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A Google program manager typically oversees a project team (and in some cases a project management team). Each project is linked by common aspects, such as a single target company. They are also responsible for strategy and making sure everything is on track on time. Effective program managers help build a more cohesive and successful team. Therefore, when an organization searches for candidates to lead various projects and teams, the organization must go through a rigorous selection process so that the candidates have a positive impact not only on the company but also on the company. the company but also with others.

Google Program Manager - Know More

Interview phase

Typically, Google PM’s role is a three-phase interview: recruiter, phone, and on-site, followed by a team-matching process. 

On average, applicants receive a response in a telephone interview within one to two weeks. Likewise, it can take up to two weeks for Google to return results after an on-site interview. 


A recruiter calls you first and understands your motivations that may be behind the job you are looking to get for. What made you want to work as a TPM at Google? Get ready to talk about your past employment experiences. This call is used to make sure you are communicating well. The employer also looks for signs that you are a good person to work with (not a jerk). 


Next, have a 30- 35 minute phone conversation with your current Google Technical Program Manager. These telephone interviews are a combination of program awareness and action. 

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After the telephone interview is the last part of the site. A typical on-site interview involves 5s. Two laps of technical lap and three laps of the scheduled lap. Exhibitors have stated through interviews that they are often tested in many ways. For example, an interviewer starting with a behavioral question might be asked to explain how he started a similar program on Google. 

Each interview lasts approximately 30 -35 minutes, with the last 5-10 minutes spent answering all questions.

 What exactly is Google looking for? 

At the end of each interview, the interviewer evaluates overall performance using standard comments that Google summarizes the attributes presented to the candidate. While the module is constantly evolving, the main additions we know at the time of writing are: 

A) Required Questions 

B) Attributes 

C) Final Tips 

Interview Guide

The interview process for Google Program Manager is a very long one. It usually takes about 34- 38 weeks to interview a person, but it is common for it to take such a long time as they would want the perfect candidate. The basic overview of the interview procedure is given below- 


  • Phone screen with a recruiter 
  • Phone screen with recruiter and program manager 
  • Onsite interview 


The first step for selection is to have an interview at Google. in the first place. You must have a very strong resume and cover letter for acquiring a role as Program Manager, or more specifically Google program manager.  

Once you have organized all the documents, you can submit your application. You can also ask a Google employee or representative to guide you to your internal recruitment team. 

If selected, your employer will contact you within 23 business days. 

Round 1


After accepting your application, start an interview with Google by speaking with your recruiter over the phone. They would want you to ask why you are a good fit as a google program manager as they will require you to know your potential and what you can do for them. You can expect typical resumes and behavioral questions. The interview lasts approximately 30 -40 minutes. 

What the interviewer is evaluating 

  • Your experience in program management. 
  • Flexibility to adapt to the profile. 
  • Knowledge and experience related to your role. 
  • Cultural Adjustment. 


Google will be looking for an intelligent program manager who can learn and adapt to new situations whenever needed. The interviewer will try to understand how difficult problems can be solved and learned by you through your smartness. 

Google is looking for a form of leadership called “emerging leadership.” At Google, they often work in cross-divisional teams, and when skills are needed, multiple team members are required to advance and take control at various points in the project lifecycle. So, be sure to show your interviewer that you have good leadership skills. 

Interview Questions 

  • Mention your five greatest strengths? 
  • When you came up with a great idea, tell us when and how you put it into practice. 
  • In your opinion, what are the key skills to become a program manager? 

Round 2


After selecting a recruiter, you will be questioned in the interview by the particular recruiting manager with other program managers. The hiring manager in this position is usually the first interviewer. They will also have a second interview before proceeding to the on-site interview. 

The questions asked in this round are of the same categories as questions asked in face-to-face interviews. In particular, you need to be prepared for behavioral, technical, and program management issues. Each interview lasted about 40 minutes. 

What the interviewer rated 

  • Your basic and technical knowledge. 
  • Your knowledge and research about Google. 
  • Ability to come up with more creative ideas in a short period. 
  • Your effectiveness in generating creative ideas and questions. 


When you start thinking about what you want to emphasize in the interview, don’t forget to provide data. This allows the interviewer to understand not only your overall results but also your level of influence. 

You should also review your employment history. Most of them have accomplished more than they realize, and they tend to overlook some of our accomplishments (and lessons from their mistakes). You have to be confident. 

Raise your doubts about the interview. This shows not only your interest in Google and the position you are applying for but also your diligence in finding the company. Furthermore, this is also an opportunity to interview them. 

Interview questions 

  • How do you start a new project? 
  • Mention the critical path? What if it got changed?
  • There are 12 months before the new product is released. Let’s take a closer look at how the process is handled. 
  • Tell them about the difficulties you encountered during the implementation of the project. 
  • Tell them when to protest and convince your boss. How would you envision getting the number?
  • How do you manage reports for some projects when some are late? 
  • What are the 5 slides used to present to the CEO? 
  • Let them know when someone changes their mind about something. What are your ideas about that? 
  • What are some of the challenges that cloud technology faces? 
  • Do you have new products that Google should develop? 

Round 3


The final and final rounds are field interviews. These interviews are a real test. They usually spend a day doing Google interviews. Interview questions fall into one of three main categories: 

  • Program management questions (57% questions) 
  • Behavioral questions (28%) 
  • Role / technical questions (16)%

Program Management Questions

 – Here you will be asked about project management and work with teams from all departments to perform in different locations.

Managers Google software determines interruptions of deployment for deployment. We must therefore be able to plan, prioritize and implement powerful initiatives. 

This is the part of the service process that you want to inform. Thoroughly investigate the application (sources, risks, etc.) and present a perfectly read song file. 

And you need to include multiple plans in your practice to have a definitive impact on maintenance. This is because the specific questions asked during interviews with software supervisors tend to vary widely depending on the situation, where they are used, or where they are useful. 

Behavioral Questions: You can be tested for your previous work experience, motivation to apply, ability to resolve conflicts, and other similar subjective factors. Therefore, You need to showcase your abilities to the best level to overcome this stage of the interview. 

Google software managers often work in teams with engineers, product managers, PMMs, statistical analysts, etc. Attribution issues (before or when they occur). 

The likelihood of achieving these characteristics can be assessed using behavioral interview questions. Example Google Behavior Question 

  • General / CV 
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
  • How did you experience this process in the first 90 days? 
  • What features do you need to get into this position? 
  • Have you used fewer and fewer features over the years? 
  • Tell them a little about the modern situation 
  • Appearance / Engine 
  • Why should you give up on modern work? 
  • Why have you chosen Google? 
  • What do you want to do for google? 
  • Conflict, if any
  • Identify the best paintings and best clothes around. 
  • How to overcome the chaos and ambiguity in your research? 
  • What is the biggest battle you have ever fought in photography? 
  • Failure, if any 
  • Explains Mission Failure 
  • What happened to the final temporary failure? 
  • Creativity 
  • When do you need a creative strategy to solve a problem? 

Technical Questions:

Here you will be assessed for skills and experience related to the position or functional area for which you are applying, including questions based on technical knowledge. 

You are also offered to have lunch with some technicians while being on the site in addition to the formal interview process. The lunch conversation is meant to be a great opportunity to interact and ask questions about working at Google. During this time, the organization cannot interview, but you must respond in the form of an interview. 

 Interviewers assessed 

basic project management skills (product concept, brainstorming, prioritization, MVP thinking, execution, measurement, iterative skills) and field experience. 

If you can express your thoughts and opinions well. 

How creative is your idea? 


When an interviewer talks to you about a job and your role, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, ask questions, and solve things with them. 

If necessary, take a one-minute break before presenting the response. Before presenting the concept to the interviewer, make sure it is simple and thoughtful. 

In addition, you can be sure that you are familiar with the basics of agile project management. Hone your skills the night before to fully equip them. 

Interview Questions 

  • What kind of job will most satisfy you? Why is this accurate? 
  • Did you work more effectively by working alone or in a team? What are the most difficult challenges you faced when leading the project management team? 
  • Who did you speak to and how did you deal with this? Did you witness a difficult situation during the implementation of the project or working with the interested parties? How did you overcome them? 
  • What function of the card do you like? For example, how do you prioritize roads over points of interest (POIs) and inland waterway functions? 
  • How would you describe the logic for creating a doubly-linked list? 
  • Do you want to suggest ways to improve Google Maps and Gmail? Can you explain how 
  • Explain how TCP works? 
  • Tell them when you make something from scratch. 
  • When was the last failure and what was the result? 
  • Describe the feeling when you ask a colleague for help? How does Case deal with stress and ambiguity? 
  • What are the least and most used skills in recent years? 
  • Give the Calculation of the costs of building the subway. 
  • What do you think others are saying about you?

Recruitment process and decisions 

All investigators submit an assessment a few days after their visit. This entry will be validated by the Recruiting Committee along with your resume, internal references, and the previous job you submitted. At this point, the recruiting committee recommends whether Google should hire you. 

If the selection committee advises you to hire, you will begin the process of matching your team. In other words, you need to meet with a hiring manager and at least one of them willingly hires you as a member of their team for you to get a job from your organization. 

Once your offer has been approved, their reference team will guide you through rewards, offers, badges, insurance, and more.

Google Program Manager – Know More

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