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Adults’ parties can be of various kinds. Maybe it can be a wedding where the bride and the groom want to keep the celebration to the grownups, birthday parties, Halloween parties, or office parties for the celebration of some certain occasion. Whatever it may be, invitations are the initial stage of the party planning process. let’s find out how to draft an Invitation For Adults Only Party

Invitation For Adults Only Party


Invitation cards are a way of welcoming an individual, gathering, or mass to go to a specific occasion or event. Greeting cards are a medium to offer a feeling of thanks and having a place with a specific individual, gathering, or mass. They are printed sheets/records which convey words to show the significance the visitor has for the host and it practically convinces or energizes the visitor to come and go to a specific occasion or event. Invitation cards are printed for different occasions and events and the styles of these cards can be various relying on the person’s wishes to print. The more alluring these cards are the better impression of class they will, in general, make in the brains of their visitors. They set the vibe for the occasion. They give the information required with respect to the occasion. They help to make fervor about the occasion.

Anything negative written on an invitation might not sound welcoming. Therefore, to specify that the party is not for kids, instead of saying “No Kids” or “Not for kids” use “For adults “ or “Adults Only” instead. Writing a correct invitation can sound like a tough job. But it is a piece of cake! Do not panic while inviting thinking the family might get offended. Just letting them know that it is an adult ceremony, or if you want, letting them know the reason can be sufficient and your close ones will surely understand the same. 

There are many other ways to convey the same if you would not like to be straightforward while inviting, you may request to arrange a babysitter at home for the evening or let the invitees know that the children would not be able to get accommodate or that the setting of the event is not according to children, etc. But it is better to be direct and straight just in case someone does not get it. 

How To Write An Invitation?

Keep in mind that the invitation provides all the information needed about the event. 

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  • Where is the event?
  • When is the event?
  • At what time is the event?
  • What is the occasion?
  • Name of the host 
  • Names of the invitees
  • Some detail about the occasion (optional)

Informal Invitation For The Party

If it is an informal party, then an informal invitation has to be sent.

The details to be filled in are the same as mentioned above. It can be written as an informal letter that sounds friendly in nature.

  • Start with a salutation using “Dear” and then the name of the invitee.
  • Brief them about the occasion and then end with whatever complimentary close you may like, for example, yours sincerely, yours truly, yours lovingly, or maybe something you use personally with them to make it sound personal. 
  • Do not forget to write your address to the left of the invitation card.
  • Unlike formal invitations, it is written from a first person’s perspective. 

Let’s talk about this in detail.

An informal invitation letter begins with the writing of the sender’s address, followed by the date on which the invitation has been written, and then the salutation. 

The body of the invitation is next in which you write all the details you want your invitee to know about the occasion. Keep it short and simple. Try putting all the information in a single paragraph. End the letter with a complimentary closing with your name. 

Formal Invitation For The Party

For a formal adult-only party, a formal letter is to be written. Each detail is given in different lines with different styles.

Keep in mind that the invitation must include:

  • Your name (i.e., the host)
  • Name of the invitee
  • Invite written in a formal way 
  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event
  • The venue of the event
  • The reason for the celebration of the occasion or event

Keep in mind that the letter is to be written in the third person. This is how it goes.

A formal invitation letter also starts with the host’s name, followed by the invitation message (started with any standard opening of your choice and greeting the invitee) that includes the purpose of the occasion, and also the details of the occasion like date, time, and venue. You may add RSVP if you need confirmations to manage the event accordingly. Do keep in mind to add the details like the contact number and the address of the host at the end of the invitation.

An example of an adult-party invitation can be:

Game Night

Do not waste your weekend sitting alone and watching Netflix at your home. Let Kyle Goulding show you his gaming skills at his house party And make your weekend more happening and enjoyable!

Come to his party at

3307 HGJ Boulevard, Emerald Coast Beach, Florida

Friday, March 10th, 7 pm

Please RSVP by March 6


Do remember to arrange a babysitter at home.

An illustration of the same is given below.

Looks fun right? And it is not some rocket science that is hard to understand You can see how short and to the point it is. Just begin the invitation with a catchy sentence and then add the details related to the party.

Let us now have a look at a formal invitation for an adults-only party.

Harry’s Venture

Requests your presence at 

The 35th Annual Award Party

Sunday, May 13th, 2021

Six-thirty to ten o’clock in the evening

The Hollins House

20 Clubhouse Road

Santa Cruz, CA

Please arrange a babysitter at home. It is an adults-only event.

Please RSVP to us by May 3rd, 2021 at



[email protected]

An illustration of the same is given below 

Hopefully, these examples must have given an idea of how to keep it straight and convey that the event is an adults’ only event. It does not require much thinking. What is presented above is the minimum information required to be in the invitation. You may add your personal touch by adding other information or a catchy opening of your choice if you want to. 

Other Ways Of Saying “Adults-Only”

You want to communicate well on this sensitive subject, as people may either not understand it, or get offended by the same. 

  1. One way to convey the same can be mentioned in your invitation : “The event is 21+”. This keeps it quite articulate that the event is not for children.
  2. One can also state a friendly comment saying that though they love children, they invite you to hire a babysitter to celebrate this adults-only event with them.
  3. You may also convey this through an RSVP card. And it is better to state it in the invitation as well as on the RSVP card. You may give the option of filling “Adult seats” instead of just “seats”. 
  4. You may address the invitee without the family tag to give them an idea that it is just them who has been invited. 


Every planning for an event, or a party, includes the deciding of invitations as well. As this is the first step of the invitation, everybody wants to do it right. There are minor details to be kept in mind while writing an invitation that is not much complex to understand. Whether it is an adults-only party or a normal party like a baby shower, wedding reception, dinner party, etc, the format of the invitations almost stays the same.

Particularly talking about an adults-only party, if someone is wishing to host one, then there is nothing wrong in mentioning the same. Just keep in mind to not use the words  “children” or “kids”, etc, and precisely mention adults or grownups so that the invitation does not sound negative. With these minor details, the first step to hosting the event will be successfully done. 

Invitation For Adults Only Party -Know More

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