How to make an Upward or Up Arrow (in Windows)?

How to make an Upward or Up Arrow (in Windows)?

An upward arrow (↑) is usually used in chemical reactions, indicating a gas’s evolution in a reaction. They are also typically used in a reaction when there is an increase in a particular numerical value. But how to make an Upward or Up Arrow below (in Windows)?. Mentioned are the simple instructions that can be used to type an upward arrow. For example, when using the Microsoft Word application, the shortcut for typing the upward arrow is Alt+24. The number mentioned after Alt is code number 24 uniquely for the windows version of Microsoft Word. There are extensive numbers of codes used in Microsoft Word for this particular application.

To type the number key from the numerical keypad, we need to type the shortcut function key + num lock key to activate the numerical keypad. Then we can apply the given shortcut Alt+24 for an upward arrow. Alternatively, in Microsoft Word, clicking on the Insert tab and clicking on the Symbol icon will show a vast range of symbols with their codes. Some codes can be remembered for quick use of those symbols. Also, the symbols tab mentions recently used symbols which also can be used for simplicity. 

How to make an Upward or Up Arrow (in Mac)?

On Mac OS, the character viewer can be brought forward by the usage of shortcut key Control+Command+Spacebar, while in character viewer, searching for symbols on the search bar can bring out the symbol section, or clicking on the expand button shows the appropriate symbols for use. On the left side of the character viewer, there are various buttons. For example, clicking on the arrows side will show the arrows for use in mac. In this way, the arrow can be written on Mac.

How to make an Upward or Up Arrow (in Windows using character map)?

There is also another simple option for writing arrow symbols – by just copying the arrow key on the internet if there is no possibility of finding the symbol in word or is simply hard to find, copy and paste is the best solution. In Windows 8 or higher versions, there are an app inbuilt windows called character map, search for the app by typing it in the search bar, launch the application.

After launching the application, clicking on advanced view, then typing on the search bar as an arrow can bring up the character you were searching for. Double-clicking the symbol selects the character chosen, and clicking copy in the dialog box will copy the symbol. The one benefit of using this character box is that we can simultaneously copy as many symbols as possible in a single try. Whenever the symbol is needed, a shortcut key ctrl+v is used, or by right-clicking the mouse button and clicking paste, can paste the symbol.

How to make an Upward or Up Arrow (in Windows from Autocorrect option)?

This method is fairly simple and not too complex but is a bit harder than typing simple shortcuts, first going to the insert tab in Microsoft Word. Then, using the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word, we can insert the upward arrow using the autocorrect feature.

Finally, it is possible to assign a code for the Up arrow symbol, and putting the code can insert automatically. The useful feature in this method is that we can assign our custom shortcut or code to a symbol, and when we type it in the future, we can insert it when we type the code.

Below are the Steps to Use the Autocorrect Tab for Using Up Arrow

First, click on the Insert tab, then go to the symbol box and click on more symbols, symbol windows will appear, after selecting the up arrow symbol clicking the autocorrect option, in the following dialogue box, entering a word which we can remember is entered, so the next time we enter that word in Microsoft word the autocorrect feature automatically turns the word into the symbol we have chosen. But beware that autocorrect is case sensitive, and anything typed in lowercase or uppercase should be noted or any error.


There are various options for entering arrow upward in windows as well as mac. The most useful of them is the autocorrect feature as individuals using different. Still, recurring symbols can use it, but for simplicity, copy and paste are also used. As mentioned earlier, an upward arrow is used in chemical equations, using the above techniques for typing the symbol of our desire is very easy and methodological; Further, this Can not only be used in windows or mac but there are guides online which shows how to insert symbols in older systems like Ubuntu and Linux OS too.

Though there are some techniques used here that can be reproduced in those operating systems, there must be separate functions for that separate operating system.

How to make an Upward or Up Arrow (in Windows)?

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