjiro, who decides to give them a chance. Behind his serious exterior, Giyu is a kind-hearted man who wants to protect his loved ones. As he had lost his sister and best friend during a young age protecting him from demons, Giyu took all the responsibility for his shoulder and carried them alone. As an ISTJ, Giyu is a responsible, dutiful, rational, and caring man who is willing to do everything for the people he cares about.

So, here it is—a long list of anime characters who are ISTJ. It is hard to find these rare kindhearted personalities. But seeing ISTJs getting portrayed in such a beautiful manner with fleshed out and developed characterization makes the viewers happy. It is, after all, a delight to watch such great shows with these amazingly written characters.

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List of 10+ ISTJ Anime Characters

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