Is Publix A Good Company To Work For?

Founded in the year 1930 by George W. Jenkins, Publix Super Markets Incorporation, popularly known as the Publix, is a private Florida- based grocery company that is entirely run by the current and former employees, as well as the Jenkins family. With almost 225,000 employees, Publix is the largest employee-owned firm in the United States, with 1,270 locations across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Fortune has honoured the organisation as a great place to work for the past 24 years. Furthermore, Publix’s commitment to high quality and customer service is regarded as one of the best in the supermarket industry. Let’s know is Publix a good company to work for?

Is Publix A Good Company To Work For?

For nearly 90 years, the company had been committed to helping their clients and communities while also looking out for one another.

Despite the obstacles of 2020, the corporation opened 39 additional stores and hired thousands of new colleagues to accommodate the increased demand caused by the coronavirus in its stores, manufacturing facilities, and distribution hubs. Individuals who had lately found themselves unemployed were encouraged to apply by Publix. And it became evident that Publix needed to do more than just provide jobs to its communities. The corporation refocused its community activities to assist reduce hunger in the communities it serviced as much as possible.

Departments of service

The supermarket is divided into several departments, serving many items to the customers. Some of them include; bakery stores, flowers, pharmacies, cafes, butcher, seafood, valet parking, liquor shop, sushi store, deli etc. Its submarine sandwich store is popularly called the “Pub subs” at Publix’s Deli.


Under the Aprons brand, Publix conducts 11 cooking schools. Here the customers are often invited and encouraged to try nutritious diet dishes which are easy to make. They are also encouraged to produce them directly in-store kiosks and allowed to take a recipe card home after seeing culinary demonstrations. All of the recipes are created in-house and involve simple to prepare or premade materials, which are frequently available at the Aprons kiosk.

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GreenWise Market 

This sector of the market launched in the year 2007, mostly focuses on the response to the growing number and profitability of health food stores like Whole Foods Market. It was founded to enhance the nutrition food items awareness which is free of any added colours, hormones, flavours and antibiotics. They mostly produce USDA organic edibles. They too provide salad and hot bar options in addition to organic and traditional products. This division of the supermarket is located in areas including Vero Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tampa, Naples, Boca Raton and Coral Springs, Florida. 

Publix Sabor

Publix Sabor (Sabor is Spanish for “flavour”) is located in South Florida, and as the name suggests, it caters to Hispanic Americans and sold Hispanic items. There are several outlets, including The seven themed stores which are split between Miami and Hialeah in Miami-Dade County, Greater Miami. There are two more Publix Sabor outlets in Lake Worth and Kissimmee.


On October 30, 1986, the first Publix in-store pharmacy opened in Altamonte Springs, Florida. In 1995, one-third of Publix supermarkets had pharmacies, and today, nearly 90% of Publix stores had pharmacies. In multiple assessments conducted by independent research firms, Publix Pharmacies routinely ranked first in customer satisfaction in supermarket pharmacies.

Online Shopping Services

The company had created PublixDirect, in October 2001 as its first online shopping and delivery service. They have a clear goal of delivering goods directly to customers. Then they slowly expanded their reach by creating other online shopping outlets including Publix Curbside and Instacart.


Publix invested in Crispers, a Lakeland-based restaurant company that specialises in healthy fare, in 2002. In 2004, it expanded its investment until buying the rest of the company in 2007. Publix started in May 2011 that it has sold the Crispers franchise to Healthy Food Concepts LLC. The stores had underperformed during the downturn, and Publix had closed numerous locations in recent years, leaving the brand with 36 locations when the sale was announced.

Food World

In September 1970, Publix launched its first Food World shop in Orlando, Florida, in reaction to other grocery stores’ aggressive discounting across the Florida market. The store was Publix’s first under the Food World label, and it would be the first of 22 more of its kind.

Publix Liquors

In the late 1980s, Publix evaluated the market response to liquor stores, but the test sites were discontinued in 1989. It returned to the liquor sales industry in 2003 and has had great success since then. 

Working environment

They have a long history of investing in their employees by fostering professional progression at all levels and positions by fostering a collaborative team-based environment.

They look for their employees’ mental health and offer unending peer support anytime it is needed.

The elders provide great help to the newcomers and accepts them as a part of the family. They will assist you in becoming acquainted with your surroundings, as well as assisting you in figuring out tough formulas, resulting in a productive and enjoyable learning experience, as well as professionalism.

Company’s culture 

As an employee, you will be highly compensated, have ample time off, be treated with respect, and have a say in the company. They cultivate, care for, and foster long-term careers. The company’s value system and culture are excellent and diverse. There is no discrimination between caste, colour, gender or creed. Everyone is equal and equally respected by every member working there. 

Growth opportunities 

Employees can advance in their professions while experiencing the responsibility, pay, and learning environment that only Publix can deliver.


Publix is altogether a great place to work in. The employees are friendly, curious, willing to challenge assumptions, and eager to learn. By being a part of the company, you will be proud of yourself and would want to give it all in everything that you might undertake. Finally, the environment is comfortable and flourishing in conditions where the route is frequently unknown, allowing for frequent changes and pushing employees to think outside the box and stand out.

Is Publix A Good Company To Work For?

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