Is Typing 65 Wpm Good?

Words per minute is abbreviated as Wpm. It measures the average typing speed of a person. It is computed by dividing the number of words typed by the number of minutes spent typing. The word is used for measuring typing speed and was first used in the telegraph industry. Many of the software developed for typing, like Word and Excel, use the word as the unit of speed. A more popular unit of speed is CPS (Characters per second), but it is used more often in other industries. There are two types of typing: words per minute and keystrokes per minute. Keystrokes per minute are the number of times you hit a key on the keyboard. These are the easiest to measure. Keystrokes per minute are generally easier to achieve because you don’t need to pay attention to punctuation or capitalization. Let us see is Typing 65 Wpm good.

Is Typing 65 Wpm Good?

Is Typing 65 Wpm Good?

A 65 wpm typing speed is good and puts you in the top 10% of typists. It’s more common among young typists with high school or work experience, but it’s rare to see that level of speed. Although professional typists don’t need to look at the keys when typing, their constant practice helps them develop a virtual keyboard in their minds. This is because their constant practice has formed a muscle memory that helps them.

Average typing speed

For English typists, the standard rate of speed is 40–50 wpm. More than half of individuals have a typing speed of around 45 wpm, and anything above 55 wpm is considered a good typing speed. However, there are other statistics as well. For example, 1% of the population has a typing speed above 80 wpm, whereas 10% of the population has a typing speed below 25 wpm.

What is the average typing speed ( Age wise )?

It is studied that at the age of 10, an individual starts learning to type, whether in their school computer lab or sneaking into their father’s desktop.

  • An 11-year-old can type at a speed of 15wpm with an accuracy of 80%.
  • A 16-year-old can type at a speed of 30wpm with an accuracy of 85%.
  • A university student’s average typing speed is 45 wpm.

However, these numbers can differ based on the individual. As a matter of fun fact, boys type slightly faster than girls on average. However, among those who type more than 60 words per minute, girls make up 65% of that group.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

What is fast typing speed?

According to the standard test, anyone who can type more than 70 wpm is considered a fast typist. Speed typing is a test of typing accuracy, speed, and endurance. It is an advantageous skill that can be very helpful in both your personal and professional life. Anyone can learn to touch type by following a few simple rules, and by practicing regularly, you can achieve a speed of 80 wpm or even more.

Seven tips to improve typing speed

It takes a lot of efforts and practice to increase one’s typing speed. An excellent way to improve your speed is by practicing every day for about 30 minutes. Typing is an important skill. Practicing typing daily will help you improve your typing speed, and who knows how soon you can land in the top 1% of typists. Productivity at work will also rise if you can type quickly. Here are a few tips:

  1. The best way to improve your typing speed is by practicing it so that you can become comfortable with the keyboard and the process of writing on it.
  2. Try to use a full-size keyboard, as it can help you type faster. You can use the number pad to enter numbers more quickly than a tenkeyless keyboard, which is generally used on laptops.
  3. Always try to keep a finger on the shift key because it will help you type faster.
  4. Use a typing tutor or software. This will help you learn how to type faster and more accurately by teaching you the proper techniques for each letter keystroke.
  5. Learn to place your fingers on the correct spots before typing. This will develop your eyes and wrist to know where the keys are and will provide results in keystrokes at speeds of 50WPM.
  6. Do not look at the keyboard; try not to fix errors as you go. Although it may seem contradictory, but paying attention to the keys will definitely result in slower typing. The best way to speed up your typing is to focus on the text itself and edit afterward.
  7. If you want to type quickly and accurately, use all ten fingers! It may seem quite challenging and for sure its gonna take some time, butthe effort will be worthwhile in the end. Resulting in, you’ll be able to type faster and make fewer mistakes.


Remember, the best way to improve your typing speed is to practice. Typing is a skill that can be improved with proper training, and there are many resources out there for getting started. If you need help improving your typing speed, consider taking classes.


Who is the fastest typist in the world?

Xeogran from Poland is the fastest typist in the world, with a speed of 217 wpm and an accuracy rate of 99%.

What is the average typing speed of programmers?

57 wpm is the average typing speed of programmers.

Is Typing 65 Wpm Good?

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