Is Wish Legit?-Know More

Have you ever dreamed of a place where you can buy just anything that comes to your mind at a very low, ridiculous price? That place of dreams is called “Wish.” Let us know more about that the Is Wish Legit?-Know More.

Is Wish Legit?-Know More is a platform rendering legitimate online shopping services to users. It is a reliable place where you can buy items directly from the sellers, and you can also sell items directly to the buyers. Yes, Wish is legit. 

Wish is an online shopping platform, similar to Amazon, AliExpress, Jiji, Amazon, eBay, and Jumia. In the Wish marketplace, many legitimate sellers sell their wares. It is a huge marketplace.

Though, people are skeptical about Wish because of the ridiculously low price of the items sellers are selling in the marketplace. Yet, that is exactly what is drawing buyers to the Wish platform. 

Users love the low price of items on the platform. This, however, brings about the question of the Wish Company legitimacy. 

Buying on the Wish platform, you get whatever you paid for, either fake or genuine. While Wish is legit, the items in its marketplace might not be 100% genuine or legit. 

The company does not manufacture items that are sold on the Wish platform itself. They only provide a platform where different sellers can display and sell their items to hundreds of millions of buyers.

About The Wish Company

The Wish Company was established by Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang in 2010 as an online shopping platform.

Piotr and Danny met at the University of Waterloo, Canada, where they were studying Computer Science and mathematics. Piotr Szulczewski became the CEO of Wish Company.

The Wish Company has offices all over the world, in places like Shanghai, Toronto, and Amsterdam. Globally, the workforce is about 750+. has now grown to be worth more than $17 billion since its establishment in 2010. 

How The Wish Platform Works?

Wish works by displaying items that are uploaded by different sellers in a visually impressive manner on the users’ feed. They displayed it like a social media feed. 

Items that are displayed on the user’s feed are based on the user’s data that is collated over time from the user’s behavior and interaction with the platform. 

The Wish Company makes use of the user’s budget, behavior, hobbies to display items on the user’s feed. This marketing strategy helps users find items that they never thought existed on the platform. 

The engaging custom-made feed that is personalized to each user’s behavioral experience facilitates a visually and attractively shopping experience on the Wish app. 

You can buy items on the Wish app by using either your PayPal account, your credit card, debit card, or Google Pay. You can automate the app to buy items in your cart. 

Using PayPal To Buy And Receive Payments On Wish

Benefits Of Receiving Payments Through PayPal

PayPal makes transactions very easy to manage. You only need a PayPal account to manage your transactions on other platforms. 

You get quick access to your money within two days after each transaction. Not only that, but you have the option of depositing your dollars into a local bank account or using them to make online purchases directly from the wallet.

Your PayPal account does not restrict transactions to the USD $50,000 foreign exchange annual quota. 

These are the reasons using PayPal on Wish is more preferable to credit card, debit card or other card usage. 

How To Transfer Money From Wish To A PayPal Account?

In the “Payment Settings”,  make PayPal your default payment service provider. Fill in the email address you used to open your PayPal account. You can sign up for a PayPal account, if you do not have one yet. 

The Wish Company only supports PayPal accounts that receive payments in USD. The reason is that you can only receive payments from Wish in USD.

Validate your email address to use a PayPal account. An invalidated account will give you an “Uncleared” status. You cannot access the account.

Filling your email address to link your PayPal account to Wish might fail if you are trying to use another email address that is not registered with your PayPal account. 

PayPal will decline the linking of your email address to your PayPal account, if your PayPal account is being restricted. You can contact PayPal Customer Service if you believe the email address is the same as that of your PayPal account. 

How To Delete PayPal Account From The Wish App?

To remove your PayPal account from the Wish app, you would need to access the Wish platform via your computer. You can also access the Wish platform via your mobile device by using the desktop view function on your browser. 

Once you are on the Wish platform, take the following steps to remove your PayPal account

  • Place an item in your shopping cart as if you were going to buy it. 
  • Before you place your order, go to the “Billing” menu and click the “Edit” button.
  • Click the “Edit” button under the “Billing” menu.
  • The “Edit” menu allows you to either remove or add your PayPal account.
  • You can now safely remove your PayPal account from the Wish app. 

It is not as if Wish is making it difficult to remove your PayPal details. The company reason is that, since you are not buying items, it makes little sense that payment details should be on the platform. 

Even leaving your PayPal details on the platform does not mean that you are leaking out a piece of confidential information. 

How To Add PayPal To The Wish App? 

Once you are on the Wish platform, take the following steps to add your PayPal account: 

  • Go to your cart as if you were going to buy something. 
  • Before placing your order, go to the “Billing” menu and click the “Edit” button.
  • The “Edit” menu allows you to either remove or add your PayPal account. 
  • You can now safely add your PayPal account to the Wish app. 
  • Fill out the details of your PayPal payment address and billing address information. 
  • If your billing and shipping addresses are the same, check the box. If not, you can leave the box unchecked and fill out your shipping address. 
  • Then, click on the “Next” button to place your order. 

Shipping Items On

How To Get Free Shipping On The Wish App?

You need to pay for shipping on the vast number of items on Wish. Shipping on Wish is around $3. It is cheap. Due to discounted prices on Wish items, it is possible to get free shipping. 

There are various promotional codes and vouchers on Facebook and other places that offer free shipping or extended deductions on the items sold on Wish. 

You can also google “Wish promo codes” to get promo codes that offer free shipping. Or, if you have been active on Wish for some months, you can use the “3shipping” code. Just enter it into the Promo Code box after you have bought your item. 

If your account is qualified to use the “3shipping” code, they would remove the cost of shipping from your payment. 

The Time It Took To Ship Items From The Wish Platform

Depending on the shipping package you choose from your checkout, it could either take a while or a few days for you to get your items. 

Users know the Wish Company is known for its slow shipping. Buyers usually have to wait for about two to four weeks to receive their items. This is a far departure from the Wish’s shipping rule, which is one to five days. 

The Wish Platform Business Model

Wish designs its business to appeal to impulse buyers and buyers who are not concerned with brand names but rather with low-cost items. 

Wish as a ContextLogic e-commerce company fits its users’ intention with ad placement that gives an online bazaar experience to the users. 

The company makes use of gamification elements to give the users a rich shopping experience. 

They rely on third-party sellers’ trades to distribute items to far-away buyers. They do not maintain records nor deliver items to buyers themselves. 

The company works by obtaining money in advance from buyers and reimbursing the sellers a few weeks later. This money changeover process enables them to remove from business activities short-term liquidity. 

The company furnishes users with a personalized shopping experience by placing items relevant to the users on their item feeds. Their aim is to lessen users’ searches and ensure that users have all the items that fit their needs right in their profile feed. 

They fashion the Wish platform towards item discovery, gamification, shopping experience, and conversion. 

The Wish Company focuses its primary strategies on 

Mobile Platform 

Wish primarily focus on mobile platforms, I.e. Android and iOS, in order to reach a broad range of mobile users. They want to ensure that the Wish app works on all mobile devices.

Targeting Spontaneous Buyers

Users have relevant items displayed on their feed. They target these items at the users’ cravings going by the “users’ behavior collected by the company. 

High Discount Offer On Items 

High discount offers on items are a strategy to beat competitors. Low prices of items because of the high discount is the major draw of users to Wish. 

Multi-Mobile Commerce App

Using a multi-mobile commerce app enables the company to reach out to a larger audience.

Mall Shopping Experience 

The Wish wants its users to have a mall shopping experience. It furnishes the users’ profile feed with ranges of items that apply to the users. 

The Mall shopping experience gives users the feeling of walking through a personalized mall. The users do not need a shopping list because all the items users will see are items from various categories that are suitable for them. 

How The Wish Company Makes Money

The Wish Company makes money mostly through ads, a logistics earnings account and sellers’ fees on items sold on its platform. The company, in 2015, paid $100 million to put ads on Facebook. 

The Wish Company’s registered users grew to 15 million, growing at a rate of 50,000 per day. After a couple of years, in 2017, the company put its logo on the LA Lakes’ jersey. 

The company also charges commission on every successful transaction made on the platform. 

The Wish Company has different services. It renders services to sellers from which it generates revenue, besides the fortune it makes from the placement of ads. 

Fulfillment By Wish 

Sellers on Wish have the option to decide whether to have their Fulfillment overseen by Wish or not. Sellers who opt-in for “Fulfillment By Wish” will have to pay a fee. The payment depends on factors such as shipping location, weight, and quantity of items the seller wants to store. 

Wish Express 

Another service provided by Wish is “Wish Express.” The service gives qualifying sellers better publicity and placement in the Wish Express tab. 

The Wish Express tab is where buyers browse to see items that can quickly ship to them.

The service is a plus for sellers who want to ship items quickly to their buyers. With this service, sellers can ship items to their buyers within five days.


The service is comparable to Google ad placement or ads placed on Amazon. The company places ProductBoost articles on the top feed of users. 

Sellers have to pay an additional fee for this service. Just like on Google, ProductBoost items are classified as “ads” in order to comply with ad placement regulations.

Promoted Items

The items, or product promotion, are another tool that Wish uses to boost sales on its platform. Sellers can opt in to run the promotional campaign on the Wish platform to boost sales.  

Trusted Store

It is a sort of branding program by the Wish Company. The company uses the program as a means of compensation for successful sellers and tags them as “Verified by Wish.” 

Wish 2-Day

The service is distinctive for sellers who prefer to use Delivery for their shipping and fulfillment services. Wish 2-day promises 2-day shipping delivery. 

 The Wish 2-day badge set the sellers apart from other sellers. The sellers will be eligible to feature on the Wish Express tab and, thus, have their ranking and sales increased by 80%.


The IntenseBoost is another ad tool like ProductBoost. It is used to increase exposure of items for a short period. The Wish Company displays the items boosted by Intenseboost in Premium and other noticeable areas on the app and website. 

Verified by Wish

The Wish Company makes use of the “Verified by Wish” badge to certify that an item is trustworthy and intends to boost the sale of the items. 

The Verified by Wish badge is given to high-selling items that have gathered outstanding user feedback. 

Sellers can be qualified to receive the “Verified by Wish” by ensuring that they are selling genuine items, by ensuring that their buyers receive items within two days and that they receive good user reviews. 

Wish raised $300 million at a $11.2 billion post-money valuation. The company could also raise another sum of $1.1 billion during its initial IPO. They valued the company at $17 billion when it went public. For the 2019 financial year, Wish raised revenue in excess of $1.9 billion. 

The Wish Platform Issues and Reviews. 

Yes, the Wish platform is like a dream come true. Despite the huge growth, issues were trailing after the company. Thousands of users have been reporting issues with their transactions. 

Some of these issues include

  • Delivery time
  • Counterfeit items
  • Low quality items

Just like Amazon, eBay, Jiji and others, the Wish platform is full of fake reviews, which make it difficult to distinguish the truth from lies on the platform. receives over 600,000 reviews daily by both happy buyers and unsatisfied buyers. These reviews help buyers have trust in the seller of items and get over fears about the marketplace. 

Before you buy on, the first thing you need to do is to always focus on the reviews. For example, a buyer posted a review that he bought an item that never came. 

From the review, you should be able to avoid such sellers and focus instead on sellers with excellent reviews. The key to successful buying on the Wish platform is never to ignore reviews of individual sellers. 

10 Reasons The Wish Platform Is Legit

  1. The company has a refund and return policy – merchant policy.
  1. They have sellers’ Terms of Service. 
  1. Their Privacy Policy is boldly displayed on their homepage. 
  1. They make use of PayPal to process payments.
  1. They ensure that all sellers on their platform comply with the local laws of the countries they sell to. 
  1. The company does not tolerate infringement of intellectual property right.
  1. They have a Customer Service number: 1-800-266-0172 and an email address: [email protected] 
  1. They have visible office addresses. The Wish Company headquarter is at One Sansome Street, 33rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104.
  1. The names of the company’ owners are traceable. The Wish CEO is Piotr Szulczewski. 
  1. There is a community of about 10,000 Wish platform users, organized by Connie Chang of Facebook to expose dubious sellers. For each exposed seller, the user will get free goods and discounts.


The Wish platform is conclusively legit. Nonetheless, the company has many criticisms and bad reviews. These do not change the fact that the company is legally registered and law abiding. 

Buying on the Wish platform is safe. Buyers just need to beware of sellers with bad reviews. 

The Wish Platform: Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Who Owns The Wish Platform?

Wish is overseen by ContextLogic Inc. in San Francisco, California, United States. ContextLogic Inc. is registered in Delaware, United States. Piotr Szulczewski is the CEO of ContextLogic Inc., the founder and the CEO of the Wish Company.  

Piotr Szulczewski, possesses a 58% share of the Wish. He is the largest shareholder, followed by Daissues and Trailingare. 

Institutions that own shares in the Wish Company are: Formation 8 Partners with 5.2% share and DST Global with 4% share. Others are General Atlantic, Temasek, GGC Capital, Third Point Ventures, Founders Fund.

  • Why Are There Changes In My Displayed Prices On The Wish Platform? 

The Wish Company changes the prices uploaded by the sellers in order to optimize the items’ exposure and the number of trades. In this way, Wish makes sure that the display price is the same as the retail price or close to the price given by sellers while uploading their items on the Wish platform. 

Notwithstanding the display price, Wish will pay the sellers based on the prices given while uploading their items on the platform. Thus, the changes in price do not affect the payment agreement between the Wish and the sellers for their items. 

  • Why Is My Item Shown As “Sold Out” When I Still Have Enough Stock?

There are different reasons they show items as “Sold Out” when a seller still has enough stock. 

The seller might view their items from a country where they are not eligible to shop, because they have pre-set their shipping destination to that country. 

Whereas, buyers in the pre-set shipping destination will view and buy the items. 

They might display items as “Sold Out” if the sellers have certain shipping destinations disabled for a particular item. 

Sellers can enable shipping destinations for an item by visiting the Products page, View All Products page, and then clicking on “Enable” under the “Country Shipping Price” column. 

To enable shipping destinations for a particular location or country, sellers can click on “Edit International Shipping Options” and enable the particular destination countries. 

  • What Happens If Certain Countries Report My Item As Being Dangerous or Illegal? 

Each country has laws and regulations guiding the sale of items in their country. Therefore, sellers on the Wish platform must ensure that their items meet the standards of the country in which they are selling. 

Most countries usually perform regular testing of the items sold in their countries through their “Products Safety and Consumer Protection Regulators” for dangerous substances. 

They do this by buying the items and testing them for compliance with relevant regulations and standards. As a result, they report substandard items or dangerous items to the Wish Company. 

Sellers need to study the laws and regulations in the countries they intend to sell their items to. In this way, they will list items that apply to that country and not items that are restricted by that country. 

Sellers are 100% accountable for the cost of refunds  of all items ordered from the countries they are selling to. 

  • Who Can I Contact If I Have A Problem? has customer support you can contact when you have a problem. To contact customer support, select “Customer Support” from the navigation panel. 

To make it easier for users to reach customer support, Wish has step-by-step instructions for the purpose. 

Is Wish Legit?-Know More

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