Is Dish A Good Company To Work For?

Overview: Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, founded in the year 1980, DISH is a telecommunication company that assists in providing satellite television to cable providers. Know if dish is a good company to work for?

Is Dish A Good Company To Work For?

With its net income of US$1.762 billion, the revenue of US$15.493 billion and US$38.239 billion of total assets, they are presently working with 16,000 employees globally. They offer products including pay television, Direct-broadcast satellite, over-the-top media services and pay-per-view. 

They also provide wireless connections including voice and data services under its name, DISH Wireless. It is regarded as the fourth-largest wireless network provider in the United States of America. It has over 8.9 million subscribers according to statistics in the year 2021. 

Their Parent organization includes Zee Entertainment Enterprise, Yes Bank and Essel Group. 


Their competitors include; 

  • Comcast
  • Sky 
  • Spectrum


  • Providing Disaster Recovery with Wireless and Satellite Connectivity:

The team of DISH is working to provide first responders with critical telecommunications support to aid in disaster recovery efforts. Together with Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC), DISH has delivered nearly 525,000 hours of satellite broadband and television services to fire stations, survivor shelters, city command centres, volunteer hubs and more since 2015. DISH Cares is also there for customers when they need connectivity the most, delivering wireless services in the wake of declared emergencies.

  • Recycling and Reuse: 

DISH not only recycles approximately 3,000 tonnes of waste each year, but it also refurbishes over 5 million receivers, broadband hardware, and accessories every year to ensure that we utilize resources whenever possible. To reduce our environmental impact, our technicians are provided with reusable packaging materials, reusable boot covers, and digital forms.

  • Supporting troops: 

Home For Our Troops, an organization that creates and donates specially adapted custom homes for badly injured post-9/11 warriors, is a proud supporter of DISH. Their initiative gives veterans the tools they need to reconstruct their life by giving them specially designed homes that allow them to reclaim their freedom. In addition to financial support, their relationship includes donated television service, smart home equipment, and OnTech smart home installation services to help veterans and their families further adapt their homes to match their daily needs.

Here’s the reason why you should consider working in DISH; 

DISH encourages all workers to grow and succeed on a personal and professional level and aims to sponsor events that help them reach this goal.

  1. Decent working environment:

They have a long history of investing in their employees by fostering professional progression at all levels and positions through a collaborative team-based environment. They look for their employees’ mental health and offer unending peer support anytime it is needed.

  1. Equal opportunities for all

DISH is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunities for its employees. They don’t hire or fire someone based on people’s caste, colour, creed or any other protected status under federal, state, or local law. So by being a part of the company, you will not only be respected but will also get exposure to a humble working environment with equal opportunities and be allowed to express and share your views without fear or hesitation.

  1. Company culture: 

As a DISH employee, you will be highly compensated, have ample time off, be treated with respect, and have a say in the company. They cultivate, care for, and foster long-term careers. The company’s value system and culture are excellent and diverse.

  1. Belongingness:

The company is committed to creating the best technology the world has ever seen by embracing a diverse and inclusive workplace. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) give employees a place to network, share mutual interests, and build vital connections both at and outside of work. Throughout the month, they provide opportunities for employees to network, hear from industry leaders with shared interests, and participate in training courses on issues they care about. Therefore, the employees working here feel belonged and are together as a support system including teamwork and standing strong whenever in need. 

  1. Working background:  

By being a part of the company, you will find yourself involved and working on several projects altogether. Employees with the same mindset and approach, all come together on this platform to achieve heights, fame and success. Your thoughts and actions will be valued in every effort you make. Therefore, DISH is a great committee for the employees, where the company aims in empowering their workers by improving their communities and preserving the environment. 

  1. Personal growth opportunities: 

Employees can advance in their professions while experiencing the responsibility, pay, and learning environment that only DISH can deliver.

  1. Career development programs: 

With DISH you will get an opportunity to boost your career and develop yourself professionally. Here are some of the career development projects/activities that have proven to be highly beneficial and are appreciated by the employees. 

  • Leadership Education and Development (LEAD)- 

Here you will not only be exposed to the offered programs in your current positions, but you will also be provided with an opportunity to go beyond the current duties through promotions, difficult job assignments, exposure to new ideas and technology, and transfers to new teams. Through LEAD training initiatives, DISH has supplied over 25,000 hours of training in 2019. 

  • Colorado Environmental Leadership Program- 

DISH has been named an honorary member of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). The ELP is a state-wide recognition and incentive program that honours businesses that go above and above state and federal standards to protect the environment.


DISH is a great company to work in. They value employees’ mental and physical well-being, respect each other and keep up with their values for a healthy working environment. The employees are inquisitive, not afraid to challenge assumptions, and hungry for knowledge. They have their pride and are motivated to give it all in whatever they do. And finally, they feel at ease and thrive in situations where their route is frequently unknown thereby making changes regularly, and encouraging workers to think out of the box and stand out. 

  1. Does the dish employees working get free services? 

Yes, the dish employees receive free services from the company. They also receive discount on television services along with free installation. 

  1. How often does dish network pay? 

Dish network pays bi-weekly to their employees. 

Is Dish A Good Company To Work For?

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