How To Stop Someone From Sabotaging You?

It’s heartbreaking when you finally confirm that someone is trying to sabotage you. You probably heard it as a rumor that this person is saying untrue things about you, or they even make some remarks around you that prove they care less about your personality. It’s an unpleasant situation to find oneself and the best thing you can do for yourself is to find ways to cope with such Circumstances. Let us know ‘How To Stop Someone From Sabotaging You?’.

How To Stop Someone From Sabotaging You?

How To Stop Someone From Sabotaging You?

Unless you have proof that someone is trying to sabotage you, you can’t go about thinking otherwise. Again you might think that someone is your friend or your pal but not know they are the ones discrediting you.

How to stop someone from sabotaging you is a valid statement requiring answers. The purpose of this article is to help you see the reasons why people sabotage you and how you can protect yourself from them.

Reasons Someone Would Want to Sabotage You

Life is filled with people with different characters and mindsets, you might think you are the most wonderful person on the planet, but still, you find people who don’t like you to do extent they would try to discredit/sabotage you in front of others. People do that due to various reasons

They Are Jealous of You

People would sabotage you if they felt you were better than them. Jealousy comes in when someone thinks you are more intelligent and has more influence and power than them. 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

When another person is trying to say something nice about you, discrediting you becomes their way of putting you down, they use all opportunities to talk down on you and what you do in front of people. 

They have low self-esteem

It is only someone who has low esteem that would want to pull another person to appear better than them. 

Rather than making friends with you and learning why you are more successful than them, instead, they want to start up an unhealthy competition to prove themselves.

They Enjoy Toxicity 

Alot of people enjoy toxicity. They are used to hate and hostility, and you can almost tell that this is their lifestyle. 

It could be from their upbringing, or it could be due to the environment they grew up in, and they have decided to pass it on to others.

Superiority Mentality

Some people believe they are better than everyone else. You can hear it from how they speak to and about people. If you give them that chance, they will take your simplicity for stupidity.

Instances Where Someone Can Sabotage You?

  • A colleague at Work Sabotaging you

A colleague at work who always gossips about you with other people behind your back, you might have heard a whimper of all the bad things they have said, and it can be so annoying and frustrating. Rather than fighting back, prove to them that you are more enlightened. Please find a way to handle them, so you don’t end up ruining your reputation

  • Sabotage From Your Boss

It becomes a different ball game when the sabotage comes from someone in a higher authority than you in your workplace, in this case, your Boss. Your boss bullies you psychologically, verbally, and emotionally. There is nothing you do that’s ever right. It’s not good as it can interfere with your performance at work

  • Manipulative Relationships

This type of sabotage is very emotional because this person is supposed to be your partner that you are in a relationship with and love as well. When one of the partners doesn’t appreciate the effort of the other in the relationship, it becomes one-sided. Everyone deserves to be respected and celebrated for whatever contribution they bring, and when you are not having this, It’s not a good sign.

Ways You Can Handle Someone Sabotaging You

1. Do well at Your End

One of the ways of ensuring your saboteur won’t affect you is to ensure you are doing well at your end, so they have nothing on you. It’s like someone trying to sabotage you to take advantage of your moments of weakness, so be vigilant

Please don’t give them that chance to confirm that what they are saying is true or dig up any dirt on you. It would help if you did well to keep up on your end. You can do this by being honest with your dealings.

2. Believe in yourself

We know that no one is infallible, not even the person trying to discredit you before others. Everyone knows this. Don’t let it weaken your confidence in yourself.

The last thing you want to do is to let the negative things this person says get to you. Whatever you do and experience in life, do not let anything affect your self-esteem.

Keep up your head high as you go about your life activities. If you are being sabotaged at work, prove them otherwise by being more diligent and outstanding in the way you do your job, carry out your duties with confidence and diligence

3. Don’t Feel Threatened 

Your reaction to a saboteur will determine if they will continue or not, never exude any sign that you are afraid of them or that their words get to you. When you hear that someone is badmouthing you, probably your first reaction would be to confront them. Rather than do that, find a better way to approach them if you must.

Then if you feel the need to question them, do so in a way that won’t have other people think you are a troublesome person. Remember that the person sabotaging you aims to paint a bad picture of you in front of others.

Hopefully, if you can keep your cool and act more maturely, people will not believe what another person tells them about you because they think you are friendly and honest.

4. Avoid Them at All Costs

One way to keep an enemy out is to stay unbothered. For instance, if you see them or bump into them, you can say hello but keep it moving. When you give the person the impression that “I don’t give a damn about you, it will weaken them because what they are saying about you is not getting to you at all.

It doesn’t suggest that you are quarreling with them or fighting. Some are just gossips who want to get information about you stylishly and then slander you. Avoid unnecessary communication and revealing stuff about you to the person because they are not worth your friendship. Don’t help them In their ploy to bring you down

5. Concentrate On Improving Your Life

Avoid every distraction and think of ways to improve yourself. If you make yourself so invaluable, people will have no choice but to respect the person that you are, so rather than worrying about someone else, use that time to add more value to yourself

Pay less attention to their side talks, gossip, and gimmicks, and consciously make it a duty to concentrate on your life. If you have to leave a manipulative relationship where you do not feel respected, please do, and move ahead to other positive things around you. If you keep an optimistic and happy spirit, you will attract like minds.

Now, what should you do, give up like a coward? No. It’s the best time to go harder on your dreams

6. Look on The Brighter Side of Life

A Saboteur always makes life difficult for people. If you are in this type of situation, it can be daunting and stressful. You are human with emotions, and it’s only natural that you start feeling the weight from it as time passes because someone is trying to ruin your reputation and image.

If you want to keep your sanity and be happy, you should look beyond what you are facing and be on the brighter side of life. Develop a good sense of humor that would keep your mind off every negativity. Let nothing ruffle you; try and maintain a peaceful relationship with them and avoid any confrontations with them as possible.

7. Work on Your Dreams and make Plans to Achieve them

If you notice that someone is always trying to talk down on your dreams, anytime you bring up issues about either embarking on a project or trying out something new, or pursuing a particular plan. They always laugh it off. They say and do everything to discourage you and pull you back.


You can choose to live a happy life no matter what anyone says about you. Remember that you owe yourself all the happiness you deserve. So do not let sabotage get to you to the point that it takes over you. Pay more attention to positivity than negativity; by so doing, you will have the strength to walk through anything thrown at you.


What Are the Signs That Someone is trying to Sabotage me from getting what I want?

They give you all the discouragement that would last you a lifetime. They will tell you how unimportant and unrealistic what you want is, meanwhile deep down them, they envy you for having such a great idea.

How do You handle a Friend that Spreads Lies About You But Keeps A Smiling Face With You?

It’s Simple, walk away from them and make friends with new people. You don’t even have to have a fight with them over it. Avoid them altogether.

How To Stop Someone From Sabotaging You?

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