How To Find What You’re Good At?

Many people prefer to spend their leisure time doing the activities they enjoy, whether it relates to completing a task at work or performing a hobby they enjoy. However, how does someone know what their skills lie in? Let us know about ‘How To Find What You’re Good At?’.

How To Find What You're Good At?

How To Find What You’re Good At?

People enjoy performing tasks they are good at, motivating them to achieve better. If you crave to excel in your work, you must be aware of your interests; it allows you to captivate yourself in the eyes of employers willing to hire you. It is well-known fact that people who engage in activities they relish are more optimistic, motivated in life and are more confident at their workplace.

5 Methods to Discover the Things Your Good At

1. Which Activities Do You Relish the Most During Your Leisure Time?

We are more likely to be good at the activities that we enjoy the most as we feel more optimistic and confident. People tend to be happier when they perform activities in which they are good and also excellent in. However, it would help if you are open- minded to experience new things to find what makes you the happiest.

2. Take an Online Quiz to Find What You Are Interested In?

It is prevalent to be confused about where your interests lie; you might feel demotivated and less confident. However, online quizzes may help you realize your interests and hobbies. Even though quizzes may not be 100% accurate, they study your personality based on your answers and can help you recognize the activities that you enjoy the most and could be good at.

3. Assess Past Experiences from Previous Jobs and Your Past Accomplishments

Evaluate your work from previous jobs and experiences to analyze where you might be lacking so that you can improve your skills. However, if you feel like you cannot work on your skills, it would be clever to switch your work to a more proper direction where you are more interested in and see yourself improving. 

4. Discover Your Personality Traits to Understand What Activity Attracts You The Most?

Everyone has distinct personality traits, which makes them different. You can always explore your personality features by taking personality tests, and talking to other people to differentiate your traits with others. Once you can explore your personality traits you are more likely to discover hobbies more suitable for you.

5. Keep an Open Mind and Be More Flexible to Discover New Hobbies

A lot of times, we might not be able to find hobbies that we relish because we are not open-minded to try out new things. It is a common trait for humans to be scared in try new things. However, if we don’t overcome that fear, we might be unable to discover new hobbies that are more suitable for us.

6. Be Patient and Kind to Yourself While Trying Out New Things

A lot of times we might be interested in certain activities which might not be as easy we imagined, it is important that you are kind and patient to give yourself time to understand and grasp before switching again.

7. Note Down Your Skills to Be Aware of Job Opportunities More Suitable For You

It is essential to be aware of your skills and note them as it helps you to evaluate and find a job that encompasses your skills.

8. Take Career Counselling To Be Aware of The Job Opportunities

Career Counselling gives guides you by making you aware of yourself and where your interests and skills lie, which help you in choose your career.

9. Make A List Of The Things That Make You Happy And Satisfied You

You can find something that you’re good at by making a list of the things that make you the happiest.

Doing What You Enjoy Most to Live a Successful and Fruitful Life? 

Usually, we tend to be interested in activities where we are aware of our strengths. Therefore, it is said that it is essential to chase our dreams and the activities we enjoy, as that is the key to our success. We tend to be more optimistic and confident when we follow our dreams. Activities that make us happy also enhance our creative minds. All our life, we are taught to study hard, get good grades, get a degree, work a 9 to 5 job and get settle. However, no one informed us that  9 to 5 job might not be suitable for everyone and that it is entirely acceptable to follow your dreams no matter how big the goal is.

Millennials are great examples as they have followed their dreams no matter what standards society has set for them. To find where our interests lie it is highly important that we step out of our comfort zones and keep an open mind to discover new hobbies and interests. It is also necessary to have patience and provide yourself with enough time to understand before switching up your pursuit again. Life is short so we shouldn’t trade our happiness and chase our dreams before we start regretting it as age does not matter when it comes to our satisfaction and success.

Signs That You May Not Be Satisfied with Your Current Job

You may not always perceive your interests correctly and abide by the job but might later feel like this job does not lie under your area of interest. It is always clever to look for a different alternative before it’s too late.

  • You don’t have a clear vision for the future.
  • You are not dedicating all your attention to the work.
  • You cannot improve your skills and feel unmotivated to work n your weaknesses.
  • You are often stressed and not happy when it comes to finishing your tasks.You have an unhealthy work-life balance and cannot the things you love.
  • It is hurting your health. You are having trouble sleeping, and you have body aches too often.
  • You are no more excited about working as you used to be.
  • You are no longer spending time with your family and friends.
  • You experience Sunday night blues. You feel anxious and confused the day before going to work.
  • You spend a lot of time complaining about your work.
  • You are not getting a raise or promotion at work.
  • You no longer enjoy communicating with your colleagues and often avoid going to work events

Why Is It Necessary to Do What You Love?

We shouldn’t view our jobs just as a source of income because earning money is not everything. We might find a job that pays us a good income, but that might be transient if we are not happy in that job. Performing the activities, we enjoy often boosts  our confidence and makes us more optimistic in life. If we work in our desired field, we will likely feel more motivated and fulfilled. We are always taught how grades are important and how we should excel in academics, our society never encourages children to depend on sports or the activities they enjoy as a career option. However, our newer generations are thriving when it comes to chasing their dreams.

Doing what makes us the happiest also encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and learn new things and it also has a positive impact on our physical health as mental health is directly associated with our physical health. We often tend to procrastinate less if we enjoy our work which reduces stress and, thus, it helps us in managing healthy relationships by spending more time with our family and friends. We can also spend the rest of our leisure time  engaging in other activities we enjoy doing. If we focus on achieving our goals and dreams, we are more likely to inspire other people to do the same; we can set an example for not be afraid and spend their life doing what they love the most.

How To Enjoy What You Are Doing?

  • By practicing being more grateful for the things that make you happy and you are thankful for as it brings positive emotions to one’s life. It also encourages someone to perform better and work on themselves. It also increases our self-esteem as we acknowledge our achievements. You can also start keeping a journal to help yourself in practicing gratitude.
  • Prioritize and invest in yourself. Work on increasing self-love as it will help you become more confident and thrive in the workplace. Appreciate yourself and focus on your strengths to perform confidently at your workplace.
  • Analyze whether working at the specific place is beneficial for you in the long term or not. You must analyze all the factors before concluding.
  • By working with passionate people, you might become more dedicated at the workplace.; Hence, it is crucial that you surround yourself with coworkers who positively impact you.
  • Keep enhancing your skills and gaining new knowledge if you want to be satisfied yourself at the workplace.
  • Always prioritize yourself first; working at a workplace might be stressful, but you must separate your work life from your personal life and spend quality time doing the things you enjoy in your leisure time.
  • Work on enhancing mindfulness. Awareness of our feelings, thoughts and surroundings is crucial in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Focusing on cultivating our emotional well-being is highly important as it helps us become more aware and accept our feelings, thought processes so that we can work on enhancing positive emotions and prevent burnout. 
  • Spend your time with people whose company you enjoy the most as it can keep you distracted and help you in getting rid of stress.
  • You can find a new hobby to engage in as they help you relax and pose a healthy work-life balance.
  • Being more patient with yourself as its completely normal to make mistakes. We must give ourselves some time to work on them.
  • Being constantly stressed at work might be dangerous for your health; Hence, it is important to give yourself a break.

Who Was Your Biggest Role Model Growing Up?

A role model is someone you can look up to and who influences your thought processes and life decisions intentionally or unintentionally. Both positive and negative role models exist. Positive role models positively influence our actions and motivate us perform better in our life; they help us to overcome our weaknesses. What we are experiencing at present such as anxiety or depression may also have been experienced by our role model in past; Hence, looking up to them gives us the motivation to not give up. A role model also helps us in improve ourselves by motivating us and making us analyze what we lack. A negative role model, on the opposite influences’ individuals in a negative way as they might encourage unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drinking.

The younger generation learn more quickly through modeling; Hence, it is really important who we consider our role model. It is okay to have multiple role models from whom we are inspired. These role models have gone through difficult times and worked hard to achieve their success, motivating us to work hard and not give up. Most of the time our role models growing up influence our liking for the activities and skills later on in our lives; Hence, we might find the answers to what activities we love to do from our role models.


We can easily find the things we are good at by looking at our interests and hobbies. We will have to be more open-minded and flexible to look for suitable hobbies. Our role model growing up might also have affected our interests and goals in life. Performing the tasks, we love helps us become more optimistic and confident. Doing what you love helps you live a fulfilled life and simultaneously be satisfied with your work. If one chooses a career where their interests lie, they tend to procrastinate less, experience less stress and are more successful.

How To Find What You’re Good At?

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