Hardworking or Hard-working- A Clear Guide

Hardworking or Hard-working


Hardworking or Hard-working is a term to express someone’s dedication towards his work or Job. To indicate a dedicative person, we used to say that he or she is a hardworking person. It is easy to use in figurative speeches. But, when it comes to writing we should know what it is and how we should use them. Some might get confused about whether to use a hyphen or not, whether to add a black space or not. In this article, we will know what are the different words in hardworking, and how to use them. 

Definition of the word Hardworking:

Hardworking is mostly used to indicate someone’s dedication, concentration, focus, who spends a lot of time in his work, and who really cares more about his assigned projects, and who always motivates himself to finish them as soon as possible. The word can indicate anyone either the person is a student who is constantly preparing for his entrance exams to get into a prestigious college or a working man who works more than his regular shift hours to gain more experience or wages, or a woman who is a housewife does all her chores, takes care of the home and family members then work flexibly for her passion. The word is merely to mention someone who spends his time efficiently on his works and chores. 

Different kind of Hardworking

There are three different kinds of hardworking. Hard-working / Hardworking / Hard working. However, all of the different kind of words has the same meaning, is used to suggest someone’s dedication towards one’s work. While we are speaking it doesn’t have any huge impacts on grammatical or spelling differences. But, most of us confuse with this word when it comes to writing it. 

Difference between Hard-working / Hardworking / Hard working. 


This word contains a hyphen in between the words Hard and Working. Thus which is called hyphenated. And this word is referred to mostly for British English writing. 

Hardworking: This word is neither hyphenated nor has a space in between the words Hard and Working. This particular word Hardworking is implied in the style of American English writing. 

Hard working: Hard-working is considered a single word. So, there is neither any proof that you should not use like this nor has no examples in the literature to express the word as two words formation. But, it is highly recommended that we may take a safer side of writing as Hardworking or hard-working. 

You can use the words according to their specifications. Like, if you are an intern who is working on content and the company is based in America, you can use “Hardworking”. And when you are working in a British company, you can use the Hyphenated word “Hard-working”. Because, In British Broadcasts like BBC’s and dictionaries like oxford and Cambridge’s only refers the hyphenated Hard-working, where it lacks in American dictionaries. But, there are words in American dictionaries which refer to “Hardworking” without any hyphens or blank space. And most of the hyphenated words are found to be unhyphenated when it comes to American English. However, the meanings of all these word formations are found to be the same with no slightest difference. 

You can even use “Working Hard” instead of Hardworking to indicate someone’s present dedication. 

Example sentences to use the word “Hardworking”

I have never seen such a Hardworking person throughout my career life. 

She is a hardworking woman who takes care of the company as well as her family. 

He is working hard to build his own company. 


However, Hard-working or Hardworking or Hard working, all contain the same meaning and usage which is to portrays someone’s dedication towards one’s work. You can use any modification of word according to your writing purpose. But It is advised to omit using “Hard Working” with a blank space in between the two words. Because Hardworking is a single word, if we split them with blank space, we are converting the single word into two words, and it changes the meaning and usage of the word “Hardworking.” 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Hardworking or Hard-working, which one is correct? 

Both are correct. It can be used according to your purpose. This Hard-working is hyphenated and is used in the style of British English writing. This Hardworking is neither hyphenated nor has any blank space has used in the style of American English writing. You can use it according to your purpose. But, both are correct grammatically. 

Is Hardworking is a single word?

Two words with Hard and Working which is combined to the result of Hardworking. Even though they are two words of combination. Technically, Hardworking is a single word. So, we should not use blank space in between the two words, which not merely splits the word. But, also it is meaning. 

Hardworking or Hard-working- A Clear Guide

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