Is Stay-at-Home Mom an Occupation?

Is Stay-at-Home Mom an Occupation 

It is a traditional culture that moms are always the ones who look after the kids. One such idea which explains it is the Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM) concept. Women who stay home to raise their children are known as SAHMs. They raise their kids and do better for them. In the eyes of the world, a mother is a form of divinity. A mother devotes their whole life to taking care of their children, making them happy, and nourishing the small moments in their kids’ life. Many neglects this factor, while some say it is not a hard job. This article is to imbibe knowledge about this concept and to remind there are a lot of SAHMs still existing.  Here we will see about Is Stay-at-Home Mom an Occupation?

Many doubt whether Stay-at-Home Mom is an occupation. Yes. It is an occupation, but it is a free service. Despite being aware of who they are, mothers do not receive money for what they do. Mothers focus on imbibing good thoughts and actions in their children, for they believe life starts from home. Mothers deserve respect and dignity because of what they do, as every profession has value. A doctor, a babysitter, a teacher, a housekeeper, a cook, a chauffeur, an accountant, a playmate, and a laundry attendant are some of the jobs they perform. They are all in one. Most children want their moms to be near them. Hence mothers are compelled to perform these duties in a single row. A typical day for a SAHM would be tiring.

Is Stay-at-Home Mom an Occupation?

21st Stay at Home Moms 

Neither the family members nor the world considers the duty a mother does. It is a heart-broken scenario. Some women have dreams who might have sacrificed them to look after the family. Still, they would be happy to do it, but the ignorance shown by others makes the situation worse. In almost all homes, women are the one who sacrifices, but the condition is now changing.  

Other than the duty of a mother, nobody does any job for free. Mothers put a lot of effort into maintaining their homes. Home is where unity is. Good behaviors begin to flourish from home. In this modern world, the meaning of SAHM is changing. During the lockdown, many men apprehended the suffering of women. Thus, the pandemic has made the life of SAHMs a bit more liberal. Fathers are coming forward to look after their kids so that their wives can live the life they want. Women need not sacrifice their life. Families should not pressure women to give up on their dreams. It is a basic understanding that women are equal to men and have their own lives. SAHMs still exist, but unlike traditional moms, they never give up on their dreams.  

Salaries for Stay-at-Home Mom 

The 2017 Miss World Manushi Chhillar was asked during the Miss World competition, “Which profession should receive the highest salary in the world?” Her answer was “mothers.” Her words encourage many SAHMs. Wages do not necessarily have to be cash. It can be various things, such as love, assistance, adoration, and caring. SAHMs need mental support. Just like men who have stress from the office, women also have it from managing homes 24/7. They, at times, go through pathetic situations. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Almost all occupations have a paycheck, pensions, retirement benefits, and other perks. None of these apply to SAHMs. Because it is not a workplace, they do not perceive it as such. They are taking care of the children and doing household chores on a humanitarian basis. Everyone around ought to respect them for the effort they put in. 


If every mother in this world would ask for money for the service they provide, then as Manushi Chhillar said, mothers would be the high earning person. Others will have to pay a lot because of their multifunctional behavior. Ultimately the decision rests upon the person, but others must respect that decision and not misuse it. There must be sacrifices to lead a happy life, but not too much. Also, it must not only be one-sided. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Do SAHM jobs build confidence?  

Yes. SAHMs are the most confident people in this world. Men can deal with many issues in the office, but many freak out when there is an issue at home. To cite a simple example, stopping a crying child is a difficult task. Many fathers can’t hold a crying child for more than 10 mins, but moms can make the child calm. Many such circumstances build the confidence of a mother. It is visible in many homes that the mother would be strict. Many understand this in a negative sense. Children think mothers don’t love them, but the reality is that due to excess love, a mother is being rude to the child. Over the past few years, above said situations have changed. Many fathers are taking care of their children and doing household chores. The world is undergoing changes that will make life better. 

  1. Will a Stay-at-Home Mom go back to work? 

In this current situation, many SAHMs are doing work-from-home jobs. So they don’t have to sacrifice their dreams and wishes. Going back to the office is their personal decision. Many go back to the office, while many stay back with kids.

Is Stay-at-Home Mom an Occupation?

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