How did Bloomberg make his money?

How did Bloomberg make his money?


Mike Bloomberg, another billionaire who is considering running for president, is not just another millionaire. I’m not saying that because, unlike Tom Steyer, he holds the most elected position. But, I mean, Bloomberg is very rich in billionaires. According to Forbes magazine, he is the eighth richest man in the United States with a net worth of $ 53.4 billion – making him 17 times richer than President Trump. And unlike Trump, he’s a self-made millionaire. How did Bloomberg make his money?

Perhaps most notably, Bloomberg’s wealth – most of which comes from his continued ownership of 88 percent of Bloomberg LP, a financial data company he founded in 1981 – has continued to grow well over the past two decades. How good it looks is that I’m not sure. When he took over as mayor in 2001, Forbes magazine estimated that his fortune amounted to $ 4 billion. Still, for the reasons I will discuss below, I believe this was a severe understatement. However, he is richer now than he was in his time, exceedingly since Bloomberg LP has prospered at the wrong time for many other companies. From Time Inc. to America Online, its business models can describe as “Information Services.”

Source of revenue

Most of Bloomberg LP’s $ 10 billion annual revenue comes from Bloomberg Terminal registration. For just over $ 20,000 a year, you get a physical tool or computer software that offers access to a wealth of real-time financial market data. For example, the airport will tell you everything from interest rates on invisible bonds to the current use of oil storage tanks in Cushing, Oklahoma. Importantly, you get access to Instant Bloomberg messages, which you can use to communicate with other end users – often, merchants need IB to reach their potential sellers. This suite of services is considered valuable enough for financial professionals to have more than 300,000 registered Terminals worldwide. (I was hired at Bloomberg LP in 2012 and 2013 as the author of “Bloomberg View,” the editorial page of Bloomberg News.)

But there are types of information that people used to pay for and now have access to for free, or much less expensive, online. For example, who needs to buy a Zagat guide when the Yelp update is free? Similarly, an ever-increasing number of specialized financial information services are available online at meager prices of $ 20,000. And since the average Bloomberg Terminal registrar uses only a handful of terminal services available. More prosperous feel like I have been hearing and reading for over a decade that many financial professionals and firms will eventually decide that Terminal is too expensive and that they can get something cheaper and cheaper.

News headlines appear from time to time about the significant banks finding ways to reduce the number of Terminals they pay, yet Bloomberg’s subscriber base has grown at a slower pace over the past decade. According to estimates previously published by Quartz, the current terminal number of 325,000, as reported by the company, increased from about 170,000 in 2001 and 280,000 in 2009.

Bloomberg LP is a media and financial data and analytics conglomerate. The company generates subscription revenue and revenue associated with Bloomberg terminals and various other services, including Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Business, focusing on engagement, marketing, and more.

“The most important thing is working,” said Josh Brown, Ritholtz Wealth Management’s chief executive officer and frequent panel member on CNBC’s Halftime Report. “Do what you have to do. It is reliable. They are constantly adding new features. “

Bloomberg Terminal

Brown admitted that many Terminal users might have put together web services that provide the information they need at a lower cost than Bloomberg’s subscription fee. But he said the method was not easy to use and was not very reliable and that users were always willing to pay the higher Bloomberg Terminal amount because of the cost they had saved by using it. For example, he said the Terminal has made it easier for bond investors to trade than to pay consumers. So why write down your Bloomberg subscription when the performance it offers can save you a lot of commissions?

Also, there is the importance of the Terminal as a status symbol. Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly?

“Scott Galloway did a great job talking about how Apple is a luxury brand and a brand that shows others,” Brown said. “On Wall Street, having a Terminal has some aspect of that.”

Position in Forbes list.

Looking at Forbes lists, it seems like Mike Bloomberg has achieved impressive economic growth speeds since 2001. an estimated $ 4 billion Forbes in 2001. Compiling the Forbes 400 list is not a science, and it can be challenging to estimate the actual value of a privately owned company like Bloomberg LP, which has no public stock price. But in 2008, Mike Bloomberg agreed to buy, for $ 4.5 billion, a 20% stake in Bloomberg LP already owned by Merrill Lynch, which founded the company’s $ 22 billion portfolios and prompted the magazine to revise its value proposition.

It will also reflect Bloomberg’s overall expenditure on political and social services in the more significant financial resources beyond its ownership of Bloomberg LP, which makes sense since he made a profit for the company for decades. It is another symbol of his company’s extraordinary vitality in the difficult times of media and information companies in general. If he is running for president, I think he is unlikely to win. But if he spends $ 2 billion on the process, it will not offend his style as it would have been for ordinary billionaires.



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At $ 33.7 billion, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently joined our list of the world’s wealthiest billionaires.

Although his 12-year term as mayor ended in 2013, the billionaire remains as busy as ever, and he spends a lot of money as he travels. After all, he hopes to donate all his wealth before he dies.

From his early days working on Wall Street to his generous donations, here’s how Bloomberg did it – and spent it


How rich is Michael Bloomberg?

We can estimate it in terms of numbers: It costs an estimated $ 64 billion. That is 64 billion single, 64,000 million, or 64,000,000 thousand. We can compare it to comparative names: He costs half as much as Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, and 20 times more than Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump, even though he knows who he is. Bloomberg has an estimated 700,000 households in the United States, with more money than the most impoverished families in the United States combined. Gather 125 million poor Americans, and Bloomberg is still critical.


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Since entering the presidential race in November, Mike Bloomberg has spent more than $ 400 million on campaign campaigns – just part of his total.

Bloomberg’s spendings 

According to Forbes, the Republican Democrat, valued at $ 63.7 billion, is the eighth richest man globally. In addition, he is the richest man who ever ran for president.

According to Business Insider, Bloomberg LP finally started showcasing Bloomberg Terminal, computer software that helps traders navigate the details. Merrill Lynch was the first customer, buying 22 of them and investing $ 30 million in the company with a 30 percent stake.

This type of spending on a campaign is unlimited because Bloomberg is wasting money: If he threw his weight behind Bernie Sanders or Trump or Warren, he would do so through a political action committee barred from working with the campaign. “It emphasizes that the doctrine of the Supreme Court in this area base on the perception of the candidate, rather than any sense of equality or the perception that voters may corrupt,” said Richard Briffault, a Columbia Law School professor and campaign specialist. “The high point is that spending is not a problem, or high spending rates or unequal spending rates.”

But such use affects and undermines the system, the persistence of rationality and social science shows. Right now, more prosperous the Democratic and Republican Presidents are filling their Cabinet with money; ordinary members of Congress are richer than ordinary Americans, and policymakers show excessive sensitivity to the interests of the rich. As a result, business and wealthy lobbies “have major implications for U.S. government policy, while ordinary citizens and progeny groups have little or no influence,” said political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page. We want the system to be more and more democratic, and people are more important than money. So we have a multi-faceted and respected program.

The mayor of New York City for 12 years, Bloomberg is one of just four individuals to have served that long.

#20. Billionaires 2021.

#14. Forbes 400 2020.

The Richest Person In Every State 2019.

#51. Powerful People 2018.

How did Bloomberg make his money?

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