Is Youth Work A Good Career?

Are you too in a fix about opting for Youth Work as a career? Will it be worth it or not? Is it a good long-term move or not? Will it be enough to satire the growing day-to-day financial needs? Here is all you need to know and then decide about choosing it or not. Know more about Is Youth Work A Good Career?

Is Youth Work A Good Career?

Youth Work is one of the mind-blowing careers that are gaining rapid popularity in today’s world of modernity. This career option calls for working with the youth section of society in one or another way. The thing that makes this career different from the rest of the careers is the primary involvement of the young people.

What does a Youth Worker Do?

Ans- A youth worker holds the responsibility of inspiring and guiding young people calling the age group from 11 years to 25 years. He/She plans and organizes various activities and programs to build overall development (I,e social, physical, mental, and emotional) of people falling under this age group to give society a bright and healthy nearby future.

How to Become A Youth Worker?

Many different ways can help you to become a successful Youth Worker. Below are some of them mentioned. Do check them out.

  1. Via University Course-  You can choose subjects like
  • Informal and community education
  • Youth and Community
  • Youth and Theology
  • Community and youth studies

And qualify with the status of being a professional youth worker. 

2. Via College Course- This gives you the facility to go for choosing any level 2 or level 3 Diploma in the discipline of Youth Work Practice. This acts as an advantage in the time when you go for a job as a Youth Worker. Getting the level 2 diploma gives you the eligibility to work with people of the 16+ age group while holding a level 3 diploma gives you the eligibility to work with people of the 18+ age group. 

3. Volunteering- If you volunteer to work as a Youth Worker then also you are required with at least 1-year experience of paid or unpaid work with young people around. You can earn so by contacting any local authority of youth services or organization like the National Council of Voluntary Organisation.

Must Possess SKills and Knowledge As A Youth Worker- 

Getting hired in this field is not enough alone, there is much more needed to be done. To become successful in the desired field you need to possess the below-listed qualities:-

  • Sufficient knowledge about the disciple Psychology
  • Skills to satisfy customer’s desire
  • Ability to work efficiently and effective
  • Ability to cope up with other team members
  • Efficient communication Skills
  • Must be a good active listening
  • Proper skills of counseling
  • Should be imbibed with Non- Judgemental Approach
  • Ability to stay calm and maintaining peace
  • Ability to handle stress
  • Basic knowledge about handling tasks on the computer

Responsibilities and Duties Of A Youth Worker- 

  • Holding a good work with other organizations including schools, police, community groups etc
  • Managing and Recruiting other staff members including volunteers also
  • Keeping safe confidential records
  • Applying for funds needed for the targeted project
  • Writing and presenting skillful and effective reports
  • Managing and planning budgets
  • Running and setting up of the projects
  • Organization awareness workshops and programs in community settings and schools.
  • Properly mentoring or counseling the young people around.

Career Opportunities As A Youth Worker- 

You can opt for the below-listed careers as a youth worker by fulfilling the required qualification entitled to them

  • Youth Work Apprentice
  • Transitional Youth Support Worker
  • Child, Youth and Family Worker
  • Residential Youth Worker
  • Student Support Officer/ Youth Worker
  • Therapeutic/ Trauma-Informed Support Worker

Working Conditions For A Youth Worker- 

  1. Can opt for working either full time or as a part-time also.
  2. Have flexibility in time scheduling or can either operate things on call
  3. Choose indoor working like inside community facilities and offices, schools, churches, homes, government agencies, marae etc and can even go for outdoor work like running awareness campaigns, sports activities or any other development activities.
  4. Is required to travel sometimes locally to have a good interaction with the concerned people or can even have to travel nationally to attend different workshops or programs.

Youth Worker’s Pay-Off –  

Because of the lack of proper awareness and knowledge in this field the society holds a scarcity of individuals required. It is an exciting as well as challenging field that offers the individual the benefit of a satisfying salary and mind-blowing career growth opportunity. But due to the drastic increase in society, there is a wave of competition and zeal among individuals. So if you want to look out of the box in this field you have to stand out from the mob. Undoubtedly the salary has a variation depending on many factors like place, organisation, work, and designation you opt for but generally, at the initial stages, the start-up can be experienced from around $8,000 to 33,000 per annum.

Why Choose Youth Work As A Career?

Youth Work is amongst the most trending skilled jobs these days. This is the profession that felicitates the person with enormous growth, learning opportunities, and worldwide acceptance. The individual working in this profession never gets bored off as it calls for multiple tasks and duties to be done and get yourself useful and efficiently engaged. Above this, it is one such career that creates a work balanced environment by making it interesting, enthusiastic, zealous and skill-enhancing simultaneously


So if you are the one holding an interest in dealing with people and helping them out and are too looking for a field to make a mind-boggling career in with a satisfactory salary, then Youth Work as a Career option -is the option that best fits the place right. All you need to do is to identify the part of your interest and the option that fits your skills. So, now what is the wait for? Hurry up! Apply for the one if the career as a youth worker now if you haven’t yet. Just give it a try and surely you will thank us later after feeling content with your performance and good work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes a youth worker a good youth worker?

Ans- Three qualities that make a youth worker outshine are creativity, patience and energy.

Q2. What are the five Pillars of Youth Work?

Ans- The 5 pillars of Youth Work are- 

  1. Expressive
  2. Inclusive
  3. Participative
  4. Educative 
  5. Empowering

Q3. What is the age criteria for being identified as a youth?

Ans- According to the United Nations reports, any person belonging to the age group of 15 to 24 is entitled to be a youth.

Q4.Are there any online courses for Youth Work?

Ans- Yes, there are many that you can opt for.

Q5. Is the field of Youth Worker in demand?

Ans- Due to the increasing hue and cry in the world, the job of Youth Worker is not only in demand but also in trend as well.

Q6. Is being a youth worker challenging?

Ans- Being a good Youth worker is a challenging job. You have to be very efficient in every aspect while performing all your tasks.

Q7. How many hours of work has to be performed by a Youth Worker?

Ans- Typical of 30 to 40 hours of work per week has to be performed by a Youth Worker.

Is Youth Work A Good Career?

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