How Tall Is The Shortest Rockette?

An American troupe of precise dancers is called The Rockettes. They were established in St. Louis in 1925 (97 years ago), and have played at Radio City Music Hall in New York City since 1932 (90 years ago). They also had a traveling business up until 2015. They are well recognized for their roles in the annual Christmas production Radio City Christmas Spectacular and their yearly appearances in New York’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since 1957. let us know about that the How Tall Is The Shortest Rockette?

How Tall Is The Shortest Rockette?

The Rockettes height requirement is between 5″6 and 5”10. Therefore the shortest Rockettes will be about 5 feet 6 inches and there is a handful of Rockettes with that height but there is none taller or shorter than that height.

Rockettes Employment  Elsewhere

 Some of them work at the New York City dance cardio hotspot Body By Simone, while others are yoga teachers or lead other types of group exercise programs. 

Foods that Rockette Consumes Each Day

A Rockette’s day typically begins with a substantial breakfast.  They eat protein, carbohydrates, and treats throughout the day.

The Number Of Rockettes Is What?

 There are 80 Rockettes in total, although only 36 of them act onstage at once. There are 40 Rockettes in each ensemble. There are four “swings” in each cast who can stand in for the nine women on the line. 

Way to Get Legs Like The Rockettes

  1. Marching Hip Raise with Feet on a Swiss Ball for Glutes and Hamstrings. A quick dancing moves to tone your dancer’s bottom.
  2. Standing Plié Squats for the inner thighs.
  3. Standing Leg Curl for Hamstrings and Calves
  4. Ballet calf raises for the calves and ankles. 

Shows performed by  Rockettes Each Year

There are two teams of 36 dancers and four standbys made up of the 80 Rockettes. The 66-foot stage can accommodate the 36 women standing shoulder to shoulder. They put on up to four shows a day, eight dance sequences every show, and 200 performances in a season.

Requirements To Become A Rockette

Any performer that wants to be a Rockette must be at least 18 years old. Girls under the age of 17 may try out for the opportunity with parental permission, but they will not be cast. To become a Rockette, you must be a citizen of the US or possess a valid work visa that enables you to do so. Performers are required to commit to the contract dates, which run from early October/early November through late December/early January.

Physical Prerequisites

The height requirement for rocketeers is 5 feet, 6 inches to 5 feet, 10 ½ inches. Stocking feet will be used for measurement. All performers are required to be proficient since the Rockettes are one of the most well-known precision dance troupes in the world.

What to Wear and Bring

Bring a headshot and resume with you to the audition. Bring appropriate footwear, including both tap shoes and high-heeled character shoes, to show oneself as a Rockette. Many ladies show up to the audition with an attractive leotard, nude fishnet stockings, and traditional hair and makeup.

The Selection Procedure

Jazz routines are practiced by performers in smaller groups after being learned in larger ones. As the difficulty of the dancing routines increases, cuts are made along the way. Pay great attention to the precise placement and angles of arms, legs, hands, and bodies since the show director and choreographer place a lot of value on performance and precision.

To begin with, there is only one size criterion for Rockettes, and it has nothing to do with weight, in contrast to ballerinas. Instead, all Rockettes must be between 5’6” and 5’10 12” tall so that they can stage an optical illusion of a perfectly level kick line by starting with the tallest girl in the middle and dropping in height outward. (Imagine foosball miniatures but with sequins and revealing fishnets instead of shin pads.) Since The Rockettes are a real ensemble cast, there is no place for hierarchy or egos, in contrast to many other Broadway artists. The group is also unionized: The 80 Rockettes, who are divided into two 40-member casts to alternate show days, all put in the same number of hours and get the same wage.


The Rockettes have remained a singular dance entertainment powerhouse since they first began. A lot of dancers aspire to be Rockettes, and thousands of women apply for the position. To be part of the Rockettes, there are some basic weight and height requirements you must have which had been discussed in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What is the weight requirements of a Rockette?

A Rockette does not have a weight requirement but has a height requirement.

Question 2 

How long must the legs of a Rockette be?

About 5”6’ and 5’10”12

How Tall Is The Shortest Rockette?

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