If You Had A Superpower Which One Would It Be?

As a child, we all have dreamt of being a superhero and having a superpower. But have you ever wondered which would be one of the superpowers you would choose if you get a chance to select? Superpower can be of any kind. It can be either having amazing observation skills or having the ability to fly. Unimaginable speed or the power to influence your environment can be a dream superpower too. 

If You Had A Superpower Which One Would It Be?

If You Had A Superpower Which One Would It Be?

“If you have a superpower, which one would it be?” It is a simple question that can make you think once, twice, thrice, or repeatedly many times. But the most surprising fact is that this question is one of the most asked questions in the interviews. If this is the question asked to you how would you reply? Do you have any qualities which can become your superpower? Did you ever dream of having a superpower? Can you answer this query with a click?

Points to be kept in mind

Firstly, choose a simple yet strong and effective superpower. Secondly, be sure if it matches your personality or not. The interviewers have asked enough questions to judge your personality so now through this question they want to check if you know your actual self or not. 

This superpower that you mentioned and explained should be related to your strength and should be enough to present your qualities. Have a clear view of yourself. 

Sometimes, if you aren’t well prepared for this question, then it can bring you on your toes. If you can answer this unexpected question, then regardless of whatever superpower you choose, you will surely leave a great impression. 

To explain your answer briefly, use a perfect example. For example, in the Marvel series, the superheroes have special powers and they save the universe but if you have ever noticed their superpowers match their personalities in one way or another.

What are the different superpowers? How can you select one among them? 

Let’s consider a Marvel Hero, each one of them had different qualities and every individual owned a unique power. Similarly, all human beings have five senses but their personalities and qualities are different. The one quality among the rest that makes them achieve something in their life and of which they are proud is the best among all the qualities. 

Firstly, you should select a simple yet strong and efficient superpower. A few of these qualities that can turn out to be a superpower are discussed below. 

Strength or endurance

A person holding a superpower related to endurance or strength may run around the World six or ten times without getting tired. In simpler words, this ability shows that you have enough stamina to complete your targets without getting tired mentally.


Superpower related to observation introduces you as a person who can do detailed research, analyze the situation, and have amazing observation which is a useful quality in the work environment. 


Employers usually want their employees to be quick enough to complete the given targets and assignments on time. Effective speed is related to time management indirectly. And these (amazing time management skills and good speed) combine to improve your other abilities and help you accomplish the task more efficiently and effectively. 

Ability to read minds and also have sensitivity to what others think

As an individual, we all want to have the ability to read minds but if you don’t have the sensitivity to think about the emotions of your colleague then you add a negative highlight in your character sketch. 

Ability to influence the environment

A superhero might have the superpower of having the elements of nature in control but if you mention the ability to “influence your surroundings” as a superpower you want, your interviewers will be impressed. 

After selecting the superpower, the second most important point you need to keep in your mind is to link your superpower to the job position you applied for. There is a reason why the interviewer interrogated you with this question. He wants to know how can you use your abilities to give them better results in this job position. By describing the perfect superpower you are proving yourself as an advantage for their company. 

So here ask a few examples of how to answer this question if an interviewer asks you

“If I get an opportunity to choose a superpower for myself, it would be incredible speed. This superpower allows me to do various things at the lightning speed but with the utmost perfection. Selecting this superpower would enhance my qualities of quickly responding to events and I would be able to make perfect and instant decisions.” 

“Being a fan of Marvel, I always thought if I get a superpower, which would it be? And to be honest, I would love to be immortal. Immortality finishes the fear of death. And this indirectly gives you independence from fear of misfortunate happenings in the future. I will be stress-free and work without worries.” 

“If I ever get blessed enough to own a supernatural power, I would love to have the ability to control time. Having control of time would give me control of any situation if it involves me or not. My power will permit me to stop, reverse, speed up and slow down the time according to the requirement of the situation.” 

“If I ever had a superpower, I would love to own the ability to fly. Touching the never-ending sky and crossing it has always been one of my dream. I want to fly high and this ability with permit me to do that.”

“Many abilities can act as a superpower, if you use them properly. But if I get a chance to select one among these, I will choose the ability to know my mistakes. This superpower is a real advantage. I will be able to know my mistakes, correct them and can experience a little bit more perfection. 


This question might sound light-hearted but it has a serious purpose. Responding to it as a joke give might cost you your job. This question has a purpose to know all about your strength and your confidence and you need to show self-knowledge and self-reflection in that answer.

If You Had A Superpower Which One Would It Be?

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