How To Get W2 From eBay ?

eBay is an American e-commerce firm operating globally. It was headquartered in San Jose, California, US. eBay was founded on September 3, 1995, by Pierre Omidyar. eBay was previously known as Auction Web and it changed its name to eBay in September 1997. Its provisions include consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) deals. This firm encourages planetary, online marketing to acquire and swap a large variety of goods and aids. How To Get W2 From eBay ? Let us know more about it.

How To Get W2 From eBay ?

eBay will provide a W2 tax form, 1099-k which is an IRS(International Revenue Service) form to their employees. It can only be obtained if their sales attain $600 or more than it is through the mail.

Getting A W2 Form From Ebay

Observe the key points mentioned below to know about getting a W2 form from eBay: 

The employee should attain a minimum abundance of $600 or above. Employees should give their social security number(SSN), Employee Identification Number (EIN), and Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). In case of not proving the above-mentioned proofs, eBay will withhold it. If you are eligible for receiving a W2 form, you will automatically get a 1099-k form by email. 

The employee will obtain the downloadable copy in My eBay of their eBay account rather than receiving it by mail. The form will exhibit the payments you made from the beginning, it will comprise the gross amount, the total transactions you made, your name and address, and a 9-digit tax ID. 

All the proof of the information you provided will be recounted to the International Revenue Service and the exact state tax council. If eBay can’t analyze your tax ID, you have to submit a W-9 form. Make sure that the name on your eBay account is the same as that in the tax ID. 

Details Included In W2 Form From Ebay

According to the survey report of 2019, it has operating in nearly 32 countries. The clients can use the eBay website for free. But they will charge for sellers to list their items on the website and their exchange. It has expanded its marketing to instant ‘Buy It Now ‘ shopping.

The details included in the W2 form, 1099-k provided by eBay, are as follows:

  • The total amount of total transactions made per calendar year. 
  • The summation doesn’t encompass any alteration amount such as credits, discounts, fees, refunds, or any other accommodation charges. 
  • The total amount on the W2 form, 1099-k may not be the final proclaimed amount on the tax return. 
  • Contact the customer care service of eBay with the commodity number and any other applicable evidence about the transaction, in case of any issues with the transaction on the W2 form, 1099-k. 
  • The form does not involve the capitation during the voluntary collection and settlement performed by eBay. 

Method Of Downloading The W2 Detailed Report From eBay

It hinges on the grand amount of your whole deals and transactions. The threshold is computed by mixing all payment transactions done through the multiple accounts linked with the same tax ID. If your total oversteps the threshold, the employee will obtain the tax form for each of their accounts. 

Observe the below points to know about the way of downloading the W2 form, 1099-k detailed report from eBay: 

  • Head to the payment tab on the home page of eBay. 
  • Select 1099-k from the taxes page  
  • Choose ‘request detailed report’ from that tab. 
  • You will get the message by email whenever the report is ready to download. 
  • Then you can download the form by clicking on the download tab. 

Reporting Of 1099-k Tax Return In eBay

The W2 tax return, 1099-k  is commonly reported on schedule C.  There are several conditions to follow up on the reporting of the 1099-k tax return. If any omissions are found on the form like displacement of the social security number in the position of the tax number of the business, then you have to ask for a rectified form from the payment settlement entity (PSE).

PayPal and other payment settlement entities should record all payments generated in the settlement of payment card transactions. 

Common Mistakes On 1099-k Form

The common mistakes found on the 1099-k form are as follows: 

  • Sometimes the form you got may pertain to you, or it might be a duplicate. 
  • Incorrect Taxpayer Identification Number ( TIN). 
  • Mistake in the total amount of transactions made. 
  • Mismatch of Merchant Category Code (MCC) on your business. 

eBay Tax Policy

Merchants should pay taxes for using eBay in congruence with all acceptable laws. They will share the seller’s details with government administrations if needed. Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax ( GST), or related consumption tax will add to any selling fees relying on the seller’s location.

Merchants who use eBay entirely for business with a tax registration number can pertain for tax reductions on eBay. eBay will put in the tax as a diverse statement in your account or entail the tax to their service fees.

Always make the registered date updated as they can recognize your location effectively.  eBay gave you the alternative to plea for more verification procedures, considering a seller’s taxable stature. The seller’s personal information including the contact number will be under eBay’s privacy policy. 


The W2 form provided by eBay 1099-k is a transaction report made by third-party maintenance systems such as PayPal and Venmo. Its main objective is to ensure people reveal their business earnings on their tax returns. It is needed to pay taxes hastily to the state or the local authority whenever eBay or the seller is not obliged to receive sales tax on purchases. eBay lists and sells millions of decor, collectibles, appliances, furnishings, vehicles, and other numerous items daily.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does eBay offer Tax Exemptions?

Yes. eBay offers Tax Exemption for charitable beings and resellers. 

2. Is it necessary to report eBay income?

Yes. It is required to report eBay after reaching a certain threshold. 

How To Get W2 From eBay ?

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